Friday, May 29, 2015

Dos and Don'ts For The Perfect Bachelorette Weekend

My bachelorette party was like 8 million years ago, but I'm finally getting around to blogging about it because it was such a fantastic weekend and it needs to be recorded and remembered!

So, without further ado, I present the Dos (or is it Do's) and Don'ts for creating the Perfect Bachelorette Weekend (when you're no longer 21 and Vegas sounds like the LAST place you'd want to be).

1. DO rent a fab house in Palm Springs via AirBnb where you and your closest gal pals can get cozy and lounge by the pool all weekend:

2. DON'T forget to stock up the fridge with all of the essentials:

3. DO make sure to have a kick-ass Maid Of Honor who will provide penis straws for the big event. Because....who doesn't love a good penis straw? (P.S. She desperately searched for "chocolate colored" penis straws because, well....Verner..... but, anyway.... TMI?)

4. DON'T be afraid of the creepy Bachelorette games....especially when your fiance's giant head is staring at you and your friends while you kiss know:

5. DO set aside plenty of time for pool lounging. It is necessary for bonding and getting in your day drinking:

6. DO make sure one of your friends has taken the plunge and purchased a Selfie Stick because it will come in handy when there is no one around to take a group photo (Thanks, Vicki):

7. DON'T forget about your Mother. She likes to join in on the fun festivities, too, you know:

8. DO have a game plan in case anyone gets lost:

9. DON'T be this weirdo...

10. DO find a place where you can shake your tail feather.... even if you're the only ones on the dance floor.
11. DON'T drink champagne, tequila, beer, wine, sake, and vodka all in one day and expect you to be on your A-Game that night. You WILL be in bed by 11:00pm. And when I say bed, I mean the bathroom. Trust.

12. DO tell your girls how fabulous and wonderful they are for making the weekend as special as it was, because without them you'd have a very sad and lonely Bachelorette Weekend sitting all alone at a house in Palm Springs. 

Jen, Becky, Mo, Vicki, Jamie, Susu, Tori, Katie, Mom: I love you all SO much and I had the BEST weekend ever (minus the whole night 2 toilet thing). Thank you thank you thank you for making me feel so loved and special! Can't wait for KAUAI, bitches!!! (just kidding, you're not bitches).

It's the FIVE WEEK countdown, people! Whoo hoo!
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