Hi there. My name is Michelle. Sometimes people call me Mish (meesh).

Once upon a time, I used to blog on the reg. You know, back when blogging was a "thing". Now? I sometimes think about blogging, but end up just posting a picture on Instagram instead.

I will say, though, that having this little space where precious (and sometimes not so precious) memories are kept has been pretty awesome to look back on. (I may or may not have a horrible memory, so it's nice to be able to reference.)

It's also cool to think that one day I can say, "Hey Kids, check out this website." To which they'll probably be like, "What's a website?" because by then we'll have something way cooler and the internet will be a foreign concept. But anyway, I'll say, "Hey Kids, just shut up and listen. This little blog of mine? This here documents back to when I first met your Dad. Pretty cool, huh? You can read about all of our grand adventures. Boo yah." And then they'll stare at me like I'm the oldest nerd ever and walk away whispering to each other, "did she just say 'boo yah'?"

Okay anyway, here's my space. Big and small. Capturing life's little adventures that I hold dearly (and sometimes not so dearly).

Peace & Love



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