Tuesday, July 22, 2014


July 22, 2011 (3 years ago, in case you couldn't calculate that):

"Turning 25, all depressing jokes aside, is actually quite exciting to me.
I'm eager to see what this next year has in store for me.
Will I still be at the same job next year?
Or will I have a quarter life crisis and become a stripper?
Will I still live in San Diego next year?
Or will I finally travel the world like I've been wanting?
Will I be in a relationship next year?
Or will I forever dedicate myself to a nunnery?

Who knows.
But I'm excited to find out."

^^^Little 25 year old Michelle in her ho-bag, "I'm single", clubbin' dress...^^^


Tomorrow, I turn 28. 

In fact, this morning over breakfast, Verner said to me, 

"Did you know that today is the very last day you will ever be 27?"

Well I'll be. 

Would you believe that I kind of completely forgot it's my birthday tomorrow?

So many exciting things have been happening lately that my birthday seems quite insignificant, if you ask me. Plus, you know, 27/28? What's the diff really? Not a whole lot, in my opinion.

But I will say - - I kind of love looking back at that 25 year old girl and reading the questions she asked. Because little did she know just how much her world was about to change. I had met Verner, but we had only been on maybe one or two dates at that time. 

It's so great to see how fulfilling my life has become since meeting him. How, because of him, my biggest and greatest dreams have been/are being/will be fulfilled. (I know, cue the sap). But seriously. It's amazing to me.

I'm just so thankful for this journey called life. But more importantly, I'm so thankful for this journey with an incredible person to do it with.

I got a birthday card from my mom today and she wrote, 

"This time next year, you'll be a married woman!" 

Holla! ;)

Here's to a great 28th year, eh?


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  1. Love this! This is your year, you crazy ho. :)

  2. We have the same birthday?! Hahah, happy almost birthday! I hope it's great - but it seems everything's been going great for you lately, so why wouldn't it be? ;)

    1. Hey, happy almost birthday to you too!!!! LEO'S RULE! ;)

  3. Love you so much!!! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart :)

  4. you guys!!! happy birthday :)

  5. Hope year 28 is your best yet :)

  6. Cheers to this being the best year yet! xo

  7. Happy belated birthday! you two are so cute. hope your day was great

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