Monday, December 1, 2014

One hot minute.

Oh, hi there stranger.

But first, side note: I just about leapt out of this chair because I thought a real live lizard was crawling across the floor towards me... Turns out it was a dead leaf that is, in fact, not moving at all.

Anyway, I finally have a minute to sit down and just write. Verner and my mother have questioned why I haven't been blogging lately and I have two responses for them: 1) I feel like I have nothing interesting to write about and I don't think anyone wants to read how I wake up, eat, work, eat again, sometimes do a little wedding planning, usually just eat some more, and sleep. And 2) Because of said working (and eating?), I just don't have time to blog.

I really don't know how I had the time to blog every single day way back when. Oh wait, yes I do, I blogged instead of working.

Now? Work consumes me. But it's good, I promise. Things at Stitch Fix have been pretty dang awesome, actually. I've been styling my little heart out. I've been going in to the office here and there to help interview for new stylists, too (which I would imagine is a fairly good sign that I'm doing okay with the company). AND, I just had a phone interview last week to be a Lead Stylist and have a little team of my own to manage (fingers crossed). But whatever the outcome is for that, I'm happy in the job department. Finally. Do you know how good it feels to say that and really mean it?

It was touch and go there for awhile after "landing" in San Francisco 19 months ago. I basically loathed anything that had to do with work. And wouldn't you after traveling for 6 months with no one to answer to but yourself? So, yeah. It was rough. In fact, just one year ago, I was freshly fired, unemployed with no job prospects, and driving people around in my car to earn money. I was basically a bonafide taxi driver. Did I mention it was rough?

So you can imagine my delight that I've found a balance again. I actually like what I do, for a company I love. I have the flexibility to work wherever and whenever I want. However, that "whenever" aspect seems to be all time time, because well, have I mentioned how expensive it is to live in San Francisco? But it's okay. Really. I'm proud of us for making it work. I'm proud of us for working hard and saving hard and getting to where we are today. Do we still have financial goals we want to reach? Of course. Always, maybe. But that's okay, too.

(Does it feel like I'm asking you a lot of questions?)

I just sighed. A good sigh, though, because every time I do take a minute to sit down and write, I remember how therapeutic it is. I remember how good it feels to let my mind just connect with my fingers and let them write out whatever needs to be written. And then I ask myself why I don't do it more often?

I'm going to end with two things:

1) SOMETHING EPIC IS COMING. It will be here on the blog. It will be on Facebook. It will be on Instagram. And hell, it will even be in some people's mailboxes. Because this is big. Real big. And the ONLY two people who know about it are ME and HE ("he" being The V Dizzle).

Get ready. It's coming. Soon. I promise. You'll die. I'm dying already. It's epic.

2) Because I believe posts are more interesting with pictures, I will put this rare Toothy smile of The Dizz and me just moments before seeing The Hunger Games this past weekend. Excitement I tell you. Ex-EYET-Ment.

I would like to think I'll blog again soon, but just know.... even if I don't..... the epicness is coming. That I do promise.





  1. I admit, I'm jealous that you get to work for Stitch Fix. I would love to be a stylist for them! Tell them to hire in Chicago!

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  2. I love that picture! Super cute.

  3. I want to know the epic news!!!

    And sorry I never emailed you. After A LOT of back and forth with the company (months and months!) he was finally ready to commit and accept. But then they started doing layoffs and instituted a hiring freeze, so it's now a no go :( But maybe one day we can be city-neighbors!

    1. awww bummer! I'm sorry to hear that! :( But that must mean something else amazing is right around the corner! And yes, one day!!!! xo :)

  4. curiosity up now..what is those epic news??!! please share as soon as possible..would definitely love to know the photo.

    xo joselovincolors

  5. !!!! Omggggg! It better be in my mailbox :D

    I miss you boo. I am so glad that everything is working out. We should really talk soon! You've inspired so much life crazy and goals for me. I can't wait to tell you!

  6. Aww...I've missed you in the blogosphere! Ive been thinking about applying to be a Stitch Fix stylist to supplement my income. I'd love to hear more about your experience!

    1. You totally should! It's pretty amazing! You can work a minimum of 15 hours a week if you'd like - and can pick whatever days/times you want to work them. It's a super fun company, too! Feel free to email me if you have any questions! :)

  7. 1. BLOG AGAIN. I miss you.
    2. What kind of inbox? Mail inbox or email inbox? Can I be added to the inbox list? PLEASE?
    3. Bay to Breakers, did you do it? I can't remember

    1. 1. Come to SF again. I miss you more.
      2. Wouldn't you like to know.... ;) ALL the inboxes! This must be known worldwide. And yes, you may. ;)
      3. Yes, yes I did! I wore a bright red tutu and onesie leotard. It was pretty amazing. Did you??

  8. You cannot leave me hanging like that. Not cool, Michelle.

    1. muwahahah.... just you wait. ;) It'll be here in no time!

  9. hahahaha i can not wait to see this epicness. if it's coming in to my mail, i will faint on the spot.

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