Monday, December 8, 2014

Run, Run Reindeer

1) The title of this post has nothing to do with anything, except that I've had that ONE line from that ONE song stuck in my head for several days now. So, ohhh about every hour or so? I'll belt out in a high pitched singing voice, "Run, run reeeiindeeeerrrrrr..." and then if I'm LUCKY, The Dizzle will echo back (also in a high-pitched singing voice), "Run, run reindeeerrrrrr..."

And then we go about our day as usual.

2) The above picture was taken from Thanksgiving Day at Verner's Sister's Casa in Noe Valley. It was a grand day and I just saw this picture last night as I was AWAKE AT 3:00 AM because I fell asleep at 8:00PM until 11:00PM and ruined my night of sleep...and so I thought I'd share.

Also? See that kid standing in front of me with his arm out? APPARENTLY, I gave him a flower at some point in my drunken stupor? And APPARENTLY he has kept said flower in his room ever since. And APPARENTLY he was NOT so happy to learn that Verner is not just my boyfriend, but in fact, my husband to be. Oooohhh 12 year old love... Those were the heart-wrenching days, weren't they? (Also, I hope he never reads this so that I don't embarrass him to all hell and beyond.)

3) The Dizz and I have set TWO rules this year, in regards to Christmas gifts for each other:

        a) Price Limit of $100
        b) Has to fit in a stocking

I have completed said shopping for him and have already broke BOTH rules.

And here's the thing about that: Stockings are not big, my friends. Which is WHY I originally wanted to get something like this:

But then Verner quickly shut that down and said it would defeat the purpose. So INSTEAD, we got these lame-o regular sized stockings from Target:

(And also there's a monogrammed wine glass thrown in there from my Mom. #ThanksMom)

ANYWAY, those stockings (hung from our radiator because it's the closest thing we have to a fireplace) ain't big. And those stocking holders ain't strong. So the minute I started putting presents in it, it fell off to the floor. So now, that lovely presentation no longer exists. They are on the floor, propped up on the wall. Classy.

And TWO (did I even start with one?): $100 doesn't go very far these days. As I was shopping for him online via Amazon (because why shop in stores when you can get free delivery?), soon my shopping cart was up to $175! And before I knew it, I pressed the "Purchase" button!

So, you know, to make things FAIR, I quickly told him that the NEW rule is a $175 limit. Because we're all about fair these days.



  1. Haha nothing wrong with spending more. It happens. ;)

  2. Hohoho......that's what Christmas is all about.....totally blowing the budget

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