Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Day Roseanne and I Became Besties.

If you've already heard the news, I'm not surprised. I've pretty much told anyone and everyone who has ears the story, but you know, if it's not here on the blog, then it basically didn't happen, or so I've heard.


Yesterday was a life-changer.

I spent the day at the store, minding my own business and such. Mondays are usually pretty quiet around those parts, so I was busy taking selfies of me in a beanie, seriously trying to determine if I could actually pull off the Q-tip look, when in walks a customer.

I will not lie when I tell you that two thoughts came to mind when this older woman came in:

1) Is she homeless? (Which is not really a far off question as we've been known to have a few wander into the store.)
2) She kind of looks like Roseanne Barr.

This Roseanne Look-A-Like, in all her grundgy glory, was perusing around, la dee da. She was quiet, didn't seem to be in the most fantastic of moods.

After a few minutes, she comes over to me holding a box of panty hose..........from the MATERNITY section of our store. Did you hear that? These were "Postpartum Support Tights" just so we're clear. And she was clearly not pregnant. Nor post-partum. Because she was well over 60 and I'm pretty sure the baby-making parts shut down around then...

But hey. Who am I to judge? If Roseanne Look-A-Like wants postpartum support tights, then dammit, you get it girl!

So ANYhoo, she asks me if I have them in a larger size, and I say, "Sure, let me check!"

So I look in our back stock and voila! A size Medium. I bring them over to her and she looks at the back of them and says, "Well, I'm not 5'9", but I guess these will work."

And I reply to the Roseanne Look-A-Like, "Actually, they're good for 5'0" up to 5'9"!"

So she says, "Oh. Okay. I'll take them."

So I walk with her over to the register and ring her up and tell her the total.

And THIS, my friends is when my life forever changed.

The Roseanne look-a-like, who I legit thought was homeless upon arrival, pulls out her LOUIS VUITTON PURSE with LOUIS VUITTON WALLET and hands me her BUSINESS AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD, and asks, "Do you take these?"

Slow. Motion. I take the card and look down at the name and see:

"ROSEANNE MUTHA-EFFIN BARR" <-----exactly like that.

I gulped. My eyes widened (as wide as these Asian eyes can go, let's be honest here). I took a deep breath and told myself to stay calm.

I can't tell you why, but you guys, when there is a celebrity near me (as if that happens all the time or something), I get all weird. Like, excited weird. But I refuse to let them KNOW I know. You know? It's like, I want to act cool or something by pretending I have no idea who they are? I told you, I can't explain it.

So here I am, in all my Q-TIP GLORY, ringing up ROSEANNE BARR'S PANTY HOSE, trying my best to act oh-so suave when really I'm sure I looked like a lunatic.

And as I hand her the item, she points to the restaurant across the street and asks, "Is that a bar?"

And in my most intellectual, San Franciscan Wannabe Local voice, I reply: "Well, to the right there is the bar area, and on the left side is the restaurant area. So technically both."

Good one, Michelle. (I told you. I get weird.)

So THEN she asks, "Is it any good?"

And I say, while nodding a little too hard, "Yes! Very good."

Then she mumbles her thanks and leaves!

And then I have my FURREAL freak out session because I'm finally alone and can. I immediately text the girls from the store. I immediately share on any and all social media platforms.

You guys. I'm not even a major Roseanne fan or anything. I sort of remember her Roseanne show from when I was little? But that's it! And here I am freaking out like it's effing BEYONCE or something.

So yeah....That's my story.

To my new best friend, Roseanne, I apologize for thinking you were homeless. At least I looked like a Q-tip, to which I give you full permission to make fun of.

And there's another day in the life of Mishi. Over and out.


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Friday, September 26, 2014


Oh hi there. Happy Friday! Two reasons why Mishi here is happy on this Day of Fri:

1. I only have about an hour and a half of styling to do today and then I'm freeeeeeee for the weekend (Hey StitchFix clients, heyyy).

2. At approximately 4:30pm today, The DizzleBizzle will be dropping me off at the San Francisco Ferry Building so I can hop aboard the mini cruise ship and sail on over to Jack London Square - Oakland to meet up with Mo.

Why? Because tonight is Book Club! A.K.A. Hang out for several hours drinking lots of wine, eating yummy food, talking about anything and everything but somehow always comes down to some sort of female body part or sexual encounter, and oh yeah, sometimes we talk about the book we read for the month.

I can't remember the last time I actually read a physical book. Are you a Tablet reader, too?

This month's book? The Invention of Wings. Which, to be honest? SO good. SO good. Reading that and also watching Emma Watson's speech on the HeForShe campaign made me both parts sad and proud. Sad that these things have to even be an issue. But proud of the women who stand up for their rights and do whatever they can to make a difference in this world. Anyway, I highly recommend you read the book and watch Emma's 11 minute speech.

I hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. I picked the three winners for the Benefit sample giveaway! As I ferociously scrolled up and down in the comments section, I had Verner yell, "STOP!" to which I then froze my finger on a name.... and that was how I picked the winners. Very official. Very accurate.

And the winners are...


Whoo hoo!

If you haven't already, shoot me an email with your mailing info! And hey, thanks for playing! :)


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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What makes a wedding ceremony memorable?

I'm having a hard time thinking about what our wedding ceremony will look like.

Upon first thinking about it, I thought it was going to be quite simple!

1. I walk down the aisle
2. The officiant (my brother) says a few words
3. Vows are read
4. Rings are exchanged
5. Kissy kiss
6. Voila! We're married.

15 minutes and I got myself a husband!

But THEN...

The florist wants to know what kind of flowers we want on the gazebo.
The resort wants to know if we want 500 scattered orchids in the aisle or 1,000.
What songs will the Hawaiian Duo be playing?
What song do I walk down the aisle to?
Will there be a special poem reading?
Will there be a song performed mid-ceremony while we all awkwardly stare at them for 4 minutes?

Will there be a sand union ceremony? Only if we can do neon colors like the ones below.

Just kidding. No.

Will there be doves released?

Seriously. That's a thing. And I have no idea what it's supposed to represent.

But, no.

Will there be a conch shell blown after we say, "I do"?

Again, no. Hell, no.

Will we bow to each other's parents like the traditional Koreans do?

Nope. (Oh hey, Brother. You sure did it like a champ, though! ;)

Do we write our own vows or do we say the traditional ones?
In what order will the wedding party be standing?

Good thing I can check that off my list.

And good thing I'm such a talented artist. With evil Asian eyes and a mullet.


Most of these things seem kind of....cheesy to me (no offense if you did any of these things at your own, I'm sure it was lovely!). But, come on now.

Here's what we want:

A memorable ceremony that is short and sweet.
A ceremony that won't bore our guests to tears.
A ceremony that's sentimental, but not cheesy.
A ceremony that doesn't cost a million dollars for 20 minutes of time. (a.k.a, No I don't want the $500 floral arrangement for the gazebo when it'll just die and no one will be looking at it anymore because we'll be at the reception staring at the other floral arrangements you had me purchase).

Soooooo. What does that entail, exactly?

Have you been to a wedding where you've seen them do something unique at a ceremony and it left you thinking, "Hey, that's nice. And not the least bit cheesy. And oh hey, I think my eyes are leaking because this is just so damn beautiful."? Or are all weddings just kind of cheesy, but that's what makes them fun and filled with love and rainbows and butterflies?

As much as I just want it to be short and simple and I just want to marry that beautiful man of mine as quick as I can and then party the night away with all my friends and family, there's a part of me that also wants it to be memorable. And I know, I know, the mere fact that we're getting married makes it special and memorable (to us). But is that enough? Of course it's enough. But will I look back and be like, "Man, I wish we released the doves. The DOVES! WHY???"

Does any of this make sense?

Am I turning into a cray bride who's lost her mind?

I should totally get the doves, shouldn't I?

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Who wants some Benefit samples?

So UPS just knocked on my door and gave me a hot pink box and naturally, I got real excited, because, well, obvious reasons. Anyway, I quickly ripped it open to find a glorious amount of Benefit samples and then I remembered that I had entered to win this "Beauty Bash" thing and I guess they picked 1,000 peeps and I was one of them!

Apparently, with these samples, I was supposed to host a Beauty Night with 5 of my friends, and well, if I'm being honest here, I just never saw myself doing that in this tiny studio of mine and also I don't think I have 5 friends that would want to come. So, instead, I kept a few things I liked (obvi), gave a few things to my friend and pretended it was a pre-determined birthday gift, and now there's this left.

So I'm gonna go ahead and pick 3 of my InterWeb friends to get the rest! (I'm totally sounding like a lonely loser with no friends, aren't I?)

To Enter:

Entry 1: Follow me on Instagram and leave a comment on the picture here.
Extra Entry: Tag a friend in a separate comment.

And that's it!

I'll pick 3 of you at the end of the week, get your addresses, and send 'em off for you to enjoy!

Happy Beautifying!


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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's Like We Were 18 Again...

....except not really because I didn't drink at 18 and neither did she.

Let me rewind a little though, and this will all make sense.

As you know (or don't), The Dizzle and I drove down to Southern California last weekend to see my mom and her new house that she got with my grandparents (her mom and dad).

