Monday, August 4, 2014

Goodbye Blue

My kitchen is in major disarray as of right now. But I must tell you that I am extremely happy to be rid of that not-quite-right blue we had for the last YEAR. I remember, after those long days and nights of painting when we first moved in, we vowed to never paint it again. But it's kind of like moving when every time I swear I'm going to hire movers the next time, but then somehow the next time comes and there I am packing and moving with my own two arms again, forgetting how horrid it was before. Anyway, a year passed and instead of moving to San Diego like we thought we might, we realized that we kind of fell hard for San Francisco and decided to stay another year. At least until after the wedding. Because really now, who wants to plan a wedding and try to move? Not me. So anyway, now that we'll be here another year, it was high time to get that kitchen right. And even with the ginormous mess painting makes, I am super duper excited with the color. We did it right this time. We actually got paint samples. Three of them! We primed. We sampled. We waited. We looked at it at night time. We looked at it at day time. Then we decided on the perfect color. And now, every time I walk into the kitchen, I smile. Because it's nice and open and light and lovely.

Just you wait. Once the paint dries and the mess is put away and I get the energy to bust out the real camera, you'll be in awe too. Give me like, a month, or something. ;)

Happy Monday!


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  1. Love it! Do you still have the lime green between the cabinets?

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