Sometimes I'll stumble upon a blog, one I've never seen. And sometimes, their latest post isn't necessarily award winning (much like I'm sure mine isn't right now either seeing how little I've been writing these days). But I've come to learn, you can never judge a blog by its cover. Which is why I appreciate when bloggers have links to some of their favorite posts, that can, well, basically sum up the kind of writer/thinker/liver/lover that they are, know what I mean?

So here it is. A compilation of some of my personal faves (in no particular order). Something to hopefully portray my silly life and thoughts accurately. You know, just in case my front page is particularly crappy today.


Clearly There Are Not Enough Asians In Georgia

My Zumba Battle

The Making of a Family Heirloom

The Proposal Video

My 5am Super Bowl

After 8 Months of Dating, It Finally Happened

Then He Had To Go And Pull The Trayvon Card

It All Went Downhill From There

10 Very Important Things To Know About Me, V, and Thailand

Co Sleeping Will Never Be My Cup Of Tea

Sometimes You Just Have To Suck It Up

The Trials and Tribulations of Apartment Hunting in San Francisco

Lost in Phuket

That Time He Was A Hero and Called Me His Wife

A Letter To You, My Friend

I Refuse.

I Hate The Word Boyfriend

The Story Behind The Ink

Is This How You Felt When I Was Away?

My Smelly Trip Home

Hypothetically Speaking

Sometimes You Just Have To Lie

That Time We Attempted A Day Of Silence

My 100th Day Surprise

A Gay Balinese Man Told Me I Was Lucky

Last Night's Letters Via Text Message

My Non-Existent Wedding

Let's Just Pretend I was Preggers


The Most In-Depth Interview Of My Life

Should I Return To My Soul Roots?

How Can I Love Something I'm So Horrible At?

I Drank Mongoose Poop And No One Batted An Eye

Clearly I had a productive day

Sweaty Yoga and Large Packages

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