Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Late nights, long talks, and paint seshes.

Last night was one of those unexpected late nights.

Verner and I were in bed, winding down, getting ready to sleep (well, he was getting ready to sleep), which then of course prompted me to start up a lengthy conversation with him.

Funny how that happens.

I was in one of those moods where I just needed to talk. I needed to talk about my worries. I needed to talk about my stresses. I needed to ask questions that I didn't really need to hear answers to. I just needed a set of ears, you know?

And sometimes, because he's a man and that's what men do, he wants to fix these worries and stresses by devising a plan to make it all better. But last night? Somehow he just knew to stay silent and listen. He just let me talk....and talk, and talk.

And then, just like that, things felt whole again. Without anything really changing at all but the mere fact that I was heard.

So then, after a nice hug-sesh, I looked at our kitchen (because from our BED, it's a mere 5 feet away) and said I hated the color. (Okay, hate is a strong word, so we'll say "strongly dislike".) And, as if he somehow knew right then was the moment to be a "Fixer of a Man", up out of bed he got, whipped out some leftover paint samples we had, and started painting. And so begins our new kitchen project...

And if you're wondering if I got up to help, I DID. For about 5 minutes. Then it was back to bed for me so I could give my much needed and professional advice on if the color looked okay from a distance. Obvi.

Then, when it was well past midnight and I should have been in a deep sleep, I instead laid there, wide awake, and discovered about 100 new people to follow on Instagram.

Just makin' the most of my time, people, what can I say.



Tuesday, July 22, 2014


July 22, 2011 (3 years ago, in case you couldn't calculate that):

"Turning 25, all depressing jokes aside, is actually quite exciting to me.
I'm eager to see what this next year has in store for me.
Will I still be at the same job next year?
Or will I have a quarter life crisis and become a stripper?
Will I still live in San Diego next year?
Or will I finally travel the world like I've been wanting?
Will I be in a relationship next year?
Or will I forever dedicate myself to a nunnery?

Who knows.
But I'm excited to find out."

^^^Little 25 year old Michelle in her ho-bag, "I'm single", clubbin' dress...^^^


Tomorrow, I turn 28. 

In fact, this morning over breakfast, Verner said to me, 

"Did you know that today is the very last day you will ever be 27?"

Well I'll be. 

Would you believe that I kind of completely forgot it's my birthday tomorrow?

So many exciting things have been happening lately that my birthday seems quite insignificant, if you ask me. Plus, you know, 27/28? What's the diff really? Not a whole lot, in my opinion.

But I will say - - I kind of love looking back at that 25 year old girl and reading the questions she asked. Because little did she know just how much her world was about to change. I had met Verner, but we had only been on maybe one or two dates at that time. 

It's so great to see how fulfilling my life has become since meeting him. How, because of him, my biggest and greatest dreams have been/are being/will be fulfilled. (I know, cue the sap). But seriously. It's amazing to me.

I'm just so thankful for this journey called life. But more importantly, I'm so thankful for this journey with an incredible person to do it with.

I got a birthday card from my mom today and she wrote, 

"This time next year, you'll be a married woman!" 

Holla! ;)

Here's to a great 28th year, eh?


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Monday, July 21, 2014

Can't stop. Won't stop.

Can't stop watching this:


Can't stop listening to this:



Two very different things.
Both equally amazing.

Mishi, over and out.

(Off to attempt this fried chicken recipe
If you're lucky, I'll post it on Instagram (because that's what a good blogger does.) 
Wish me luck.)


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Can we talk about Mexico though?

I feel like I shouldn't even write this post because I have no room to complain after the greatness that just happened to me. BUT, well. We keep things honest around here, don't we?

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it.

Cabo? A week at that all-inclusive resort? The trip that I had been waiting 6 months for? Yeah, well, it kind of sucked. Like, big time.

Let's just take the whole engagement/proposal out of the picture (because honestly, that was the one and only highlight of the whole trip), and take a look at why this trip was shitty. And I kind of mean that literally. (Oh yes, I'm gonna go there.)

Okay. So.

We landed at the Los Cabos International Airport. And prior to this, we had been warned by THREE different people to not let anyone stop you in the airport. You have to go through THREE different sliding glass doors to get outside to the REAL taxi/shuttle area. But any sooner than that, you're not supposed to let anyone stop you and say they can help because they will ONLY be trying to sell you something.

