Thursday, June 18, 2020

Postpartum Healing Supplies

Oh, hi there.

Okay, so I realize this is my first post in literally 4 years, but now that I'm about to birth my 3rd baby (2nd VBAC), I've had to dust off the ol' supplies list for that post-birth vag recovery. 

Rome, my first son, was born via c-section, so a lot of what I had anticipated in the recovery department didn't happen. West, however, was my first VBAC and I was immediately introduced to that sexy postpartum, my pelvis has been cracked in half, dear lord save my vagina and butthole, life.

In came the below products that helped me survive and get back to feeling like a human again.

1. Postpartum Bath Salt with essential oils: This is great to sit in the bath and soak (sometimes I'd do 2 soaks in one day) to help heal your nether regions. Tears are optional.

2. Angled Peribottle: They give you a squirt bottle at the hospital usually (for after you pee and it's too sore to wipe, so you just kinda squirt the pee and blood away.... so sexy, I know), but I've heard from several people that the angled bottle is key so you can get allllll of the areas. I ordered this one because it was cheaper than the Frida Mom brand and looks the exact same.

3. Tucks Cooling Pads or Naticura Cool Comfort (which is the more organic natural brand that I purchased this time around): Both have witch hazel which is what you really want for the "cooling and healing". Line a few of these on your pad throughout the day!

4. Perineal Cold Packs: Here's a pack of 24, which were the cheapest ones I found (again, Frida Mom is typically more costly). But these are great to just crack, get cold, and put on your pads. You can then put the witch hazel things right on top of this. Someone also suggested to run them under cold water after cracking as they'll get colder and stay colder longer!

5. Dermaplast Spray: Helps heal and soothe (especially if you tear)! I had a 9lb 1oz baby come out of my nether regions, so yeah, tear I did.

6. Frida Mom Perineal Healing Foam: This helps for cooling pain relief! I haven't tried this yet, but several people said it's amazing so I'm excited to use it.

7. At the hospital, they give you these "mesh undies", but they're so flimsy and they don't hold the pads very well. Last time I got these Depends Underwear and they're just as absorbent as pads and they hold everything else in really well throughout the day!

8. Nipple Gel Pads: These are great in those first 10 days of nursing (if you plan to) to help soothe. Once you get past those first 10 days, it's sooo much easier and doesn't hurt. They just feel really raw up until then. But power through and it'll be just fine!

9. You'll want some nipple cream too. I got this one. And it's totally safe for the baby to nurse while you have it on. This helps a ton if you crack or it just feels super raw.

I hope this helps any first-time mama's out there! Don't let this list scare you away. You are woman, hear you roar! You got this. Your body was made for this. Yes, it sucks the first week (or two, in my case), but each day gets better and better! Plus, you have a cute little snuggly babe to make everything 100x better.

**Feel free to leave any other must-haves in the comments! I'm not due until August 12, so I've got some time to add to this list!**

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