Friday, August 22, 2014

Hot Messes and Planking

I've been in bed all day.
No, I'm not sick. 
Though that picture would say otherwise, I suppose.
I've just been in bed, working.
Because somehow working in bed tricks myself into thinking I'm not actually working, 
and instead I'm just lounging all day.
And really, who wouldn't want your days filled with lounging?

Anyway, my sweet, sweet man walked in with these.
Something about my hot mess of an appearance really turned him on today, I guess.
After oohing and ahhing, I asked him what type of flowers they were because I had never seen such beauties before!

He replied, "I forget. Something to do with San Francisco? And maybe starts with a D?"

Fortunately Google exists and I found out they are dahlias!
And guess what? Today I have discovered that I love dahlias!
If I were participating in that 100 Happy Days thing, this would be the moment of the day.

Speaking of participating.
I was just telling Verner this morning that it appears I have no friends,
because everyone and their mother has been nominated for the #ALSIceBucketChallege,
but ME.
And would you believe, not even 10 minutes had passed, and I got nominated!

Soooo now I have to pour ice water on my head?

Meeeehhhhh.... I have mixed feelings on this whole water dumping shenan.
Maybe I can just donate some mula,
SPRINKLE some ice water on my head,
DRINK the remaining ice water from cup,
nominate a few,
then call it a day?

We'll see. 
I think I've got like 21 hours left to complete the challenge...

Aren't humans funny in the things we come up with that somehow spread like wildfire?
Remember planking? 
That was weird.


Let's be InstaFriends!


  1. Haha that planking. I ended up doing it (as you saw already) and donating too. I don't think you have to... none of the people I nominated did one. None. Nada. Hahaha...

  2. Just donate! California needs us to save the water :'(

    Hahah and I'm so glad planking isn't a thing anymore. Not as much, anyway...

  3. the ending to this post is priceless. and i was just thinking the same thing about not getting nominated for the challenge yet...but i'm slightly ok with it. since the who point is to raise money (and awareness i guess) for ALS, i won't judge you if you donate and enjoy a refreshing ice cold beverage :)

  4. i don't get nominated..but i think i will be fine..but i did enjoyed watching videos of some popular man or women got poured with ice water..and your man is so sweet!! those dahlias were such a beauties.

    xo josephine c.

  5. Well, technically the challenge is donate $10 and dump ice over your head or donate $100 and do NOT dump ice. (Some say it's donate nothing and dump the ice or donate anything and do NOT dump the ice). Basically, dumping the ice is supposed to be what you do to yourself instead of making a donation but a lot of people (esp celebrities) have been doing both the donation and the dump. So technically, if you donate, you do not have to do the ice dump (which is what I did because I'm not about to waste a bunch of water when we're in a drought and I'd rather donate anyway).

  6. Planking!! It was funny!! Nobody has nominated me for the challenge either! #rude

  7. Do people still plank? Is that still a thing? I hope not.

    Those flowers are beautiful. And how much do I hate you that even when you think you look "sickly", you still look way cuter than I do all done up. Womp wompppp.

    xo Denise

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