Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I lack major creativity in the kitchen.

There once was a time when I loathed cooking. 

Okay, fine... Maybe "loathe" is too strong of a word. And maybe it was more just about not knowing how to cook anything other than Top Ramen or spaghetti (and even spaghetti was stretching it). So I just said I hated it and in turn, never did it.

But then I met Verner, and well, something oddly domestic sprouted up inside of me. I suddenly had this urge to cook things for him. Perhaps deep down (or not so deep down?) I madly wanted to make this man my husband so I had to show him what a great housewife I could be? Who knows. But basically, my newfound joy for cooking began to grow.

When we were first dating, we took turns every week to pick a recipe and cook it for the other person. So I got real good at Googling new recipes.

Three years later, I'm STILL Googling recipes.

As in....I can't cook anything without said recipe.

My friend Mo has some sort of wizardry skill because when she cooks? She doesn't use ANY recipe. She'll throw a dash of this and a dash of that, and voila! Meal is prepared and it's amazing.


Well, see for yourself:

After months of running back and forth from my kitchen to my laptop in order to see how much I needed of one ingredient, I got "creative" and now prop my Intel Tablet up so I can read the recipe right from the screen!

But like.....Every. Time.

This particular picture was from when I made Chicken Parm the other night. Which, in my defense, I had never tried making before, so it's only natural I needed to know every step of the recipe! But...not-so-in-my-defense, even when I've made the meal before, I still somehow need the recipe in front of me.

Maybe I'm just not confident with my cooking skills? Perhaps I feel like, even though it's been a few years now, I'm still trying to get the hang of it? So I need to make sure I don't miss a thing and ruin it? (Tell me I'm not the only kitchen degenerate...)

But hey, that's what recipes are for right? For people like me who lack all creativity and originality in the kitchen!

The only thing I'm missing now is a fancy kitchen prop for my Tablet! (Cough, Verner, Cough)




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  1. I'm definitely more motivated to try cooking when I have someone besides myself to just cook for.. If it is just me, I'm happy to gobble down an almond butter and strawberry jelly sandwich or some mac and cheese! My mom can whip up complete meals just by looking at random ingredients in the fridge and putting them together, no recipe needed. Not me! I need a recipe right in front of my nose even for simple things, like how long to boil the eggs!

  2. I'm the exact same way. I can cook a killer meal...with a recipe. The only time I don't use one is when I make a dish I've made 100 times and can do it by memory.

  3. This is the only reason I'd really want a tablet, because I can't do any cooking without a recipe. I love cooking for Rob though, although I am painfully sensitive about whether he likes it or not. Lol

  4. I LOVED to cook all through college and for the first year of marriage.Then I had a kid and it became part of my responsibilities and now I hate cooking! Love providing a meal for my family, but I cook the same 15 things because with both Hubs and me working full-time and having a kid who is about to start soccer...there is no time to experiment with exotic ingredients like I did before. LOL!

    Cook and experiment as often as you can while you can girl!! You should look at the Hatchery box. It sends cool cooking ingredients once a month.

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  5. i love how you admit your weakness, am sure you will get better in the kitchen

  6. I have to have a recipe...I do NOT experiment with cooking because I just know it would end up horribly haha.



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