I was determined and ready! Three sliding doors it is. We sooo got this.

So the minute we landed, we grabbed our backpacks and started heading to the exit.

We got through the first sliding glass doors and were greeted by about 10 different guys all trying to grab our attention, "Do you need a taxi?" "Are you looking for a shuttle?" "Hey, I can help you here!"

But we paid NO attention and went straight through the 2nd glass doors. Ah-ha! You can't fool me, Mexico!

After going through the 2nd glass doors, I could see the third glass doors just a mere 30 feet from me. We were almost to freedom! I was determined to get through them!

And then a man said, "Hi! I can help you!"

So I said, "No, thank you! I'm headed to the 3rd glass doors!"

Man: "Well, wait, this is a new terminal. You have to go this way!"

That got my attention.

"Wait, what?" I asked, slowing down.... (big mistake.)

"What company are you meeting?" He asked.

"Our shuttle is with My Cabo Experience," I said (which, btw, I DO recommend using them because it's way cheaper than any other taxi or shuttle I found: Only $12.50/person to take you to your hotel).


So HE said, "Yeah, yeah, that's with this guy over here," and he pointed at the counter to a guy.

So I was thinking, Oh! Okay. I didn't know they changed the terminals around. I guess we meet our shuttle guy at the counter! And NOT outside where all the other taxis and shuttles are.

(palm to face.)

Anyyyywayyyyyy.... despite the three warnings. I got suckered in. We then spent the next 20 minutes listening to this timeshare spiel from a guy we THOUGHT was with our shuttle company, when in fact, no. No he was not.

Friends....learn from my mistake.

Good thing there's a bar at the airport....V Dizz needed himself a cerveza after that frustration.

Okay, so whatever, that part wasn't that bad. 20 minute mistake. No biggie.

Here's where it starts to go downhill.

Here's our resort:

Here's the pool/bar area:

And here's this guy, which really has nothing to do with anything, but he was there the whole week we were and he reminded me of John Locke from Lost, and well....we all know how much I love Lost:

Moving on.

The pictures don't look that bad, right? It's right on the beach. There's a bar at the pool. What more could you ask for, yes?


What you DON'T see is how run-down this place actually is and how "in the middle of nowhere" it is.
What you DON'T see is how mediocre the food is (as in, I'd MUCH rather eat Taco Bell than this food you're serving) and how watered down and sugary the drinks are.
What you DON'T see is how the beach is a NO-SWIM zone and there isn't a safe swim zone for miles around.

And here's the kicker:

What you DON'T see is how I spent the entire week going to and from the bathroom because something had to come out, one way or another.... one end or the other.

Oh yes. That happened.

But even still, it's not like Verner and I haven't had our fair share of run-down hotels. So I was trying not to let that be a big deal. But I think I just built it up in my head to be this fabulous, amazing, authentic Mexican food, experience.....and it just wasn't. At all. It was also like a bazillion degrees out and the hotel didn't have air conditioning anywhere else but the room. So trying to hang out anywhere besides directly IN the pool was a tad difficult.

Again, I feel guilty complaining about this. Like Boo Hoo, Michelle. You spent a week in Cabo at an all-inclusive resort and got engaged. Shut the hell up. I know, I know, I get that. I really do. But I mean, you asked.... Oh wait, you didn't.

But in my DEFENSE, you could be at a 10 MILLION Star resort in FIJI, but if you're pooping and puking every.day, multiple times a day, I'm prreeeetttyyy sure you wouldn't have the fondest of memories either.

We did get to see a wet t-shirt contest, though. So there's that.


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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pinterest wedding planning is a lot easier than real wedding planning.

I gotta tell ya, I'm not quite sure I'm cut out for this whole wedding planning thing. It's only been 13 days, 13 DAYS, since getting engaged and I'm already feeling this ginormous sense of overwhelming..........stress? How come no one tells you planning a wedding is this stressful? And I'm not even quite sure WHAT I'm stressed about, really.

We've known for a long time that we wanted a beach wedding. My Pinterest Board has the many Pins to prove it. But it's a whole lot easier clicking a button to create this dream wedding on the computer than trying to make that a reality.

