Thursday, September 4, 2014

I wish I blogged.

Me: "I wish I blogged."

Verner: "Talk about wedding planning."

Me: ....

Verner: "Talk about Dinner."

Me: ....

Verner: "Talk about how much you love me and how you just want to talk about it all the time."

Oookkkayyy, buddy. Slow your role.


I just got done reading about 5 people's blog posts for the day, and you know what I thought? Kudos. Kudos to them for mustering the time and energy it takes to keep a 5 day/week blogging regime. For those of you that don't blog, I gotta tell ya, it's not that easy to keep up with. After 3 1/2 years now of this blog, I can attest to that and I'm noticing that it's really starting to slow down over in these parts.

And part of me is sad.

Because for the last 3 1/2 years, this blog has been a big part of my life. It's been a part of my identity, in a way. Friends, family, and complete strangers have come to know me as "the girl that blogs a lot of random and sometimes too personal but often times funny shit" ...or something like that. And now, for various reasons, I just don't as much.

And I miss it.

I miss the ease of it. The free flowing nature of my stories. The excitement I had for it. The feeling of just not being able to wait to get to a computer so I could share a story or picture.

So I'm wondering what changed.

Has blogging as a whole just dwindled down? As the readers have quieted, so have the writers behind the blogs?

But even so, I started this blog with not a single person reading. And it was during those times, in my opinion, that were some of the most fun. I could write about anything and everything with zero worries of what someone would think on the other end of it. I could use whatever language I wanted, tell whatever story I wanted, talk about whomever I wanted, and express whatever opinion I had.

So is that it?

Is it that I know there are real people reading this now? Not just strangers, but friends, family... Maybe I feel like I have to censor my words and thoughts. Not make them so public anymore for fear of offending or hurting someone's feelings or embarrassing anyone, etc. (Sheesh, what does it say about this blog when those are the examples I give?)

I'm not saying that IS the reason for my lack of blogging, but it's just a thought...true or not.

Maybe I got tired of the "competition"? The constant checking of stats and page views and comparison to other bloggers out there. It did get a little crazy there for a while, didn't it? The 8 million Group Giveaways that you saw every month just to get another "GFC Follower". Kind of ridic. But, I mean, yeah, I totally did it too. And yeah, it was exciting to see those numbers grow. But then they kind of stopped growing organically. And then I kind of got tired of giving money away for people to "like" me.

Anyway, I guess what I'm feeling is this: I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel for Mish Lovin' Life. I keep remembering that this is such a wonderful tool to look back on some unforgettable (or, forgettable were it not for this blog) and amazing life memories. In this here blog, I can read back on my FIRST DATE with Verner. And now, 3 years later, I'm engaged to the man! That's pretty awesome, isn't it? So for that reason alone, I want to keep jotting down these life occurrences. I want to have a place to remember these things that mean the most to me, and no one else really. I've said it before and I'll say it again, when we're all 75 and wrinkly, no one's going to care about these silly little blogs of ours, but us.

Me. And perhaps my future kids.

So with that - I will make an effort. Maybe that effort is once a week. Once a month. Who knows. But goddamnit, I will try!

You're welcome, kids.


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  1. Hang in there :), you are my all time fav blogger.

    1. Thanks, Effie! That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ;) xoxoxo You da best.

  2. Hi, I don't follow many 'life' blogs that are out there in fact I think you are just one of two that I do. I'm a big fan of crafting so it would follow that I am mainly interested in 'craft' based blogs. I've followed you since you were preparing to up sticks and travel and I love popping in and seeing what you've been up to. I never followed you because of all the give aways you had I never entered anyway I merely followed you as I genuinely enjoyed reading your 'funny shit' stories they make me chuckle and always put a smile on my face. I'm a bad blogger at not leaving comments I always think I'll come back and do that in a bit when I have more time so even though I'm don't comment I am here and I am reading so whether you blog daily, weekly, monthly or even longer in between I will still pop in to see what you've been up to and will undoubtedly leave with a smile on my face. Take care, Ann-Marie xx

    1. I'm the worst at leaving comments too. I'm notorious for reading, thinking of something clever to comment, then just being lazy. So the fact that you wrote this makes me feel extra special. Thanks so much for your kind words, Ann-Marie! :) xoxo

  3. Well, I'm excited for you to keep blogging! I only check 2-4 blogs daily/every other and yours is always in the top 2! I love reading your blog and all your hilarious stories!

    1. Well, shoot. Now I'm curious as to who the other 3 blogs are you check ;)
      Thanks for always leaving lovely comments. I really appreciate reading yours! :) xoxoxoxo

  4. I completely agree! I think sometimes we just don't have the energy or want to write it all down. Sometimes you are just focused on actually living the things that you would once write. You'll make it, trust me :) In fact, I am trying to write a post right now... if only I could adjust back to the Eastern time zone!

    1. ahh, jet lag is the worst! Fortunately 3 hours diff ain't tooooo bad. So glad you finally got to see California!!!!!!! (and didn't get killed by a homeless man). xo ;)

  5. I love it!! I hope you do keep blogging because I always love your posts!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

    1. Thank you, Chels! This makes me smile. Big time. :) xoxoxo

  6. I've been blogging for three years and I know them feels. Ah. I think it's to do with the cold months because wow, I can't be bothered these days...or maybe it is because "real people" are reading. I just had a whole bunch of people discover my blog so I know how that feels as well. That being said, you are definitely one of my favourite bloggers so pleaseeeeee keep writing because I like your stories and your face and your sparkly engagement ring ;)

  7. I am happy that you are going to keep blogging! I enjoy your stories! :)

  8. I love your blog and would totally miss you if you just disappeared off the grid!
    I think we all have highs and lows with blogging, hang in there!

  9. I think blogging as a whole is down right now. I think after years of documenting every move, we are tired of doing it and people are getting tired of reading it. I wrote my last post in May, and closed my blog down a few weeks ago. I didn't delete it, but it's not open for public viewing any longer. It came to a point where I wanted to do more living and less talking about living!

  10. Aww I hope you don't give it up! Maybe not everyday, but every once in awhile? It's how I've gotten to know you (as creeper and stalker-ish that may sound) :) Entertaining stories you have girl :)

  11. I have a hard time with my blog too... i miss reading you though!

  12. You better not quit blogging!! I don't care if I have to wait a month for a blog post. But don't take your hilarity away from me forever!! Your blog is my absolute favorite. I look forward to your posts! Don't get discouraged. Just do your thing. There's no point in stressing over the fact that you didn't get 5 posts done this week. Just do whatever. We'll all still be here waiting. :)

    xo Denise

  13. Your blog is one of my favorites. I read it regularly. Nice to know you used to obsess over stats and followers and people "liking" you. Keep on keepin' on girl!!!!

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