Thursday, July 17, 2014

Can we talk about Mexico though?

I feel like I shouldn't even write this post because I have no room to complain after the greatness that just happened to me. BUT, well. We keep things honest around here, don't we?

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it.

Cabo? A week at that all-inclusive resort? The trip that I had been waiting 6 months for? Yeah, well, it kind of sucked. Like, big time.

Let's just take the whole engagement/proposal out of the picture (because honestly, that was the one and only highlight of the whole trip), and take a look at why this trip was shitty. And I kind of mean that literally. (Oh yes, I'm gonna go there.)

Okay. So.

We landed at the Los Cabos International Airport. And prior to this, we had been warned by THREE different people to not let anyone stop you in the airport. You have to go through THREE different sliding glass doors to get outside to the REAL taxi/shuttle area. But any sooner than that, you're not supposed to let anyone stop you and say they can help because they will ONLY be trying to sell you something.

I was determined and ready! Three sliding doors it is. We sooo got this.

So the minute we landed, we grabbed our backpacks and started heading to the exit.

We got through the first sliding glass doors and were greeted by about 10 different guys all trying to grab our attention, "Do you need a taxi?" "Are you looking for a shuttle?" "Hey, I can help you here!"

But we paid NO attention and went straight through the 2nd glass doors. Ah-ha! You can't fool me, Mexico!

After going through the 2nd glass doors, I could see the third glass doors just a mere 30 feet from me. We were almost to freedom! I was determined to get through them!

And then a man said, "Hi! I can help you!"

So I said, "No, thank you! I'm headed to the 3rd glass doors!"

Man: "Well, wait, this is a new terminal. You have to go this way!"

That got my attention.

"Wait, what?" I asked, slowing down.... (big mistake.)

"What company are you meeting?" He asked.

"Our shuttle is with My Cabo Experience," I said (which, btw, I DO recommend using them because it's way cheaper than any other taxi or shuttle I found: Only $12.50/person to take you to your hotel).


So HE said, "Yeah, yeah, that's with this guy over here," and he pointed at the counter to a guy.

So I was thinking, Oh! Okay. I didn't know they changed the terminals around. I guess we meet our shuttle guy at the counter! And NOT outside where all the other taxis and shuttles are.

(palm to face.)

Anyyyywayyyyyy.... despite the three warnings. I got suckered in. We then spent the next 20 minutes listening to this timeshare spiel from a guy we THOUGHT was with our shuttle company, when in fact, no. No he was not.

Friends....learn from my mistake.

Good thing there's a bar at the airport....V Dizz needed himself a cerveza after that frustration.

Okay, so whatever, that part wasn't that bad. 20 minute mistake. No biggie.

Here's where it starts to go downhill.

Here's our resort:

Here's the pool/bar area:

And here's this guy, which really has nothing to do with anything, but he was there the whole week we were and he reminded me of John Locke from Lost, and well....we all know how much I love Lost:

Moving on.

The pictures don't look that bad, right? It's right on the beach. There's a bar at the pool. What more could you ask for, yes?


What you DON'T see is how run-down this place actually is and how "in the middle of nowhere" it is.
What you DON'T see is how mediocre the food is (as in, I'd MUCH rather eat Taco Bell than this food you're serving) and how watered down and sugary the drinks are.
What you DON'T see is how the beach is a NO-SWIM zone and there isn't a safe swim zone for miles around.

And here's the kicker:

What you DON'T see is how I spent the entire week going to and from the bathroom because something had to come out, one way or another.... one end or the other.

Oh yes. That happened.

But even still, it's not like Verner and I haven't had our fair share of run-down hotels. So I was trying not to let that be a big deal. But I think I just built it up in my head to be this fabulous, amazing, authentic Mexican food, experience.....and it just wasn't. At all. It was also like a bazillion degrees out and the hotel didn't have air conditioning anywhere else but the room. So trying to hang out anywhere besides directly IN the pool was a tad difficult.

Again, I feel guilty complaining about this. Like Boo Hoo, Michelle. You spent a week in Cabo at an all-inclusive resort and got engaged. Shut the hell up. I know, I know, I get that. I really do. But I mean, you asked.... Oh wait, you didn't.

But in my DEFENSE, you could be at a 10 MILLION Star resort in FIJI, but if you're pooping and puking, multiple times a day, I'm prreeeetttyyy sure you wouldn't have the fondest of memories either.

We did get to see a wet t-shirt contest, though. So there's that.


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  1. Ugh! Did you check them out on Trip Advisor? That's the first thing I do. I like getting good deals but If I'm gonna pay I want things to be right and I'd rather pay more to get it. I almost had a heart attack about our all inclusive fee but when it came down to it the resort was 1st class the food was good so it was worth the near coronary. Oh well. No matter what; you have the engagement story (and the guy!!) and you got away for a week. I hope there is some other fun stuff in there as well.

  2. That's too bad. What hotel did you stay at?

    1. It was called Posada Real and it was located in San Jose Del Cabo (about 20 min East of Cabo San Lucas). If we were to do it again, I'd probably stay in Cabo San Lucas as there is a lot more to do there and you won't have to take a 25 minute bus ride back and forth!

  3. Oh I feel you. Last month my husband & I took a week long Alaskan cruise (something we did before and enjoyed) and it wasn't so fun..the food was not good & I ended up with food poisoning for the first time in my life. I felt like my last name could be Murphy because if something could go wrong it would.

  4. I spent the last half of our honey moon in the bathroom too. They told us that the water in our resort was flown in blah blah "same as bottled" but I can't think of anything else that would have made me so sick. The good news was that I lost some weight ;)

  5. We learned last year that the all inclusive thing isn't for us. We weren't quite as far from downtown, but still a $10 cab ride which was a hassle. We stayed at the Rio Sante Fe, the rooms and everything were fine. But the food was so terrible, and the drinks even worse. Totally gross beer, only on tap, and tasted watered down. The mixed drinks weren't even worth it, basically just syrup. We ended up renting a car one day to travel up to Totos Santos and smaller beach towns. Then went into town the other days for most meals & activities. We will definitely stay at a smaller resort or a condo with a kitchen if we go back! So I can totally relate to your experience. Sorry you got sick, but at least you got a fiance out of the trip ;-)

  6. To be honest, most of my all-inclusive Mexican resort vacations have sort of been similar. They're cheap and easy but these days, at least for me, not entirely worth it. I'd rather shell out more money, not have all inclusive and have real (i.e. not sugar syrup) cocktails and good food that doesn't send me running to the bathroom.

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