Friday, August 29, 2014

Hip Hip Hooray!

My Mother is on her way!

After FOUR years of living on the east coast, my Mom is headed back!

As of 7:30pm yesterday, she (along with her long-time lovah, Tim) is driving approximately 2,167 miles from Marietta, Georgia to Menifee, California!

Aren't you just highly impressed with my Photoshop skillz?
Except, after several hours of having the moving guys try to load up their moving truck,
they came to the conclusion that they would NEED ANOTHER TRUCK. (Because somehow 26 FEET was just not enough?!)

So, NOW, instead of both of them being able to drive together, they had to rent a SECOND truck (16ft) to lug all their crap stuff across the country.

Which, in my opinion, makes for a very boring road trip. Sorry guys.

But, alas, come Monday, they will finally be back in California. For good!

My grandparents and them have bought a house together, because after 8 children and 67 years of marriage and living in a mobile home, alone, they have decided that it's time to combine forces and live with family. So my Mama stepped in, and now they'll all be living together!

Here is my Grandma and Grandpa at their new home, waiting for my Mom to arrive.
Aren't they the cutest?
They've been SO excited about moving to the new house. :)

I told my mom on the phone that I thought that was VERY nice of her to get a house out here so she could take care of her parents. Not many people can (or want to for that matter) do that for their parents. 

So I ensured her that once she gets old and decrepit, I'll be sure to find the most TOP NOTCH nursing home for her!

I'm KIIIIIDDDINNNGGG. Love you mom ;)

Drive safe, you two! 

California is waiting for you, and we'll see you in a few weeks! Yippee!


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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What's the opposite of Bridezilla?

My future mother-in-law and I went shopping this past weekend, and after lunch, she asked if I wanted to peruse the Bloomingdales wedding department. So, I said, "Sure, why not?" Well, turns out they didn't have a wedding department, but they had a lot of fun, sparkly dresses.

The very happy and, dare I say, flamboyant, salesman came up to me and asked, with a quick peek at my left finger, "Ooohh, are you getting married??"

So I said, "Yep!"

Then he said, "Are you here looking for dresses for your bridesmaids?"

And with a shrug of my shoulders and a wave of my hand I said, "Eh, no. It's still 10 months away. I've got plenty of time."

This is when he laughed heartily. Like....a little too heartily.

And then he said, "Ooooh my GAWD, I just LOVE how calm you are!!"

So I smiled awkwardly... then began to slowly walk away.

Okay, so here's the thing.

I know that I booked our venue after only 2 weeks of being engaged. And to some, that was VERY quick. But I think the reason I did it so quickly was so that I could just chill out, enjoy the engagement, and not really worry about much else. Because believe you me, before this place was booked, I was having some major stress pains on trying to figure it out and Mishi did not like that. (I'm sounding very "solo" right now as if Verner did nothing to help, but trust me, he was there every step of the way, he just wasn't crazy psycho about it like I was for a hot minute.)

So anyway, now that it's done, I'm kind of like, okay cool. Dust my hands off, I'm basically done! Yahoooo! Now I can sit back, relax, and enjoy the engagement ride!

But oooohhhh wait. Almost every day, I get questions like:

"Well have you found your dress yet? You know it takes like 6-9 months to have it ready because of all the alterations."

"Have you picked a theme???"

"What's your color palette?"

"What song did you pick for your first dance!?!?!??!?!"


A) We're getting married on the BEACH in KAUAI. I don't think many flowers will be necessary when you're basically in paradise. So no, Mr. Florist, I do NOT want flower pieces and bows on each and every chair for my guests.

B) I have no problem admitting just how NON-crafty and creative I can be. So no, I will not be having a Southern Backyard BBQ theme complete with mason jars filled home homemade toffee (though that is very lovely, I just don't have the talent, or patience, to do it). And since when did themes become mandatory for every life event?

C) As far as my dress is concerned: I want something simple and not going to cost an arm and a leg, because let's be real here, I'm never going to wear it again and my daughter in 30 years will not want to either. As far as my bridesmaid's dresses are concerned: I gave them a color and said, "Have at it!" Because if you think about it, each of my friends have different personalities, which is what I love about them, so why would I want them all wearing the same thing?

It's not that I don't care, but it's like....I kinda don't care? Does that make me a horrible bride? What I DO care about is marrying my best friend on the beach. Everything else is secondary...tertiary...non-existent. There will be good food, good music, good drinks, good people, good dancing. And to me, that's all that matters. Because, "Remember the beautiful floral arrangements that were placed on the ends of each aisle?" said NO ONE.

Over and Out,

Monday, August 25, 2014

We survived the quake. But more importantly...

^^^ It's like I just knew something monstrous was coming over San Francisco... ^^^


I hereby declare that just a mere 8 hours before it happened,
I looked to The Dizzle as we were driving to our date night destination Saturday evening, and said:

"The only way this crazy, insane San Francisco housing market is going to come down again
is if there's a GINORMOUS and CATASTROPHIC earthquake!"


