Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Remember when I got married and then pregnant 2 months later?

I posted a picture of my baby bump on Insta today for the first time (oh yeah, did I mention I was pregnant?), and I was OVERWHELMED by the amount of people that were like, "MISH! YOU MUST COME BACK TO BLOGGING! WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!"

.......Okay, fine. There were two.

Two people who mentioned something sort of like that:

So for ari7118 and gabbie_thursby, this post is for you. <3

Hey guys! Guess what?! V Dizzle and I are going to have a BABY! A real, live, breathing, kicking, screaming, pooping, cuddly BABY. 

You might be thinking, "Wait? Didn't you guys JUST get married?" And you would be correct. We got married on July 3rd, 2015 on Kauai and it was magical.

And then one summer night in August we said, "Welp! Let's just see what happens!"

And welp, here we are with little Dixon coming in May, 2016.

Let me just say, BIRTH CONTROL WORKS people. Birth control works. TMI? Of course, TMI. That's me.

It was pretty insane and mind blowing finding out. After seeing the double lines on the test, I instantly cried happy slash I think I'm in shock tears and Verner did push-ups. I guess he was feeling pretty impressed with himself? 

I was only 3 1/2 weeks pregnant when we found out.

I gotta tell ya, I was a nervous wreck pretty much up until last week. Not really being able to talk about it with people and constantly wondering if the little gummy bear is still alive can do a number on you. And let's not forget the insane amount of pregnancy hormones that are surging through you. #tearstearstears

Finally, after 4 1/2 LOOOONNNNGGGGGG weeks, we went to our first OB/GYN appointment and got to see our little nugget for the first time. #tearstearstears

Then 4 more LOOONNNGGGGGGG weeks, we got to see our little baby AGAIN! The Doc said everything looks really good and the baby is measuring in the 91st percentile for height. Though, can they really tell that at only 13 weeks?

I may be biased, but isn't that a pretty cute profile? ;)

Actually no, I don't think I'm being biased, because I can ALSO look at these next pictures of my child and say it's rather creepy looking. <insert wide-eyed emoji> #theresanalieninme

I have a strong feeling this little babe is a boy. Reasons being:
  • I'm. Hungry. All. The. Time. 
  • I had nausea from weeks 6-10, but only threw up 3x (I've heard it's much worse with girls?).
  • The Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar told me so.
So ya know, basically science.

Oh, and also? This bloat is no joke. Since the day I found out, I've basically looked 6 months pregnant at all times. The picture on the left, I'm sucking in (so basically that little bump is supposed to be the baby bump) and the one on the right??? Letting it allllll hang out. Sexy, I know.

No one ever tells you about the bloat when you get pregnant. Or maybe it's just me?

Can I just say I'm pretty amazed I've gotten this far with a blog post? Dare I say I'll keep this up and continue? No, I won't dare to say it, just in case this is my last post to ever be written.

So many changes are happening. Great changes, crazy changes. But oh so exciting changes. And I'm just so very thankful for this sweet husband of mine who has been nothing short of amazing. He hugs me when I need to cry, he tells me I'm beautiful when I can't fit into yet another pair of pants, he takes me for random food runs to Rubios because it's the only thing that sounds good, and he tells me this is the happiest he's ever been. And great, here I go crying again. Now's my cue to exit.

Thank you for all of your sweet well wishes and congratulations, friends. It truly means so much to me. Here's to the next 6 months!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Oh, hi there.

Remember when I told you that I went to a small private school from Kindergarten through 12th grade? And there were like 5 boys in my class of 14? 


One of my good friends, Jared, just so happens to be one of those 5 boys, and tonight he texted me a GEM of a memory. A gem I tell you!

Ladies and gentlemen....I give you this TOP SECRET note written by yours truly, circa 2000.

Sooooo basically, the 14 year old in me was feeling pretty doomed for an eternal life of Singledom because:
  • A) Jared was taken by Cassie, obvi. Plus, we couldn't date until high school or college otherwise it'd just be weird.
  • B) Scott already liked me, so he clearly couldn't again.
  • C) Kris was gross.
  • D) Ben & Harold? I couldn't even go there, apparently.
  • E) Gian was too "Girly" and "Sensitive". #gross #justkidding
  • F) Stephen was weird.
  • G) Chad was just too mean.

But I will say two things:
  • 1) It's a good thing Jared never became a murderer, because it's pretty cool we can laugh about our #privateschoolproblems 15 years later
  • 2) It's a DARN good thing poor, destitute, hermit Michelle found herself a life partner. Things were looking pretty scarce there.