Here's a photo circa 2012 for reference:

Good ol' Gram Gram in all her quilt-making glory. (Just kidding, I don't call her Gram Gram. But she does make a mean quilt.)


Here are THREE things you should know about my grandparents:

1. They are devout Seventh Day Adventists.
2. They have not, will not, do not, don't want, won't ever, don't even think about it, drink alcohol.
3. Alcohol in the house (even for family gatherings) is highly frowned upon.

Now here is ONE thing you should know about my mother:

1. I once found a tiny airplane size bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream in her purse and when I asked her why she had that she replied, "Just in case I have coffee."

Well, duh.

So as we were lounging at the house on the first night, just chit chattin' away, I asked my mom if she had any wine. Because, I mean, it was Thursday night, so why wouldn't I want a glass of wine?

She gave me a look that said, "Trust me, I'd love to have a glass of wine with you right now, but you know full well that there isn't any in the house because you-know-who lives here."

She also happened to mention, when the grandparents were out of earshot (and trust me, that's not that far these days) that her sister-in-law came over the previous weekend and brought a bottle of wine as a little housewarming gift, but the only way they could drink it was when my grandparents were gone. At church. So drink it they did. The whole bottle.

Side note: Here is my grandmother, Phyllis. Let me just remind you that she NATURALLY BIRTHED EIGHT babies. That's right, EIGHT. Here she is when she had the TRIPLETS. She was telling me that in order to feed them, she'd have to prop 2 on her sides while holding another:

The fact that this woman never drank a drop of alcohol bewilders me greatly.

Moving on.

It finally came time for the grandparents to retreat to their "quarters." (Which, you know how it is with the elders, it was like 7:30pm).

I looked to my Mom and we hopped in the car and drove straight to the grocery store.

I personally just wanted a bottle of wine. But then my Mom noticed that if you buy FOUR, then you get a discount. So, naturally we wanted to save money. THEN my Mom shared that she makes a mean Mojito. And I couldn't drive all the way from San Francisco to not try her mojito!

And before we knew it, here was our shopping cart:

As we got home, I asked her how she was going to keep this in the kitchen without G&G finding out.

That's when she showed me her secret hiding spot. Her closet. In it was a fold-out little nook thing and she told me that she is officially deeming it her "liquor cabinet."

Good for you, Mom. Good. For. You.

So anyway, we drank some yummy mojitos and stashed the rest, without a stitch of evidence left behind!

I kept saying it was like we were in high school, sneaking alcohol when the parents were away. But truth be told, we both never drank in high school, so I guess.....better later than never?


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Friday, September 12, 2014

There is a method to my madness.

There is a method to my madness.

However take note, when that “method” is not shared with your significant other, then all they will see is the madness.

I have had a recent lesson learned regarding this.

Allow me to explain.

Sentences such as the following:

“The ice cube trays shouldn’t be filled up so high.”


“The dish sponge should be squeezed out when you’re done using it.”


“We should turn the fan off during dinner.” (My personal favorite.)

Can all be construed as crazy, neurotic, nitpicky, and did I mention crazy to the person you’re saying them to, especially if you say them in a slightly elevated tone paired with a “Honey!” inserted before each sentence.

The reason I know this is because it was recently brought to my attention during our 8-hour car ride to San Diego yesterday.

The Dizzle kindly mentioned (and I really do mean kindly), “I don’t know if it’s because Aunt Flo is in town, but I feel like you’ve been nitpicky a lot recently.”

Now, I’m sure the average woman in her period-induced crazy fog would be quick to gasp and say, “How DARE you say my womanhood has anything to do with my emotions!!! I am not CRAZY!!!!!” when really he said nothing of the sort, but somehow we just hear it that way because well, sometimes we can be crazy.

But, friends, I am the first to say that I am no stranger to Crazy Connie that graces our household once a month, so I was in no way offended by his hypothesis.

And after he brought up the examples of said nitpickiness, I calmly explained my reasoning behind each one.

Allow me:

1. When the ice cube trays are filled so high to the brim, the person who cracks the tray to get an ice cube out will then find themselves and the floor covered in broken ice shards to which they then quickly melt and leave little puddles on you and said kitchen floor. When they are filled to the proper height of tray, they break nicely for whomever wants a cube with no water wasted.

2. When the dish sponge doesn’t get wrung out, it then sits there in water to be then filled with mildew and bacteria to which it makes the sponge smell something foul very quickly. To which THEN said sponge must be thrown away when it could have lasted much longer. By ringing out the sponge, we can assure a much longer sponge life. Which, ultimately, if you think about it, saves money.

3. Well, obviously when the fan is blowing on us as we’re trying to enjoy a hot meal, it will then rapidly cool down the meal to a lukewarm status and really now, no one wants a lukewarm plate of spaghetti. Obviously.