In just 13 days we went from one side of the pendulum to the other. It started out a little something like this:

1. San Diego Beach Wedding: 140 on the invite list.
2. Holy eff, it's HOW MUCH for ONE DAY costing HOW MUCH per person?
3. San Diego Beach Wedding: 100 on the list. Sorry Uncle Rico. Just kidding. I don't have an Uncle Rico. But sorry.
4. Wait, wait, wait....why is this still so much money. For ONE day. ONE DAY?!
5. My stomach hurts.
6. Hey, how about a destination wedding?
8. We love Thailand.
9. Thailand is too far. And too much to ask of our families (with small babies) to travel allll that way.
10. How about Kauai? On the beach, saying our vows, and a party with our family and friends after?
11. YES. YES. YES. DOUBLE THAT. (Thanks, Boo)
12. Okay. Kauai. Beach. Grand Hyatt. Gorgeous. 75 people.
13. Scratch that. 60 people.
14. Scratch that. 50 people.
15. Scratch that. 40 people.

I kid you not, people, this is so difficult!

But we both share a vision of our closest family and friends there with us on this beautiful beach in Kauai. If I could invite the world, I would. But I can't. And maybe that's what is stressing me out? Not being able to include everyone?

But this is what I need to remember:

This day is about me and Verner. Us. Getting married. Him and me. No one else. I am marrying my best friend. We're getting married!

When I remind myself of that simple and wonderful fact, I can literally feel the stomach knots dissipate. And that's how I know what this should be about. I really shouldn't stress the small things. I need to remember the big picture and what is the most important: Him. Us. Getting married.

Grand Hyatt - Kauai - Keoneloa Bay

Annnddd that feeling lasts for about 5 minutes before I start stressing about something else.

I seriously need to get it together.

I think we're calling tomorrow to put the deposit down and lock July 3rd, 2015 DOWN!!! (Free fireworks show, baby.) Then perhaps, once that's done, all the other details will just fall into place and I can breathe a little? Yes? Please? Maybe? Bueller?


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Monday, July 14, 2014

The Making of a Family Heirloom

Since I first posted my ring on Instagram, I've been receiving so many lovely compliments and questions about it! I wanted to share the story and background on how this "little" ring came to be! (This ring that, let's face it, no 27 year old should ever be allowed to have on her finger. It's just ridiculous, really. But I love it. I lovelovelovelovelovelove it.)

I'm sure if you've been following my wedding Pinterest Board, you can easily see this has been my dream ring since the beginning. I just never, in a million years, thought I'd actually get it until I was like 75 years old after decades of ring upgrades. Or like, winning the lottery or something.


Once upon a time (10 years ago, to be exact), my father gave a ring to my mother.

The ring looked like this:

Don't mind my extremely orange, Oompa-Loompa fingers, this was back in my spray-tan days.

Throughout the years, I would always ask to try it on, whenever I got the chance, and flash my hand out in front of me and stare longingly. 

I begged my mother on multiple occasions to please let me have her ring when she dies. (Yes, we discussed where her belongings would go upon death. And no, she did not take offense to it - so you can wipe that look of horror off your face.) She would usually just laugh, which was a sign I took to mean, "Yes, Michelle, you may have this ring!" But looking back, I'm not sure if I ever got confirmation or not. 


Let's rewind to this past February.

Remember when I was in one of my best friend's weddings in Las Vegas? Well, my mom was there as well!

....with the ring!

I remember at one point during the reception, I put it on my finger (again), and paraded around, pretending it was mine. (Do you see how psycho I can be over a diamond? I'm not necessarily proud of this fact, okay? I blame it on my Korean side.).


At some point during the reception, when I was probably off gorging at the buffet or shaking my tail feather on the dance floor, my mom pulled Verner aside and said, "Just so you know, you can have this center diamond to propose to Michelle with, if you ever want to."


She must have REALLY wanted us to get married, because let me just say, my mother guarded this ring with her life! She was always kind of reluctant to take it off and let me try it on (probably because I've been known for my carelessness), so the fact that she offered this so graciously says A LOT about how much she loves Verner. Not me so much, but Verner. ;) In fact, she specifically told him that she wouldn't do this for just anyone. But she loves him so much and she loves US together so much, that I think it was a really big way of giving her blessing to us and our future together.