Oh, memories. Thanks for the laugh, Jared! (I say this as if he's reading right now...)
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Precious Michelle and Honorable Berner

Welp, we did it!

On July 3rd, 2015, four years exactly from the day I met him, I became a Mrs. to my Mr.

A Mrs. Verner Dixon III to be exact. 

Look at these young bucks, trying to be so cool...

If those cool cats could have known that 4 years later they'd both be blubbering like little babies under a canopy on the beach saying, "I Do...."

Well. MY 24 year old self would have been ecstatic, I'm sure. His 29 year old self? Might have scared him off a bit. 

Anyway, I could go on and on about how wonderfully magical our time in Kauai was with 40 of our closest friends and family (because it really was spectacular). And I could post 8000 pictures of me in my wedding dress (actually, I can't because I haven't gotten them back from the photographer yet), but I think I'd rather leave you with this:


Good ol' Fasha and his Korean-speaking wife, Princess Sophia.

You see where they're standing up there? That was the designated location for our HIRED HAWAIIAN DUO to be performing for our cocktail hour.

But instead, Fasha and Princess S had a little surprise up their sleeve, unbeknownst to me.

As I'm in the midst of taking post-ceremony photos (which, wait a minute, isn't Fasha supposed to be there?), I hear this Korean woman singing loudly in the background and lo and behold....instead of the Hawaiian Duo, there is a Korean Duo. A Korean duo in the form of my father and his wife.

As Princess Sophia belted out words I couldn't understand, my Dad would then translate each sentence for her as he played on his "borrowed" guitar.

It went a little something like this:

"JibberJabber Meeeeeeeeshelllll and Bernerrrrrrr jibberjabber."

Followed by my dad:

"Michelle, you are so precious and Verner, you are so honorable. May Jesus bless you."

And so on and so forth.

This is how my friends reacted to this surprise performance:

And then there was me:

And then we moved on to many, many drinks and lots and lots of dancing. And all was well.

It was perfect. Simply perfect. 

Even with surprise performances. (Don't even get me started on his speech that started out with a joke involving a heart murmer and old man.... <----?)

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Dos and Don'ts For The Perfect Bachelorette Weekend

My bachelorette party was like 8 million years ago, but I'm finally getting around to blogging about it because it was such a fantastic weekend and it needs to be recorded and remembered!

So, without further ado, I present the Dos (or is it Do's) and Don'ts for creating the Perfect Bachelorette Weekend (when you're no longer 21 and Vegas sounds like the LAST place you'd want to be).

1. DO rent a fab house in Palm Springs via AirBnb where you and your closest gal pals can get cozy and lounge by the pool all weekend:

2. DON'T forget to stock up the fridge with all of the essentials:

3. DO make sure to have a kick-ass Maid Of Honor who will provide penis straws for the big event. Because....who doesn't love a good penis straw? (P.S. She desperately searched for "chocolate colored" penis straws because, well....Verner..... but, anyway.... TMI?)

4. DON'T be afraid of the creepy Bachelorette games....especially when your fiance's giant head is staring at you and your friends while you kiss his....you know:

5. DO set aside plenty of time for pool lounging. It is necessary for bonding and getting in your day drinking:

6. DO make sure one of your friends has taken the plunge and purchased a Selfie Stick because it will come in handy when there is no one around to take a group photo (Thanks, Vicki):

7. DON'T forget about your Mother. She likes to join in on the fun festivities, too, you know:

8. DO have a game plan in case anyone gets lost:

9. DON'T be this weirdo...

10. DO find a place where you can shake your tail feather.... even if you're the only ones on the dance floor.
11. DON'T drink champagne, tequila, beer, wine, sake, and vodka all in one day and expect you to be on your A-Game that night. You WILL be in bed by 11:00pm. And when I say bed, I mean the bathroom. Trust.

12. DO tell your girls how fabulous and wonderful they are for making the weekend as special as it was, because without them you'd have a very sad and lonely Bachelorette Weekend sitting all alone at a house in Palm Springs. 

Jen, Becky, Mo, Vicki, Jamie, Susu, Tori, Katie, Mom: I love you all SO much and I had the BEST weekend ever (minus the whole night 2 toilet thing). Thank you thank you thank you for making me feel so loved and special! Can't wait for KAUAI, bitches!!! (just kidding, you're not bitches).

It's the FIVE WEEK countdown, people! Whoo hoo!
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Not quite what I had in mind...

Bags packed, up at 6am, and we were rarin' to go this morning. Verner was off to Vancouver for a long Bachelor Weekend and I (because the thought of being home all weekend, alone in our little studio, while he was off having the time of his life with his closest man friends didn't really appeal to me, if I'm being honest here) was headed to San Diego to see my mum one last time before the wedding.