Fast forward to 3:20am and our little studio of a home was quite literally swaying.
Both Verner and I shot up in bed!
My heart was pounding something fierce!
The rocking felt like it was never letting up.
I had a passing thought on if we should be headed towards a doorway or something,
but instead just clutched my man's arm hard.

And then... it was over, and back to sleep we went.
Almost as if it never happened.
Turns out a giant 6.1 quake happened up near Napa.

But more importantly,
do you see the bigger picture here??

I meeeaaannnn, I don't want to say I'm influential or clairvoyant or anything like that,
but ummm, hellooooo.
It's not like I just talk about earthquakes on the reg!
I know I'm in California and all, but quakes don't happen that often.
So on THE DAY when I mention an EARTHQUAKE.
Wellllll, shoot. You do the math.

I mean, was it ginormous enough that our house fell off into the Pacific Ocean
and the housing market came down?
No.... but.

Okay fiiiine, I'm stretching it.

I guess I won't be quitting my day job to become the next Madam Mish.


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Friday, August 22, 2014

Hot Messes and Planking

I've been in bed all day.
No, I'm not sick. 
Though that picture would say otherwise, I suppose.
I've just been in bed, working.
Because somehow working in bed tricks myself into thinking I'm not actually working, 
and instead I'm just lounging all day.
And really, who wouldn't want your days filled with lounging?

Anyway, my sweet, sweet man walked in with these.
Something about my hot mess of an appearance really turned him on today, I guess.
After oohing and ahhing, I asked him what type of flowers they were because I had never seen such beauties before!

He replied, "I forget. Something to do with San Francisco? And maybe starts with a D?"

Fortunately Google exists and I found out they are dahlias!
And guess what? Today I have discovered that I love dahlias!
If I were participating in that 100 Happy Days thing, this would be the moment of the day.

Speaking of participating.
I was just telling Verner this morning that it appears I have no friends,
because everyone and their mother has been nominated for the #ALSIceBucketChallege,
but ME.
And would you believe, not even 10 minutes had passed, and I got nominated!

Soooo now I have to pour ice water on my head?

Meeeehhhhh.... I have mixed feelings on this whole water dumping shenan.
Maybe I can just donate some mula,
SPRINKLE some ice water on my head,
DRINK the remaining ice water from cup,
nominate a few,
then call it a day?

We'll see. 
I think I've got like 21 hours left to complete the challenge...

Aren't humans funny in the things we come up with that somehow spread like wildfire?
Remember planking? 
That was weird.


Let's be InstaFriends!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Today, I play Nurse.

V Dizzle recently joined himself a little flag football league.
I think they call themselves Athletic Ricky and The Flabby Boys? 
or something equally....odd.
Anyway, it's been an interesting few weeks so far.

The Dizz was deemed Quarterback.
And many have asked me, "Oh, did he play a lot of football in high school?"
And my answer to that is: No, no he did not.
He was a Track Star...(lest we not forget this incident.)


The QuarterDizzle takes his role very seriously.
And each week, he pumps himself up. Eats a hearty breakfast. And is determined to win.
The first game, he and his other fellow 30-something-year-olds lost horribly 
(i'm sorry sweetheart, but it's true).
The second game they came back triumphantly and won!
The third game they lost even more horribly (i'm sorry again, honey, you did great).

Yesterday's game was their 4th game.

I, and a few other fellow gals, went to show our support.
We. Were. Ready.

The first half... well.

But the second half, things started to pick up!
The team was really comin' together and making some great plays!

And then.

Then, I saw Verner do this:

And I thought he was just upset about a missed pass or something.
So at first I was like, get up yo! Grab. That. Flag!
Buuutttttt, turns out, my man is not that emotionally dramatic.
And instead, something was quite wrong.

The QuarterDizzle pulled something.
In the groinage area.

So bad that he had to sit the rest of the game out 
with an ice pack close by.

And so bad that by the time we went to bed last night,
he was hobbling like a 90-year-old
and I had to physically try and use my 126 pound body to LIFT his 215 pound body up into the bed because he couldn't move his legs at all to get up.

Yes, it was as awkward as it sounds.

Good thing I've been working out and shiz.
Piece of cake. Ha. #notreally


This morning, things aren't looking any better.
I had to back out of a little girls trip up to the wineries because I'm just SO loving and have decided to stay home to take care of my man! #wifeytraining ;)

Get well soon, QuarterDizzle. 
Athletic Ricky and The Flabby Boys need you!


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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I lack major creativity in the kitchen.

There once was a time when I loathed cooking. 

Okay, fine... Maybe "loathe" is too strong of a word. And maybe it was more just about not knowing how to cook anything other than Top Ramen or spaghetti (and even spaghetti was stretching it). So I just said I hated it and in turn, never did it.

