Monday, September 22, 2014

Who wants some Benefit samples?

So UPS just knocked on my door and gave me a hot pink box and naturally, I got real excited, because, well, obvious reasons. Anyway, I quickly ripped it open to find a glorious amount of Benefit samples and then I remembered that I had entered to win this "Beauty Bash" thing and I guess they picked 1,000 peeps and I was one of them!

Apparently, with these samples, I was supposed to host a Beauty Night with 5 of my friends, and well, if I'm being honest here, I just never saw myself doing that in this tiny studio of mine and also I don't think I have 5 friends that would want to come. So, instead, I kept a few things I liked (obvi), gave a few things to my friend and pretended it was a pre-determined birthday gift, and now there's this left.

So I'm gonna go ahead and pick 3 of my InterWeb friends to get the rest! (I'm totally sounding like a lonely loser with no friends, aren't I?)

To Enter:

Entry 1: Follow me on Instagram and leave a comment on the picture here.
Extra Entry: Tag a friend in a separate comment.

And that's it!

I'll pick 3 of you at the end of the week, get your addresses, and send 'em off for you to enjoy!

Happy Beautifying!


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  1. Done :) This post reminded me of what I was feeling last week. I was applying to possibly host a party from, until it said one of the rules was that you had to invite at least 10 friends over and provide photographic evidence, hahah.

    1. Psshhh - photographic evidence?! With TEN?? Impossible. :P I def wouldn't of done it if that were the case, haha. Good luck! ;)

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