Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend Getaway

Verner and I headed out of the city yesterday morning to drive 8 hours down to glorious Menifee. Okay fine, there is nothing really glorious about Menifee, except the person living there: a.k.a. my mother. We decided to make a little trip to see the fam since we won't be down here next week for Thanksgiving and also it's my mom's 61st birthday on Sunday! So Happy Birthday, Mom!

Anyway, I brought down a wedding dress I had ordered online from BHLDN so that I could show my mom in person (which actually isn't going to be my wedding dress, but it's close enough). After chit chatting over wine for a bit we snuck off to her bedroom so I could try it on for her.

She had me stand on a foot stool thing as she buttoned me up and fluffed out the train.

Then, she promptly took a step back to look at me.....and cried.

She SAYS it's because she thought I looked so beautiful, but trust me on this: After being hungover in a car for 8 hours WITHOUT showering, my rats nest hair piled on top of my makeup-less head, I can guarantee you "beautiful" I was not, and instead would like to attribute her tears to the 3 glasses of wine that were consumed.

But still, it was touching. ;)

And then we sashayed over to my grandparents "quarters" so they could see their granddaughter in all her wedding dress glory (even though it isn't really the dress, but ya know, like I said, close enough). Unfortunately they won't be able to come to Kauai for the wedding because well, they're old? So it was really nice to be able to show them a little portion of the big day.

And now I will leave you with this:
I'm sure most of you know of the undying love my 2 year old niece has for V Dizzle. She came over this morning and ran straight into his arms. And, guess what? She can say his name now! "Verr...Ner." It's extremely cute. He was getting ready in the bathroom and she kept knocking on the door saying, "Hello? Come on! Hello?" So then he finally opened the door (because how could he not?) and she gave him a big hug then helped him brush his teeth, because she's awesome like that.

Oh, how I wish our future babies would look Asian...or Black....or something of that sort. But unfortunately, I don't think their Quarter Korean or Quarter Black parts will be dominant enough to overpower their Half White part. Mark my words: We're going to have a white-skinned kid with a red afro and Asian eyes. I can see it now...

Alright - ramble over.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo, Mish


  1. V-dizzle is so stinkin' sweet he's going to be a great daddy! :) Also I love that you and your mom sneak and drink :) haha!

  2. Aw these are such cute pictures. And I can’t believe you ordered a wedding dress instead of showing them all the real one. My mom would be sad if I did it to her.

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