Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Oh, hi there.

Remember when I told you that I went to a small private school from Kindergarten through 12th grade? And there were like 5 boys in my class of 14? 


One of my good friends, Jared, just so happens to be one of those 5 boys, and tonight he texted me a GEM of a memory. A gem I tell you!

Ladies and gentlemen....I give you this TOP SECRET note written by yours truly, circa 2000.

Sooooo basically, the 14 year old in me was feeling pretty doomed for an eternal life of Singledom because:
  • A) Jared was taken by Cassie, obvi. Plus, we couldn't date until high school or college otherwise it'd just be weird.
  • B) Scott already liked me, so he clearly couldn't again.
  • C) Kris was gross.
  • D) Ben & Harold? I couldn't even go there, apparently.
  • E) Gian was too "Girly" and "Sensitive". #gross #justkidding
  • F) Stephen was weird.
  • G) Chad was just too mean.

But I will say two things:
  • 1) It's a good thing Jared never became a murderer, because it's pretty cool we can laugh about our #privateschoolproblems 15 years later
  • 2) It's a DARN good thing poor, destitute, hermit Michelle found herself a life partner. Things were looking pretty scarce there.

Oh, memories. Thanks for the laugh, Jared! (I say this as if he's reading right now...)
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