Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Last Chance To Be My Friend

The other morning I had to head downtown for work, so instead of taking the bus (because I just wasn't in the mood for those public transportation shenanigans), I requested an UberPool. Which, basically means I'm sharing the ride with someone else who's heading in the same general direction as I am. $7 anywhere in San Francisco. I'll take it.

I hopped in the car and off we went to pick up my Uber Mate, Dave. Dave got in the back seat with me and we said our, "Hello's." Then Dave began chatting me up, asking me where I was going, what I do, how I like my job, yadda yadda. I didn't get the creeper vibe, so I was happy to chat. (Me? Happy to chat? I know, crazy. ;)

Dave shared with me that he works for a start up in the city, creating an app called imoji. He moved here from Canada just 6 months ago and has been working nonstop.

As we're getting closer to my destination, Dave says, "Would it be weird if I asked you for your number?"

So then I say, "Yeah, probably. I'm engaged." 

Then Dave says, "Oh.... well, uh, I meant just as friends."

So then I said (while recalling what Harry told Sally about men and women never really being friends because someone always wants sex), "Yeah, but, how often do adult men and women really just become friends?"

So then Dave laughed nervously and said, "I have a girlfriend."

And I asked, "Does she live here?"

Dave: "No, she lives in Canada."

"So then, Dave," I asked, "don't you think it would be a little odd if your girlfriend called you one day and said, 'Hey honey, I met this really cool guy in a cab this morning, and we exchanged numbers and we're gonna hang out this weekend! But don't worry, we're just friends.'?"

This got Dave really going with the laughter.

So then Dave said, "Yeah, I guess I see your point. It's just so hard to meet friends these days."

And that's when I had to pause and think a little. Because you see, Dave had a good point. I 100% know what it's like to feel lonely in a new city, when all you want to do is make some friends, but you just don't know how or where. Especially when your work friends don't even like you.

So then I felt a little bad.

But not bad enough to give him my number.

I just said, "I hear ya, Dave. It is hard making friends as adults. Where do you meet them? Bars? Libraries? The grocery store? People can be awfully cliquey sometimes. I get it."

So then I thought it'd be a good idea to recommend some fun things to do around the city that he might be able to meet people!

I told him about this place called Off The Grid that's right near his house (I know where he lives, because we picked him up in the Uber, remember?). It's on Sundays where a whole bunch of food trucks gather and all the San Franciscans come to soak up the sun, drink lots of beer, and eat lots of food. Everyone just sits there and socializes. It would be perfect for Dave.

Look. That could be Dave with his new best friends!

Anyway, Dave liked that idea and sounded super excited. It was settled. He would go there.

As we near my destination, and I start to gather my things, Dave whips out his phone and says, "Last chance to be my friend!"

And well, with one foot out the door, and the Uber driver staring at me in the rearview mirror, I caved and said, "Ooooh, okay."

What can I say? I'm a softie for the loners.

I have yet to hear from my new friend Dave, but perhaps the next time I have a fun social gathering to go to, I can send out a friendly invite.

Or, perhaps Dave really doesn't have an interest in being my friend at all and I'll never hear from him again.


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  1. awwww you so nice. but then, i'm a softie too and i would probably help a bro out too. hahaha

  2. I'm not too sure I would have given him my number. I can only imagine my husbands reaction to me chatting happily on the phone to my new dude friend lol.
    But it IS hard to make friends as an adult. REALLY hard. I get all giddy when a new friend prospect enters my life. She likes me! She really likes me! I have a friend!!! lol

  3. I would have helped him out, it sucks making friends as an adult.

  4. Love this! I'm the same way - I would feel bad saying no! Though I think he was probably hitting in you and was just quick to recover ;)

  5. Aww poor Dave! I know how he feels. When i was in NYC alone, i gain 10 pounds (i was way too chiken to ask people to be my friend and i always ended home alone with a pint of Ben & Jerry's at 8pm...)

  6. Nuts!! I use that app. I take Mila's faces and make them into imojis/stickers. Celebrity status.

  7. One of my good friends is at Off The Grid every week! She's Sugarfoot Grits.

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