Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Our Deceivingly Inexpensive Date Night

10 days ago...

The Dizzle and I have been living in San Francisco for almost 2 years now (this May) and had never been to the Top Of The Mark. It's this upscale restaurant/bar at the very tip top of the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins hotel that overlooks the city with these big, beautiful windows surrounding the whole room. On one side you can see the Golden Gate Bridge and on the other is the Bay Bridge.

We heard it was quite magical and a "must-see" if you're in the area.

Let me also just mention that drinks happen to be about $14 a pop, and when you're more than okay drinking $2.49 Chucks from Trader Joe's, well... Let's just say we never felt a huge urgency to make it over there for a night out (We've got a wedding to save for, people! ........Eh, who am I kidding, I would never want to spend that much on drinks anyway. Cheap Korean over here, people!).

HOWEVER, one day (10 days ago to be exact) we finally said, "Enough is enough!"

BUT, there were 2 stipulations:

1. We would dress up to the nines (because: why not?)
2. We would go for just one drink (because: see 'cheap korean' comment above)

SO, we showered (and the mere fact that I just mentioned that should tell you something about my showering frequency), and dressed up in our fanciest garbs. I put on an old bridesmaid dress and he put on his one and only suit. Basically recreating this look (oh hey boy heyyyy):

We got there right at sunset and waltzed in like we were worth a million bucks. (Little did they know we had NO intention of ordering anything more than one drink each.)

They sat us right by the north side windows with a perfect view.

The Dizzle ordered a fancy schmancy PINK martini, and I ordered their cheapest Cab (yeah, yeah).

We then slooooowwwwlllyyyyyyyyyy drank our drinks, watched a breathtaking sunset, and enjoyed just being there, the two of us.

It was simply wonderful.

And then, slightly buzzed from our one drink on empty stomachs, we promptly went straight to Trader Joe's, picked up a frozen pizza and a couple bottles of $2.49 Chuck, and finished our date night at home with a movie.

Let me break it down for you:

$14 Martini
$10 Cabernet Sauvignon
$5 Frozen pizza
$2.49 Charles Shaw x 2


But point is, my friends, there's no need to spend a bazillion dollars for date nights. Unless you have bazillions of dollars to spend and don't mind doing that. But for the normal folk, who have budgets, I say there's nothing wrong with a little moderation and creativity!


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