So now you know that.

My flight left at 9am, his didn't leave until 1pm. 

I was in Terminal 3, he was in Terminal 1.

But because my soon-to-be-husband loves me oh-so-dearly, he took one look at my pleading eyes and went through the security line in Terminal 3 just to have a little breakfast with me and send me on my way with the 100th hug and kiss goodbye that morning (I guess you could say we haven't spent much time apart as of late?). He then sauntered back out of Terminal 3 and went through yet another security line in Terminal 1 to then wait patiently for his flight 4 hours later.

I mean... can you see why I'm marrying the guy? He's a gem.

Anyhoozle, last night he told me that Vancouver would be rainy and 50 degrees all weekend long and I had to feel a little sad for him because here I was, off to Sunny San Diego to work on my pre-Bachelorette weekend tan! 

Except then the weather gods decided to laugh and present me THIS situation upon arrival:

And yes, I'm sure I could have checked the weather prior to packing my bikini, shorts, and flip-flops, but eh, what's the fun in that?

Anyway, looks like my pool-filled weekend plans are a bust.

Oh, and side note.... 

My brother is off on Verner's Bach Getaway this weekend as well, so I thought it'd be nice to spend the day and night with my sister-in-law and their two kiddos (10 months and 2 years). 

So maybe, oh, 30 minutes after arriving? Both kids are projectile vomiting...and have been about every hour on the hour. Doc says: Stomach Virus! 

So here I am, elbow deep in kiddie vomit. It's been pretty relaxing, to say the least. 


Oh, but look! Looks like little Marcus might be feeling better! #fornow #dontjinxit

Here's to a Wiiiilllld and crazy weekend, folks!
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P.S. You likey my new blog layout? I was lookin' to freshen up these ol' stomping grounds and wanted something clean and simple! A big, big, BIG thank you to Kristen over at Whiskey Tango Foxtrot who has some mad skills in the design department. Definitely reach out to her if you're lookin' to spiff things up! She's got some great ideas!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Mish Lovin' Life is currently under construction. ;)
In the meantime, you can find me here.
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Monday, April 6, 2015

Want to see my wedding dress?

There you go. Isn't that so pretty? ;)

My mom came up to San Francisco the other weekend and we went to my very first fitting. This would be the first time she saw the dress in person, too, so it was kind of exciting. I say kind of because I had gained a solid 4 pounds since I first bought the dress back in January and I was a tad stressed wondering if the already snug dress would be even snugger and then feared that the little old Asian seamstress would yell at me to lose 5 pounds.

Good news though! She said, "Continue eating and drinking like normal, because if you DON'T lose or gain ANY weight, then we won't have to alter a thing, which will save you at least $300."

Well, alright then.

So eat and drink I did. Gotta keep up the weight, yo. :P

We're in the 3 month countdown, folks. Shiz is getting real. And surprisingly, the stress and anxiousness has been dissipating too. Maybe as it gets closer it's just more of a "Welp, there's nothing I can do about it now" feeling? Or perhaps a bit of "Holy cow, we're going to be in KAUAI for 8 days and everyone we love will also be there to see US getting MARRIED because they LOVE us too and then we can party the night away together!!!"

Or something like that.

Anyway, there's my April post for you ("You" as in....my mom? My soon to be sister-in-law? Yup, you two.). You're welcome.

As much as I do love writing, I have found that my Instagram has become my outlet for "posting". It's just so much easier, quicker, and concise-er, you know? You know. So you should probably check there. :P


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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Last Chance To Be My Friend

The other morning I had to head downtown for work, so instead of taking the bus (because I just wasn't in the mood for those public transportation shenanigans), I requested an UberPool. Which, basically means I'm sharing the ride with someone else who's heading in the same general direction as I am. $7 anywhere in San Francisco. I'll take it.

I hopped in the car and off we went to pick up my Uber Mate, Dave. Dave got in the back seat with me and we said our, "Hello's." Then Dave began chatting me up, asking me where I was going, what I do, how I like my job, yadda yadda. I didn't get the creeper vibe, so I was happy to chat. (Me? Happy to chat? I know, crazy. ;)

Dave shared with me that he works for a start up in the city, creating an app called imoji. He moved here from Canada just 6 months ago and has been working nonstop.

As we're getting closer to my destination, Dave says, "Would it be weird if I asked you for your number?"

So then I say, "Yeah, probably. I'm engaged." 

Then Dave says, "Oh.... well, uh, I meant just as friends."