So anyway, about 2 months after that, in April, The Dizz and I went to a jeweler together to look at rings. We had never done anything like it and I just figured he was humoring me with my constant marriage talk. Little did I know, that was the start of this whole process for Verner.

He called my mom and asked if the offer was still on the table (it was). He called my father AND my brothers to get their blessing (which I think is just the sweetest thing ever) and he went to work!

He worked closely with the jeweler and my mom throughout the whole process. They overnighted the ring (with lots o' insurance) from Georgia to San Francisco. He was there while the jeweler removed the diamond and placed it into the new setting, and he went back almost every Saturday while I was at work to check on the progress, give some feedback on the design, and see the updates!

^^^ it's like a little "V" for Verner. awwww ;) ^^^

....all the while I'm over here, without a clue, actin' a fool, and saying things like, "How come you never want to talk about getting married?!"

Moving on.

As a little "thank you,"( and I mean LITTLE, because really, how can we ever thank her enough for this generous gesture? I guess by never getting divorced would be a good start ;) Verner had the side diamonds from the original setting made into diamond studs for her. Then when he saw her in San Diego, he gave them to her with a beautiful card he wrote that made her cry (and then made me cry when I read it after).

And that's the story!

I just about died when he proposed. And I really can't stop staring at it. I'm so thankful. SO thankful. And I absolutely know and appreciate the rarity of this. Like I said, no 27 year old should have this ginormous thing. I have to guard this with my life! It's insane. But I love it so much more knowing that it's now a family ring and has a piece of my mama with it. 

But I guess a family heirloom means I have to pass it on to my own daughter one day, huh?

"Yes, you give it to your oldest daughter," said my mom.

"Well she can have it when I'm DEAD and will have to pry it from my cold, lifeless finger!!!" is what I responded when she told me that.

Have I mentioned my mother is a generous and loving woman, to whom I strive to be like every day? I guess I still have a ways to go on that end...

I am so grateful for you, Mom. Thank you for being you and thank you for being so supportive of Verner and my relationship. We love you so much! :) 

And honey, thank you for being such an amazing planner and ring designer and secret-keeper and human being and, and, and.... I love you and can't wait to be your WIFE one day! <---ahh!

(Has this blog turned to mush or what?)


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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Prepare for a lot of high-pitched screaming

As if the actual proposal wasn't a surprise enough, because believe you me, it was, Verner had ANOTHER thing planned! (I tell ya, this guy....)

Now that it's all been played out, I have been privy to all the little secrets and details that were kept from me for MONTHS (which is kind of the best hearing how it all came together, right?).

The plan was this (from the eyes of Verner):

1. Tell Michelle she won't be getting engaged for our 3 year anniversary in Mexico.
2. Wake Michelle up at 6:30am on the day of our anniversary, because you'll be wide awake since 3am impatiently waiting for this moment to finally happen after 3 months of planning, and tell her you have a surprise for her outside that begins at 7am.
3. Let her believe that the surprise is horseback riding on the beach.
4. Nervously fiddle with the camera for awhile while looking up and down the beach for a good spot to do it.
5. Tell her how much you love her, get down on one knee, pull out the floss box that you've been nervously  hiding the ring in since you got there and ask her to marry you.
6. Get engaged and revel in the bliss for 5 more days in Mexico.
7. After Cabo, hop on flight to San Diego where Michelle thinks we're only there to meet her (soon to be "our") baby nephew.
8. Let Michelle miraculously plan an evening to go to J Bar for drinks which is precisely the place I have told all friends and family to be there waiting, unbeknownst to her.
9. Get her in the elevator that takes us up to the very rooftop where we first met 3 years ago and say, right before the doors open, "Honey........People love you."

(I'm about to cry again just writing this)

When the elevator doors opened, the first thing I saw was Verner's family. I couldn't even comprehend who else was there. The part where I turned around to the elevator was the moment I saw my best friend/old roommate Jen (who I hadn't seen since BEFORE we went world traveling a year and a half ago) and began the ugly crying. Then as I got closer I realized more and more friends were there and it was so amazing and overwhelming. The last big "OHMYGOD!" was when I saw Mo and Justin who had flown down from San Francisco to be there.

