Monday, August 18, 2014

Today, I play Nurse.

V Dizzle recently joined himself a little flag football league.
I think they call themselves Athletic Ricky and The Flabby Boys? 
or something equally....odd.
Anyway, it's been an interesting few weeks so far.

The Dizz was deemed Quarterback.
And many have asked me, "Oh, did he play a lot of football in high school?"
And my answer to that is: No, no he did not.
He was a Track Star...(lest we not forget this incident.)


The QuarterDizzle takes his role very seriously.
And each week, he pumps himself up. Eats a hearty breakfast. And is determined to win.
The first game, he and his other fellow 30-something-year-olds lost horribly 
(i'm sorry sweetheart, but it's true).
The second game they came back triumphantly and won!
The third game they lost even more horribly (i'm sorry again, honey, you did great).

Yesterday's game was their 4th game.

I, and a few other fellow gals, went to show our support.
We. Were. Ready.

The first half... well.

But the second half, things started to pick up!
The team was really comin' together and making some great plays!

And then.

Then, I saw Verner do this:

And I thought he was just upset about a missed pass or something.
So at first I was like, get up yo! Grab. That. Flag!
Buuutttttt, turns out, my man is not that emotionally dramatic.
And instead, something was quite wrong.

The QuarterDizzle pulled something.
In the groinage area.

So bad that he had to sit the rest of the game out 
with an ice pack close by.

And so bad that by the time we went to bed last night,
he was hobbling like a 90-year-old
and I had to physically try and use my 126 pound body to LIFT his 215 pound body up into the bed because he couldn't move his legs at all to get up.

Yes, it was as awkward as it sounds.

Good thing I've been working out and shiz.
Piece of cake. Ha. #notreally


This morning, things aren't looking any better.
I had to back out of a little girls trip up to the wineries because I'm just SO loving and have decided to stay home to take care of my man! #wifeytraining ;)

Get well soon, QuarterDizzle. 
Athletic Ricky and The Flabby Boys need you!


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  1. Oh noooo. But your gifs are my favorite. I laugh so hard everytime. You know just what to put and where to put it. thats what she said. Feel better Vdizzle and vdizzles groin :/

  2. I hope his groin pain goes away. Gro-in pains growing pains. Wth is wrong with me. Get well soon VDizzle!

  3. Oh, poor Verner! Hope he's doing better!

  4. Is it bad that this post made me laugh? You are too funny
    Seriously though, hope he feels better soon

  5. ha ha, you're going to be a wonderful wife. Once my hubs tore his MCL and I was his "nurse" lasted about 2 hours before I just lost all my patience. He needed my help for everything!! ha ha.

  6. And this is why I panic anytime Jason starts to limp during his softball games (which is like ballet compared to flag football because there's SO MUCH STANDING AROUND)... I can't even begin to imagine trying to carry him up our stairs or even assist in lifting part of his heavy tush up our stairs. Guess he'd be quarantined to the couch which is downstairs??

    You might not have been able to flex your muscles to carry him around, but flexing the wife muscles is far more attractive to men (at least the husband ones). :)

  7. your gifs are so fun to watch!! i'm sorry to read that Drizzle is in pain now.hopefully he will recover soon.great day ahead girl. xo

    josephine c.

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