But then I met Verner, and well, something oddly domestic sprouted up inside of me. I suddenly had this urge to cook things for him. Perhaps deep down (or not so deep down?) I madly wanted to make this man my husband so I had to show him what a great housewife I could be? Who knows. But basically, my newfound joy for cooking began to grow.

When we were first dating, we took turns every week to pick a recipe and cook it for the other person. So I got real good at Googling new recipes.

Three years later, I'm STILL Googling recipes.

As in....I can't cook anything without said recipe.

My friend Mo has some sort of wizardry skill because when she cooks? She doesn't use ANY recipe. She'll throw a dash of this and a dash of that, and voila! Meal is prepared and it's amazing.


Well, see for yourself:

After months of running back and forth from my kitchen to my laptop in order to see how much I needed of one ingredient, I got "creative" and now prop my Intel Tablet up so I can read the recipe right from the screen!

But like.....Every. Time.

This particular picture was from when I made Chicken Parm the other night. Which, in my defense, I had never tried making before, so it's only natural I needed to know every step of the recipe! But...not-so-in-my-defense, even when I've made the meal before, I still somehow need the recipe in front of me.

Maybe I'm just not confident with my cooking skills? Perhaps I feel like, even though it's been a few years now, I'm still trying to get the hang of it? So I need to make sure I don't miss a thing and ruin it? (Tell me I'm not the only kitchen degenerate...)

But hey, that's what recipes are for right? For people like me who lack all creativity and originality in the kitchen!

The only thing I'm missing now is a fancy kitchen prop for my Tablet! (Cough, Verner, Cough)




#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between my site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing me w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Are you a name changer?

I was just thinking about this today that this is the very last year I'll be a "single person." This is the last year I check that "single" box on every form I fill out. This is the last year I file my taxes as a single person. This is the last year I'm known as "Michelle Lim."

Come next year, I will forever be a unit. A "we." An '"us." My name will legally be changed to Michelle Dixon. Isn't that kind of crazy? For 28 years I've lived as Michelle Lim and then boom! just like that, a new name. A new signature. A new title.

It may sound like I'm having a freak-out moment. But I assure you, it's more like a "whoooaaa" moment, to which I am having with the utmost excitement. ;)

I've never hesitated in my decision to want to change my last name when I get married. (Just look at all of my old journals. With ever single crush I've ever had, I can guarantee you I've written my name, an embarrassing amount of times, with their last name to see what it looked like.)

But with that said, I know a lot of women have a strong sense of....what's a good word....independence? individuality? self? and they hold strong to wanting to keep their OWN last name (or maybe their husband's last name is "Buttkiss" and they just really don't want that associated with them?).

And some women like a good hyphen. (Something about 'Michelle Lim-Dixon' just doesn't sound right to me...)

And SOMETIMES, if we're being REAL "extreme" here, women have the husband take their last name.

Saving Silverman, anyone?

"Verner Lim." <------Haaaa. No.

Anyway, even though I personally have no want to keep my current last name and I'm more than happy to take Verner's last name, at the end of the day, I really don't think it matters what name you have. Am I right or am I right? I'm still going to be me. I'm still going to live my life with the same 28 years of experience behind me. I'll just go on with a new last name. One that makes me excited to say. (And yes, even with 11 months to go, I've been practicing what my new signature will look like. Obvi.)

So what about you? Did you change your last name? Was it hard to "give up" your maiden name? Or did you keep your last name? OR hey...can someone please tell me if your husband took your name? That'd be a great story to hear. ;)

Do tell!


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Monday, August 4, 2014

Goodbye Blue

My kitchen is in major disarray as of right now. But I must tell you that I am extremely happy to be rid of that not-quite-right blue we had for the last YEAR. I remember, after those long days and nights of painting when we first moved in, we vowed to never paint it again. But it's kind of like moving when every time I swear I'm going to hire movers the next time, but then somehow the next time comes and there I am packing and moving with my own two arms again, forgetting how horrid it was before. Anyway, a year passed and instead of moving to San Diego like we thought we might, we realized that we kind of fell hard for San Francisco and decided to stay another year. At least until after the wedding. Because really now, who wants to plan a wedding and try to move? Not me. So anyway, now that we'll be here another year, it was high time to get that kitchen right. And even with the ginormous mess painting makes, I am super duper excited with the color. We did it right this time. We actually got paint samples. Three of them! We primed. We sampled. We waited. We looked at it at night time. We looked at it at day time. Then we decided on the perfect color. And now, every time I walk into the kitchen, I smile. Because it's nice and open and light and lovely.

Just you wait. Once the paint dries and the mess is put away and I get the energy to bust out the real camera, you'll be in awe too. Give me like, a month, or something. ;)

Happy Monday!


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