Monday, April 6, 2015

Want to see my wedding dress?

There you go. Isn't that so pretty? ;)

My mom came up to San Francisco the other weekend and we went to my very first fitting. This would be the first time she saw the dress in person, too, so it was kind of exciting. I say kind of because I had gained a solid 4 pounds since I first bought the dress back in January and I was a tad stressed wondering if the already snug dress would be even snugger and then feared that the little old Asian seamstress would yell at me to lose 5 pounds.

Good news though! She said, "Continue eating and drinking like normal, because if you DON'T lose or gain ANY weight, then we won't have to alter a thing, which will save you at least $300."

Well, alright then.

So eat and drink I did. Gotta keep up the weight, yo. :P

We're in the 3 month countdown, folks. Shiz is getting real. And surprisingly, the stress and anxiousness has been dissipating too. Maybe as it gets closer it's just more of a "Welp, there's nothing I can do about it now" feeling? Or perhaps a bit of "Holy cow, we're going to be in KAUAI for 8 days and everyone we love will also be there to see US getting MARRIED because they LOVE us too and then we can party the night away together!!!"

Or something like that.

Anyway, there's my April post for you ("You" as mom? My soon to be sister-in-law? Yup, you two.). You're welcome.

As much as I do love writing, I have found that my Instagram has become my outlet for "posting". It's just so much easier, quicker, and concise-er, you know? You know. So you should probably check there. :P


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  1. The blue brings out your eyes hahahaha!

  2. Before I clicked in, I was like, "No way! She's really showing her dress?" I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the picture.

  3. I am a tad behind on reading this, but damn Michelle, those photoshop skills lol

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