Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Remember when I got married and then pregnant 2 months later?

I posted a picture of my baby bump on Insta today for the first time (oh yeah, did I mention I was pregnant?), and I was OVERWHELMED by the amount of people that were like, "MISH! YOU MUST COME BACK TO BLOGGING! WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!"

.......Okay, fine. There were two.

Two people who mentioned something sort of like that:

So for ari7118 and gabbie_thursby, this post is for you. <3

Hey guys! Guess what?! V Dizzle and I are going to have a BABY! A real, live, breathing, kicking, screaming, pooping, cuddly BABY. 

You might be thinking, "Wait? Didn't you guys JUST get married?" And you would be correct. We got married on July 3rd, 2015 on Kauai and it was magical.

And then one summer night in August we said, "Welp! Let's just see what happens!"

And welp, here we are with little Dixon coming in May, 2016.

Let me just say, BIRTH CONTROL WORKS people. Birth control works. TMI? Of course, TMI. That's me.

It was pretty insane and mind blowing finding out. After seeing the double lines on the test, I instantly cried happy slash I think I'm in shock tears and Verner did push-ups. I guess he was feeling pretty impressed with himself? 

I was only 3 1/2 weeks pregnant when we found out.

I gotta tell ya, I was a nervous wreck pretty much up until last week. Not really being able to talk about it with people and constantly wondering if the little gummy bear is still alive can do a number on you. And let's not forget the insane amount of pregnancy hormones that are surging through you. #tearstearstears

Finally, after 4 1/2 LOOOONNNNGGGGGG weeks, we went to our first OB/GYN appointment and got to see our little nugget for the first time. #tearstearstears

Then 4 more LOOONNNGGGGGGG weeks, we got to see our little baby AGAIN! The Doc said everything looks really good and the baby is measuring in the 91st percentile for height. Though, can they really tell that at only 13 weeks?

I may be biased, but isn't that a pretty cute profile? ;)

Actually no, I don't think I'm being biased, because I can ALSO look at these next pictures of my child and say it's rather creepy looking. <insert wide-eyed emoji> #theresanalieninme

I have a strong feeling this little babe is a boy. Reasons being:
  • I'm. Hungry. All. The. Time. 
  • I had nausea from weeks 6-10, but only threw up 3x (I've heard it's much worse with girls?).
  • The Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar told me so.
So ya know, basically science.

Oh, and also? This bloat is no joke. Since the day I found out, I've basically looked 6 months pregnant at all times. The picture on the left, I'm sucking in (so basically that little bump is supposed to be the baby bump) and the one on the right??? Letting it allllll hang out. Sexy, I know.

No one ever tells you about the bloat when you get pregnant. Or maybe it's just me?

Can I just say I'm pretty amazed I've gotten this far with a blog post? Dare I say I'll keep this up and continue? No, I won't dare to say it, just in case this is my last post to ever be written.

So many changes are happening. Great changes, crazy changes. But oh so exciting changes. And I'm just so very thankful for this sweet husband of mine who has been nothing short of amazing. He hugs me when I need to cry, he tells me I'm beautiful when I can't fit into yet another pair of pants, he takes me for random food runs to Rubios because it's the only thing that sounds good, and he tells me this is the happiest he's ever been. And great, here I go crying again. Now's my cue to exit.

Thank you for all of your sweet well wishes and congratulations, friends. It truly means so much to me. Here's to the next 6 months!

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