Everyone had been planning this since APRIL! Can you believe it? I'm so shocked. I was literally shaking when I was hugging everyone.

Verner's Mom was so amazing and rented out one of the poolside cabanas with champagne and drinks galore.

Then, when everyone was settled, Verner made this tear-jerker of a speech that made me lose it all over again. He told everyone how much he loved me and that the minute he put the ring on, he felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility and accountability and it's like he woke up from a dream and finally felt alive. He said how happy and blessed he felt to be with me and how excited he was for this journey. (I mean hellllloooooooo.......CUE THE WATERWORKS, right?!)

Anyway, I didn't take a SINGLE photo, can you believe it?! Me? Who's Instagram Queen didn't take ONE picture! I was just so in the moment and relishing every minute with these amazing people that I love. Having everyone in one place at the same time is so great, isn't it? I can only imagine this is what the actual wedding will feel like.

Speaking of weddings, I kind of always hated when blogs turned into wedding talk or baby talk ALL. THE. TIME. But guess what? Sucks for youuuuu because I have a feeling I am soooo gonna be that girl. I just can't help it! I'm so effing excited! I'm getting married! I'm engaged! WHAT?! Insanity. True insanity.

Again, thank you all so much for being so kind and loving and showering us with your congratulations and well wishes. It's such a great feeling and I'm so overwhelmed with the love!


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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Proposal Video!

I keep replaying the morning of July 3rd in my head. I still can't believe it actually happened! Do you know how hard it is to surprise me?! Some would say it's impossible. But alas, there is one man that made it happen. And he, along with family and a few friends, have known about this for the last few MONTHS! 

Amazing. Simply amazing.

Anyway, I'm so glad Verner decided to capture it all on video (we all know how shoddy my memory can be). Now we'll have it to look back on forever!

We had a lot of fun putting this little video together to show friends and family. Hope you enjoy!

And please take note the following:

1) It was 6:30 in the morning. Enough said. #hellopuffyface
2) My voice is not normally that high. But under the circumstances it went up about 6 octaves. I'm sure you understand.

P.S. Verner tears up every time he watches this. Every time.
(To which I'm sure he loves that I'm sharing this piece of information with you, 
but hey, I think it's sweet.)


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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Anniversary, FIANCÉ!

My Dearest Boo,

Yesterday was our 3 year anniversary and the happiest, most exciting day of my life! You somehow managed to pull off the biggest surprise yet (with everyone else knowing but ME) and I'm still walking on cloud nine one million. I love you so very much and I am so excited to jump into this new adventure with you! 

I love you, Fiancé!

P.S. Let's totally be that annoying couple that calls each other that, like, all the time. 
Just kidding. 
Sort of.

P.P.S. I'm so excited I can finally make "My Non-Existent Wedding" Pinterest Board into our actual wedding Pinterest board! (It's the little things...)

P.P.P.S. That ring? Every time I look at it I die. Like Drop. Dead. Die. High Five.

P.P.P.P.S. I love you. Again. For ever and always.


Thank you all again SO much for the amazing, overwhelming, and wonderful outpour of love!
Can't wait to share the deets!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


^^^ Scratch off map found here^^^

It's been 428 days since we've last been able to scratch off a new country on our map.
(Yes, I calculated it.)
Can you believe it?
I can't believe it.
Well, I mean, I can believe it, but holy guac.

Finally, finally, TODAY! We are off to a new place for a new adventure!
(happy dances all around)

I'm not gonna lie though, I was slightly bummed that the weather forecast for San Jose Del Cabo
said cloudy with possible THUNDERSTORMS,
but what're you gonna do?

The Dizzle had to go and be all sweet about it and say, 
"I'm just looking forward to spending time together in a new place, 
no matter what the weather is."

Well, shoot. When you put it that way...

Anyway, feel free to follow along on Instagram!
I'm sure there will be plenty o' pictures.
Perhaps too many to the point where you get annoyed and decide to unfollow?
(hey, it happens to the best of us.)

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week and 4th of July, too!

Perhaps I'll blog.
Perhaps I won't.
Only time will tell.
(and the amount of tequila in my system.)


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