Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pinterest wedding planning is a lot easier than real wedding planning.

I gotta tell ya, I'm not quite sure I'm cut out for this whole wedding planning thing. It's only been 13 days, 13 DAYS, since getting engaged and I'm already feeling this ginormous sense of overwhelming..........stress? How come no one tells you planning a wedding is this stressful? And I'm not even quite sure WHAT I'm stressed about, really.

We've known for a long time that we wanted a beach wedding. My Pinterest Board has the many Pins to prove it. But it's a whole lot easier clicking a button to create this dream wedding on the computer than trying to make that a reality.

In just 13 days we went from one side of the pendulum to the other. It started out a little something like this:

1. San Diego Beach Wedding: 140 on the invite list.
2. Holy eff, it's HOW MUCH for ONE DAY costing HOW MUCH per person?
3. San Diego Beach Wedding: 100 on the list. Sorry Uncle Rico. Just kidding. I don't have an Uncle Rico. But sorry.
4. Wait, wait, wait....why is this still so much money. For ONE day. ONE DAY?!
5. My stomach hurts.
6. Hey, how about a destination wedding?
8. We love Thailand.
9. Thailand is too far. And too much to ask of our families (with small babies) to travel allll that way.
10. How about Kauai? On the beach, saying our vows, and a party with our family and friends after?
11. YES. YES. YES. DOUBLE THAT. (Thanks, Boo)
12. Okay. Kauai. Beach. Grand Hyatt. Gorgeous. 75 people.
13. Scratch that. 60 people.
14. Scratch that. 50 people.
15. Scratch that. 40 people.

I kid you not, people, this is so difficult!

But we both share a vision of our closest family and friends there with us on this beautiful beach in Kauai. If I could invite the world, I would. But I can't. And maybe that's what is stressing me out? Not being able to include everyone?

But this is what I need to remember:

This day is about me and Verner. Us. Getting married. Him and me. No one else. I am marrying my best friend. We're getting married!

When I remind myself of that simple and wonderful fact, I can literally feel the stomach knots dissipate. And that's how I know what this should be about. I really shouldn't stress the small things. I need to remember the big picture and what is the most important: Him. Us. Getting married.

Grand Hyatt - Kauai - Keoneloa Bay

Annnddd that feeling lasts for about 5 minutes before I start stressing about something else.

I seriously need to get it together.

I think we're calling tomorrow to put the deposit down and lock July 3rd, 2015 DOWN!!! (Free fireworks show, baby.) Then perhaps, once that's done, all the other details will just fall into place and I can breathe a little? Yes? Please? Maybe? Bueller?


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  1. It IS stressful and you always worry that someone will feel left out. You can always have your small wedding on the beach and a big ol party somewhere else later on and invite all the friends. We had out friends post wedding party the weekend after the wedding at our house. Hired an 80's band-per Their request and invited tons of people. It was awesome and nobody felt bad for not being at the wedding :)

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  2. Destination wedding is no joke. But why not vacay and celebrate at the same time. So far in our dream discussion, Bali is still in the book. We reaaaalllyyy want to do 75 ppl, but must discuss this guest list. I hate thinking about the guest list. Urgh. I like planning. But not wedding planning. Pinterest planning is a lot funner.

  3. Yes for Kauai, it's so beautiful!! There are a lot of nice, small secluded and romantic beaches as well. Congrats once more, yay!

  4. Oh god, people who tell you wedding planning is fun are on drugs. We live in Hawaii and have been planning our PA wedding for 18 months. We are about a month out now and I still want to pull my hair out. Hire a wedding planner to do all the annoying shit or elope and have a huge party afterward!

  5. I went through the same thing with my Husband before we decided to just get married before our engagement party. We had our immediate family and a couple of friends at the ceremony (which was at home), then surprised everyone else at the 'engagement party' with a 'hey, we're actually married'.

    Honestly, it was so low fuss and fun! After the party (ended at 6pm) a bunch of friends came along to karaoke which was so fun and so random! andddd....the wedding didn't cost a bomb!

    Good luck with the planning!

  6. I can only imagine how stressful it is, but that beach wedding looks and sounds ah-mazing!!!! I'm sure everything will fall into place for your wonderful day, good luck with the planning and just remember to enjoy every part of being engaged!

  7. How exciting! The stress of planning a wedding is why we didn't have a big one haha. We got married at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel with 13 people there. It was perfect for us and all that matters is that you two are getting married! :-)

  8. Good luck! I'd suggest hiring a wedding planner - my best pal hired one (she's in LA) and flew them to Mexico for the whole shebang. It was sooo nice having them run interference and dealing with the ineveitable drama, and allowed Stacey and Glen to have an amazing trip! Worth the $$$! Also, don't skimp on photography/videography. Just don't.

  9. Yes! Kauai! We just went in March and it was fabulous!

  10. We almost booked July 3rd as our wedding date as well since there would be fireworks. I think that is a great idea! We opted for a different date but part of me still wants the fireworks!

  11. My friend had a destination wedding. They were the only 2 there. She had it filmed and then had a huge party/reception when she came back and everyone ate while they watched the wedding.

  12. Ha!! We're going to be in Kauai that week next year!! I totally understand if you can't invite me though. When you got the darn budget to worry about unfortunately you can't have it all but ideally what you can have is enough.

  13. Try planning a wedding for 150 people in four months! It's nuts!

    Most of the time I am fine, but I've had a couple break downs. There's always something little that you didn't think about comes up as you get closer to the wedding date. Hopefully at a resort like that they have nice packages for you so you don't have to think about it all by yourself!

    Kauai is beautiful! The BF (now fiance, almost husband) and I went there a few days ago. The Kauai Beach Resort (right by the airport) was amazing and VERY reasonably priced!

  14. Fun! My sister got married in Kauai in May. It was WONDERFUL!

  15. Another place to consider is Isla Mujeres, a small island off the coast of Cancun (but nothing like Cancun!). It's only about 5 miles long and has one of the best beaches with calm crystal blue water and a great laid back atmosphere. Plus it's not crowded with tourists. In fact we felt like we had the run of the island and everyone travels around in golf carts. We had our wedding there (our anniversary is also July 3) and to this day, everyone still talks about how much fun they had. It was much cheaper than having it in the states and we had about 50 guests.

  16. I feel like a destination wedding is perfect for you guys. I am sure no matter where it is it will be beautiful and fun and full of love :)

  17. Just in case you haven't put down the deposit already... I just went to a weeding this weekend (in SD, at the beach)... There is a place in La Jolla called "The Wedding Bowl" and then a reception hall just up the street. (Here is the wedding I went to:
    Just throwing it out there in case it helps! :-)
    Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will be wonderful!! Congrats!

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