Friday, January 2, 2015

Sniffle Sniffle Photo Dump and Bingo Madness

Happy New Year, ya'll.

If you're anything like me (and 95% of everyone else I know), then you're probably sniffling with a little cough, too. We've been plagued, friends. And it's quite unfortunate, because I have been proudly sniffle-free for about two years now. But hey, what're gonna do? Sometimes your body just can't handle drinking and eating crap food for 14 straight days in a row while being surrounded by several little sick minions (aka nieces and nephews that are all sniffling and coughing as well).

And so here I am. Laying in bed with a giant water bottle to my left, hot socks at my feet, and a Friends Marathon (c/o Netflix) to my right. I really can't complain. It feels real good to be home (even if it looks like a bomb exploded in here. But laundry can wait. Friends Marathon cannot.).


As we were driving home yesterday, The Dizzle asked me what my favorite part of our vacay was, and I gotta say, ignoring the parts where kids were screaming and crying and driving me absolutely cray, there were many favorites.

There was Christmas Eve at the Trampoline Park with the kids... Which was only slightly awkward being the only adults there jumping around. And only slightly more awkward when I accidentally toppled over two stranger children as I ferociously bounced from square to square. #sorrykids #getouttamyway

There was Christmas Eve night where my mom, brothers, The Dizz, and I all stayed up way late playing Cards Against Humanity. The laughter and inappropriateness was abundant.

I took a few long walks with my mom, which is always therapeutic for the soul, you know?

We saw Unbroken. (so good. so so so good.)

We went and visited one of my favorite people on this planet, Miss Vicky, along with her sweet hubs and kiddos. I always feel refreshed after seeing her. She's just.... my people. KnowwhatImean?

The day after Christmas, we went to my Dad's house. (Because that's what you do when your parents no longer live together and you have to do the exhausting travel-between-two-parents'-homes for the holidays that seems to drive me bonkers every.time., but yet we do it anyway because well, that's just what you do, apparently.)

What I didn't do, was eat whatever this shiz was. Mishi don't play like that. (Sorry, not sorry, Princess Sophia.)

After a week in Diego, we drove out to Vegas to see Verner's fam bam as well as his NEW BABY NIECE, Holland Rose:

She's the tiniest little thing weighing in at just 5 pounds 7 ounces! I was refraining from holding her for awhile because I didn't want to get my cooties on her, but then, after washing my hands and sanitizing galore, I just couldn't resist!

So I sat down on the couch and carefully took her into my arms.

It wasn't but 3 seconds later that she threw up something fierce on me. And that was the end of our bonding session. We'll get it next time, kid.


And then. Ooooohhhh and then!

Something major happened.

A LIFE DREAM was fulfilled.

I told The Dizz, "I don't care one bit what we do in Las Vegas, but I MUST, I MUST play Bingo in a real live Bingo Hall!"

And so we did just that.

The game started at 9:30pm, on New Year's Eve night. (That's right: Bingo for NYE. You thought I'd be crazy enough to be on The Strip for New Years?? Oh heck no.)

We walked into the giant room and saw what seemed like hundreds of grandma's and grandpa's sitting around, daubers ready.

For $40, we each got THIRTY-ONE games worth. You see that sheet up there? All 9 of those squares is just ONE session's worth. We had no idea we were about to go on a THREE HOUR Bingo endeavor.

I gotta tell you guys. Verner and I have spent New Year's Eve in San Diego, Rome, San Francisco, and now Las Vegas. Though Rome will probably be our top NY for awhile, THIS one is a VERY close second.

At 11:55pm, they paused our Bingo madness and turned on the TV so we could see the outside shenans that were going on. We all grabbed our blow horn thingamajigs and a glass of champagne (two, if you were me). And then, collectively, as one big Bingo Hall Family, we counted down to the New Year!

It was such a magical experience.

We were screaming and yelling and singing and hugging strangers our new friends. Our Bingo Mate, Mary (who is roughly 85-90 years old and spent the entire evening bickering with her daughter because she kept missing bingo numbers) gave us EACH a big ol' smooch right on our kissers! (Hopefully I didn't get her sick, come to think of it.)

(She looks so thrilled, doesn't she? ;)

We may not have won any of those 31 Bingo games, but we sure won an experience of a lifetime, if you ask me. I'll always remember that night dearly. :)


Oh and hey, we are OFFICIALLY in 2015 now! Do you know what that means? I will OFFICIALLY be Mrs. Michelle Elizabeth DIXON in just 6 short months! Can you believe it?

Life, man. It's pretty rad. Almost as rad as this Friends Marathon happening now.

Happy New Year, friends! I have a feeling it's going to be a good one. ;)


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  1. really love the way you celebrated new much fun!! i'm glad that you're back to your blog,always adore your posts so much. and take care..

    xo joselovincolors

    1. Thanks, Jose!! Always love reading your comments! :) Hope you had a wonderful New Year! xo

  2. We have a niece named Holland as well! :)

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