So you see, I said to my dear future husband, I am merely suggesting all of these practices for the betterment of our household. I do not mean to nitpick. I can see how that can be very annoying. But I would like to think I’m a logical person and when I see a way to do something that could benefit both of us, I feel the need to share.

He then said to me that if I had just taken the time to EXPLAIN the reason behind my “suggestions,” then he would also be in the loop on how it could benefit us (as he cannot read my mind) and would be more inclined to follow said suggestion instead of thinking I was a hormonal nitpicking crazy person.

(Whoa, whoa, whoa….you can’t read my mind?!)

So I said. Huh. Great point, future husband. I can see now why that would probably be a better solution.

Soooo just to make sure we were on the same page I said, 

“So you’re saying, if I were to EXPLAIN to you that when you squeeze the toothpaste from the MIDDLE of the tube, making it deformed and dilapidated to which it makes me literally cringe on the inside every time I have to fix the tube, and that I think you should squeeze it from the BOTTOM of the tube to make it easier for ALL toothpaste users to get said paste out in a concise, quick, and clean way, then you won’t be annoyed because I gave you my logical reasoning behind it?”

Then he replied, 

“Well, I mean, in all honesty, the toothpaste thing doesn’t make sense to me because you can just squeeze wherever and out comes the paste. THEN, when it gets low, you can slide it up from the bottom of the tube. Easy as that.”

Oooh fiancé, I think this marriage thing is going to be quite fun with you. ;)


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Thursday, September 4, 2014

I wish I blogged.

Me: "I wish I blogged."

Verner: "Talk about wedding planning."

Me: ....

Verner: "Talk about Dinner."

Me: ....

Verner: "Talk about how much you love me and how you just want to talk about it all the time."

Oookkkayyy, buddy. Slow your role.


I just got done reading about 5 people's blog posts for the day, and you know what I thought? Kudos. Kudos to them for mustering the time and energy it takes to keep a 5 day/week blogging regime. For those of you that don't blog, I gotta tell ya, it's not that easy to keep up with. After 3 1/2 years now of this blog, I can attest to that and I'm noticing that it's really starting to slow down over in these parts.

And part of me is sad.

Because for the last 3 1/2 years, this blog has been a big part of my life. It's been a part of my identity, in a way. Friends, family, and complete strangers have come to know me as "the girl that blogs a lot of random and sometimes too personal but often times funny shit" ...or something like that. And now, for various reasons, I just don't as much.

And I miss it.

I miss the ease of it. The free flowing nature of my stories. The excitement I had for it. The feeling of just not being able to wait to get to a computer so I could share a story or picture.

So I'm wondering what changed.

Has blogging as a whole just dwindled down? As the readers have quieted, so have the writers behind the blogs?

But even so, I started this blog with not a single person reading. And it was during those times, in my opinion, that were some of the most fun. I could write about anything and everything with zero worries of what someone would think on the other end of it. I could use whatever language I wanted, tell whatever story I wanted, talk about whomever I wanted, and express whatever opinion I had.

So is that it?

Is it that I know there are real people reading this now? Not just strangers, but friends, family... Maybe I feel like I have to censor my words and thoughts. Not make them so public anymore for fear of offending or hurting someone's feelings or embarrassing anyone, etc. (Sheesh, what does it say about this blog when those are the examples I give?)

I'm not saying that IS the reason for my lack of blogging, but it's just a thought...true or not.

Maybe I got tired of the "competition"? The constant checking of stats and page views and comparison to other bloggers out there. It did get a little crazy there for a while, didn't it? The 8 million Group Giveaways that you saw every month just to get another "GFC Follower". Kind of ridic. But, I mean, yeah, I totally did it too. And yeah, it was exciting to see those numbers grow. But then they kind of stopped growing organically. And then I kind of got tired of giving money away for people to "like" me.

Anyway, I guess what I'm feeling is this: I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel for Mish Lovin' Life. I keep remembering that this is such a wonderful tool to look back on some unforgettable (or, forgettable were it not for this blog) and amazing life memories. In this here blog, I can read back on my FIRST DATE with Verner. And now, 3 years later, I'm engaged to the man! That's pretty awesome, isn't it? So for that reason alone, I want to keep jotting down these life occurrences. I want to have a place to remember these things that mean the most to me, and no one else really. I've said it before and I'll say it again, when we're all 75 and wrinkly, no one's going to care about these silly little blogs of ours, but us.

Me. And perhaps my future kids.

So with that - I will make an effort. Maybe that effort is once a week. Once a month. Who knows. But goddamnit, I will try!

You're welcome, kids.


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