Thursday, January 22, 2015


^^CLEARLY, I am the best Photoshopper of all time. And yes, that is my brother dressed as Gandolph, to which I thought would be fitting to portray what our wedding ceremony will look like (don't ask me why).^^


So I tried to write my wedding vows last night and basically started crying immediately and had to stop.

There's so much I want to say and yet have such a lack of words all at the same time, does that make sense? I just don't even know where to begin. I'm tempted to Google "How to write your marriage vows."

So, anyway, after about 10 minutes of trying to think of what to write and basically coming up empty handed, I stopped and turned on Friends instead. And GUESS WHAT? The episode (in season 7 to be exact) was the one where Monica and Chandler are TRYING TO WRITE THEIR WEDDING VOWS. I don't know why I'm writing in caps as if there is any significance to this (I'm sure you're giving a blank stare just as Verner gave me when I told him the same thing), but POINT IS: It appears that my lack of free-flowing wedding vows is not all that uncommon, yes?

These are the questions rolling around in my head:

1. How does one even begin to write their vows? Is there an outline I should follow?

2.What if I'm just ugly crying the entire time?

3. How do I ensure that Verner BREAKS DOWN LIKE A LITTLE BABY because he's just SO MOVED by my words? (oh wait, is that not supposed to be the goal?)

4. Do I have to memorize them? (Because something tells me I'll draw a blank if I try to do that.)

5. Is it just a speech of promises, or do I tell him things I love about him?

6. Does anyone else get nervous thinking about standing up in front of lots of people that are just STARING at you?

7. Can someone write them for me? #justkidding #sortof

All you married ladies, feel free to jump in now.

The Soon To Be Mrs. Dixon 
(in 5 months and 12 days)

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  1. These are all questions google can answer! No shame in that! I've got a whole pinterest board with ideas for writing our vows...(...wait, did I just admit that?) I always find good stuff on offbeat bride too!
    Good luck!

  2. I totally googled ;) and then ended up writing a bunch of promises, silly & serious, inside jokes & classic vows... I'd be happy to share! I also printed them to read cause I didn't want the added stress of memorizing!

  3. We wrote our own vows and it was one of my favorite parts of our entire wedding! Oh, and don't be shocked if we hop a flight from Oahu and crash your party this summer ;) I kid, I kid

  4. We didn't write our own vows because we knew if we did we would be blubbering messes haha.

  5. We wrote a "message" to each other but then used the verses of Ruth 1:16-17 as our actual "vows." I read my "message" but Adam just winged his. Mine ended up being more sentimental and his had pretty much everyone laughing. I have a post that includes my written "message" if you want to read it for ideas. It is about halfway down the pictures in the post so just keep scrolling:

    Know that whatever you come up with will be awesome. It will. And even though I BAWLED overtime I read them before the ceremony and pretty much tear up even today reading them, I was able to read them without crying like a baby when the moment came. You will too!

    And yes -- I got a few tears out of Adam. It was grand.


  6. What she said ^^ - I bawled writing, thinking about them, looking at them before the ceremony, but made it through without a tear in sight. A little disappointing, actually. Justin on the other hand, cried through his. That was good stuff :)

  7. My husband (then finance) and I used a template found on Google for our ceremony. I had a slip (which the officiant held onto) for my vows just in case I forgot. I did use the slip to say my vow because I was so nervous in front of everyone. It's okay to be nervous. I'm sure your vows will be wonderful. Best of luck.

  8. We wrote our own vows and it was not an easy task but so worth it! We both had them written down, I made sure I went first to minimize the amount of ugly crying, was so nervous about public speaking I chugged a glass of champagne right before I walked down the aisle. And as soon as I was up there with him, I forgot about everyone else and it was just us. When writing our vows I wrote from my heart about when I knew I couldn't imagine my life without him and all the things I promised and vowed to do as we grew old together. Amd then I did a lot of editing. The last bit of advice I have is that I recorded myself saying my vows out loud, when he wasn't home of course, amd listened to how I sounded and how long I was talking. Good luck!

  9. Yes, writing the wedding vows freaked me out, so I just said, "Heck no! We are not writing our vows!" I could not bear thinking about remembering them in front of everyone. And I didn't want to be nervous all morning about that! (For some reason it never occurred to me that you could read them! ha!) But you know all the weddings I go to that they do read their own, it's pretty cool. The coolest is when they really reflect their personality, like you can tell they really wrote it from their heart. So, I'd say do that, write from your heart! If you want to make it funny, make it funny, if you want it to be serious, make it serious! If you want to talk about all the things you love about V, do it! It's your day gurrl!

  10. We wrote our own vows. They made us cry a lot. You know all the people that were present at the vow renewal location also cried when we read our vows. The vows were so emotional and heart touching.

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