So then I said (while recalling what Harry told Sally about men and women never really being friends because someone always wants sex), "Yeah, but, how often do adult men and women really just become friends?"

So then Dave laughed nervously and said, "I have a girlfriend."

And I asked, "Does she live here?"

Dave: "No, she lives in Canada."

"So then, Dave," I asked, "don't you think it would be a little odd if your girlfriend called you one day and said, 'Hey honey, I met this really cool guy in a cab this morning, and we exchanged numbers and we're gonna hang out this weekend! But don't worry, we're just friends.'?"

This got Dave really going with the laughter.

So then Dave said, "Yeah, I guess I see your point. It's just so hard to meet friends these days."

And that's when I had to pause and think a little. Because you see, Dave had a good point. I 100% know what it's like to feel lonely in a new city, when all you want to do is make some friends, but you just don't know how or where. Especially when your work friends don't even like you.

So then I felt a little bad.

But not bad enough to give him my number.

I just said, "I hear ya, Dave. It is hard making friends as adults. Where do you meet them? Bars? Libraries? The grocery store? People can be awfully cliquey sometimes. I get it."

So then I thought it'd be a good idea to recommend some fun things to do around the city that he might be able to meet people!

I told him about this place called Off The Grid that's right near his house (I know where he lives, because we picked him up in the Uber, remember?). It's on Sundays where a whole bunch of food trucks gather and all the San Franciscans come to soak up the sun, drink lots of beer, and eat lots of food. Everyone just sits there and socializes. It would be perfect for Dave.

Look. That could be Dave with his new best friends!

Anyway, Dave liked that idea and sounded super excited. It was settled. He would go there.

As we near my destination, and I start to gather my things, Dave whips out his phone and says, "Last chance to be my friend!"

And well, with one foot out the door, and the Uber driver staring at me in the rearview mirror, I caved and said, "Ooooh, okay."

What can I say? I'm a softie for the loners.

I have yet to hear from my new friend Dave, but perhaps the next time I have a fun social gathering to go to, I can send out a friendly invite.

Or, perhaps Dave really doesn't have an interest in being my friend at all and I'll never hear from him again.


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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

4 Month Wedding Meltdown

Yeah, yeah, I know it's been a million years since I blogged, blah blah blah. Let's skip the formalities and just pretend that I've been blogging all along.


Today begins the 4 month wedding countdown.

And most days I'm like, "Say Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?" As in, how the hell has this time gone by so fast?!

Other days I'm like, "Psssshhhhhhhh." As in, I have SO much time left and there is NO need to rush those final details.... like buying WEDDING SHOES.

I decided to write down a list of every last little thing that needs to be done before the big day, and I came up with 24 things. 24!

And then I felt a major rush of anxiety, and I ran away from the list.


This past Sunday, I ate this:

And oh my lawd, it was fantastic. Every last gooey hunk of cheese. Amazing.

And then I weighed myself the next day and realized that I have gained 4 pounds since purchasing my wedding dress.

I could tell you that I don't give two shizzles about those 4 pounds, but then I would be telling you a big fat lie.

So since Sunday, as in yesterday and today, I have been using My Fitness Pal to a T, and following a somewhat Atkinsy diet (a.k.a. high protein, low carb), as well as dragged my arse to the gym both days.

And since Sunday, I have not been visiting the restroom like one should on a daily basis, if you know what I mean. (you do know what I mean, don't you?)

So then I Googled, and it appears a high protein/low carb diet can do that to you.

So there's that.

My wedding dress is coming next month, people!

(I don't have a Vera Wang dress, but you get the point.)

Bring on the prunes! (TMI? Yes. But when do I not overshare?)


I mailed out our wedding invitations last Thursday, and as of today, a friend in COLORADO has received it, but my MOTHER in SAN DIEGO has not. I was also informed that my best friend slash Maid of Honor (located in Los Angeles) did not receive hers either. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Southern California is a whole lot closer to San Francisco than Colorado...

So now I'm having anxiety that the Post Office man has lost half of my invites and now no one will receive those pain-staking pieces of paper that I personally licked and placed stamps on and hand wrote their names in semi-nice handwriting!

(deep breath...deeeeep breath)

I swore to myself I would not become a bridezilla.

Just get me through these next 4 months so I can relish the feel of sand between my toes (because I probably still won't have wedding shoes), and can hold the hands of my beautiful man and hopefully recite vows (that still need to be written), and then party the night away with my bestest friends and closest family (or at least those who got an invitation).

And I shall leave you with this picture of my nephew, because it is basically the perfect depiction of how I feel right now.



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