Monday, August 25, 2014

We survived the quake. But more importantly...

^^^ It's like I just knew something monstrous was coming over San Francisco... ^^^


I hereby declare that just a mere 8 hours before it happened,
I looked to The Dizzle as we were driving to our date night destination Saturday evening, and said:

"The only way this crazy, insane San Francisco housing market is going to come down again
is if there's a GINORMOUS and CATASTROPHIC earthquake!"


Fast forward to 3:20am and our little studio of a home was quite literally swaying.
Both Verner and I shot up in bed!
My heart was pounding something fierce!
The rocking felt like it was never letting up.
I had a passing thought on if we should be headed towards a doorway or something,
but instead just clutched my man's arm hard.

And then... it was over, and back to sleep we went.
Almost as if it never happened.
Turns out a giant 6.1 quake happened up near Napa.

But more importantly,
do you see the bigger picture here??

I meeeaaannnn, I don't want to say I'm influential or clairvoyant or anything like that,
but ummm, hellooooo.
It's not like I just talk about earthquakes on the reg!
I know I'm in California and all, but quakes don't happen that often.
So on THE DAY when I mention an EARTHQUAKE.
Wellllll, shoot. You do the math.

I mean, was it ginormous enough that our house fell off into the Pacific Ocean
and the housing market came down?
No.... but.

Okay fiiiine, I'm stretching it.

I guess I won't be quitting my day job to become the next Madam Mish.


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  1. I am thoroughly disappointed that I slept through it as my husband shot out of bed wondering what was happening haha

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  2. Everyone has the ability to be psychic, clairvoyant or whatever you want to call it. It's intuition/6th sense/gut feeling, and people that are open to it are more sensitive. Look up 3rd eye or chakra. There's a ton of free books on Amazon about it.

    My best friend just moved to CA. I forget where, because I'm familiar with a dozen or more cities, but don't know where they are on a map. I guess I need to do that soon.

  3. You definitely have psychic powers, you should start one of those call in lines :). I was in an earth quake Illinois. I feel awful for all those lost wine bottles in Napa!

  4. Madam Mish it is! I haven't experienced an earthquake in quite a while, but I remember how scary!

  5. Glad you guys survived! :) So, you were talking about real estate, eh? Thinking about buying in San Fran? :)

    1. Ha, I WISH! That'll happen...NEVER. Unless, you know, that whole earthquake catastrophe thing happens :P

  6. Wow! Exciting! I actually was in an earthquake once here in Illinois. But nothing happened. All that happened was, I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard a giant noise like a cannonball falling from the sky, and the house was sort of shaking. I thought it was weird, and one of the kids at the house where I was living at the time also woke up and we were like, "WTF" but we went back to sleep. And in the morning we found out there had been an earthquake. And nobody believed I had woken up and heard it, until the other kid said he'd woken up and heard it too!



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