Friday, November 14, 2014

I said the word "Love" 51 times in this post. Consider yourself warned.

Hi Honey!

Today you are 33! Hip, hip, holla, holla, hoo Dizzle hoo! Oh and hey, happy birthday! :)

I don't know if I can top last year's post, or heck, even the year before that was pretty spectacular, but you know me, I will sure try my darndest to make this day extra special for you.

I have decided that for this year's "Annual Birthday Ode Where I Have All Reason And Excuse To Get Extra Mushy And Publicly Proclaim My Love For You" post, I will share 33 reasons why I love you.

Are you ready for this? (You might want to grab a tissue.)



1. I love how effortlessly generous and loving you are. Not just with me, but with everyone. It's at the core of who you are. And I just love you for it.

2. I love that every morning, without fail, you hug me and kiss me and ask me how I slept. And then you make coffee. That sweet, sweet coffee. And it's just about perfect every time.

3. I love that we can spend all day, every day together (6 months of traveling definitely proved that for us) and not get sick of it. You are the one and only person I would ever want to share a studio apartment with.

4. I love that when we are apart, you always send me an "I love you" or an "I miss you" text.

5. I love that you are so open and willing to talk about your emotions and feelings. This wasn't always easy for you in the beginning, and Lord knows I've always been an open book - so I love so very much this part about you.

6. I love how easy it is to be with you. Truly. A lot of people say, "Relationships are hard work." And trust me, I know what it's like to be in a relationship where it was hard work. But not with you. Not ever. It's just so easy (dare I say, too easy?). If you ask me, I'd rather say, "Relationships take energy," because the word "work" just sounds too negative. And Boo, there's no one else I'd rather put energy into than you.

7. I love that you managed to throw me my first ever surprise party. That you took months to plan and prepare for it. That you brought together our families and closest friends. For me. And that you actually pulled it off (I mean, we all know how nosy I can be). Kudos man...kudos.

8. I love (and envy) your patience.

9. I love that you'll practice our "first dance" to determine our potential wedding song late night in the kitchen. While I'm in my underwear (though I guess I didn't need to share that piece of information).

10. I love that you tell me you hope our future daughter looks just like me.

11. I love that I am just as excited about you as I was when I first met you.

12. I love that you have 30 minute long conversations with your mom. Which, when we first started dating, I thought was incredibly odd. A man who actually likes talking on the phone with his mother?! But you did it then and you do it now. And goodness gracious, I just love that about you.

13. I love that you love to cook. And I love that you got me (Queen of the Microwave) to love to cook.

14. I love that we share equal household duties and that you're more than willing to do the dishes or laundry when your fiancè is being extra lazy.

15. I love that you truly make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

16. I love that you still open doors for me.

17. I love that you'll enthusiastically watch me do a little dance or sing a little song and be my "captive audience" when I've been alone all day and need a little attention. (Have I made myself sound completely pathetic yet?)

(even when I don't know the words....)
18. I love that you come to visit me at the store when you have a break between clients just to come say hi and that you missed me.

19. I love that you make sure I've been drinking enough water or eating enough snacks when I've had an extra long day of work. (Okay, now do I sound pathetic?)

20. I love that no matter how wild or "out there" my dreams are, you are the #1 supporter and fan. Always, without fail. You make me feel like I could fly to the moon if I wanted to.

21. I love that you're not afraid to tell me when you're scared or unsure about the future.

22. I love that you'll break your diet rules and eat some popcorn with me because I said I didn't want to eat it alone.

23. I love how hopelessly corny and cheesy we are, and hope that never stops.

24. I love that you give me your honest opinion about my outfit choices. (I mean seriously now, I may have the "Stylist" job title, but I think it's pretty clear who the true stylist is...)

25. I love that you'll watch endless amounts of Grey's Anatomy with me (amongst many other chick flicks).

26. I love that you're never too proud to say you're sorry (even if it's me that should say it first).

27. I love the amount of respect you have for me, and all women, really. You're not the type of man to put someone down, even if you're "just joking." I know what that feels like to be made to feel "less than" from a man, and it never feels good. So thank you for always making me feel equal and loved. Have I mentioned I love you?

28. I love your sense of adventure and your love for travel. Not just anyone would be willing to sell all of their possessions to go frolicking around the globe with their girlfriend of just a year.

29. I love that you dream big.

30. I love your beauty; both inside and out. (But let's just make it clear how drop dead sexy I think you are. And how much I love that too.;)

31. I love that you're going to be the future father of my children and that I have ZERO doubts how wonderful of a dad you'll be and will love them something fierce.

32. I love that you are exactly who you are and that there is not ONE thing I would change about you.

33. I love that you're not perfect, but you're perfect for me. (cue: cheese)

So in case you didn't catch my drift....I love you. You are the best part of my day. Every day. And I can't wait to call you my HUSBAND in just 7 1/2 short months.

Happy birthday, baby boo. Let's make it a good one, shall we? :)



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  1. Aww, SO cute!
    Happy Birthday to your Dizz-Husband-to-be!

  2. This is just fantastic. You seem so happy and I am SO happy for you (for the both of you too!) Happy birthday V-Dizz, hope you've had an amazing day. Sending you both lots o' love xxxx

  3. oh my... tears in my ojos. Aren't November babies the best? ;)

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