Sunday, July 13, 2014

Prepare for a lot of high-pitched screaming

As if the actual proposal wasn't a surprise enough, because believe you me, it was, Verner had ANOTHER thing planned! (I tell ya, this guy....)

Now that it's all been played out, I have been privy to all the little secrets and details that were kept from me for MONTHS (which is kind of the best hearing how it all came together, right?).

The plan was this (from the eyes of Verner):

1. Tell Michelle she won't be getting engaged for our 3 year anniversary in Mexico.
2. Wake Michelle up at 6:30am on the day of our anniversary, because you'll be wide awake since 3am impatiently waiting for this moment to finally happen after 3 months of planning, and tell her you have a surprise for her outside that begins at 7am.
3. Let her believe that the surprise is horseback riding on the beach.
4. Nervously fiddle with the camera for awhile while looking up and down the beach for a good spot to do it.
5. Tell her how much you love her, get down on one knee, pull out the floss box that you've been nervously  hiding the ring in since you got there and ask her to marry you.
6. Get engaged and revel in the bliss for 5 more days in Mexico.
7. After Cabo, hop on flight to San Diego where Michelle thinks we're only there to meet her (soon to be "our") baby nephew.
8. Let Michelle miraculously plan an evening to go to J Bar for drinks which is precisely the place I have told all friends and family to be there waiting, unbeknownst to her.
9. Get her in the elevator that takes us up to the very rooftop where we first met 3 years ago and say, right before the doors open, "Honey........People love you."

(I'm about to cry again just writing this)

When the elevator doors opened, the first thing I saw was Verner's family. I couldn't even comprehend who else was there. The part where I turned around to the elevator was the moment I saw my best friend/old roommate Jen (who I hadn't seen since BEFORE we went world traveling a year and a half ago) and began the ugly crying. Then as I got closer I realized more and more friends were there and it was so amazing and overwhelming. The last big "OHMYGOD!" was when I saw Mo and Justin who had flown down from San Francisco to be there.

Everyone had been planning this since APRIL! Can you believe it? I'm so shocked. I was literally shaking when I was hugging everyone.

Verner's Mom was so amazing and rented out one of the poolside cabanas with champagne and drinks galore.

Then, when everyone was settled, Verner made this tear-jerker of a speech that made me lose it all over again. He told everyone how much he loved me and that the minute he put the ring on, he felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility and accountability and it's like he woke up from a dream and finally felt alive. He said how happy and blessed he felt to be with me and how excited he was for this journey. (I mean hellllloooooooo.......CUE THE WATERWORKS, right?!)

Anyway, I didn't take a SINGLE photo, can you believe it?! Me? Who's Instagram Queen didn't take ONE picture! I was just so in the moment and relishing every minute with these amazing people that I love. Having everyone in one place at the same time is so great, isn't it? I can only imagine this is what the actual wedding will feel like.

Speaking of weddings, I kind of always hated when blogs turned into wedding talk or baby talk ALL. THE. TIME. But guess what? Sucks for youuuuu because I have a feeling I am soooo gonna be that girl. I just can't help it! I'm so effing excited! I'm getting married! I'm engaged! WHAT?! Insanity. True insanity.

Again, thank you all so much for being so kind and loving and showering us with your congratulations and well wishes. It's such a great feeling and I'm so overwhelmed with the love!


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  1. Keep making me cry with these videos!! My bf threw me a surprise going away party last summer when I moved from NYC back to Florida and I thought I was just going to meet some girlfriends at the bar for drinks (I was not dressed for a surprise party!!) and when I walked out the back door everyone from my life in NYC was there and yelled surprise and I looked at my friend and was like, "who is this for?!" I was so confused and it was so nice and the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done! Sooo I just made this comment totally about me but the point is - you got a good one! And I, for one, can't wait to hear all about the wedding planning!

  2. This is so sweet! What a romantic guy that Verner is!

  3. That is amazing! What a guy!

  4. Ahhh! I can't handle this. You guys are too cute xxx

  5. Aw, gosh. I just love this. I love how he said, People love you! And that he just desired, in all that, for you to feel so very loved! It speaks so much about the kind of man V is, before he even started saying all that awesome stuff!! You guys are both just amazing people. I'm so encouraged by your love and just who you guys are. Sounds silly, since I don't really know you guys, but since following your blog I've praised God often for you two. Its just so encouraging to see two people, who are honest and real, and full of life and love. I know those around you guys, and your future kiddos, will be so blessed by your marriage and love for one another! And, sister, bring on the wedding talk! I can't wait to read all your ideas/excitement!

  6. that is so awesome, congratulations again

  7. Amazing! Congratulations again! This guy is a keeper! You knew that a long time ago though lol

  8. how friggen thoughtful is this guy?! I mean really. adorable.

  9. I'm so stinkin excited for you!! Bring on the wedding talk! I can't wait to hear what you've got planned.

    Oh and Verner...what an amazing sweet guy you've snagged! He's DAMN good at keeping a secret! Haha 3 months?! DANG!

    xo Denise

  10. He did good. Like so so good. I love that he had this planned for months and hid it from you! Too sweet

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