Monday, June 9, 2014

Let the countdown begin!

Ladies and gentlemen....I have some exciting news.

We are leaving for Mexico in 3 weeks. 3 weeks!
Can you believe I've been not-so-patiently waiting for this trip for 6 months? 6 months!

And alas, in just 3 short weeks, we'll be frolicking the beaches of San Jose del Cabo, celebrating our 3-year anniversary, and I. Can't. Wait.

Can you believe it's been a whole YEAR since we've even walked on International lands?!
It's basically a sin, if you ask me.

In the midst of my Mexcitement (see what I did there?), I had to do a little shopping for said trip.

I went to Tobi and got myself a romper, fringekini (I think I just made that word up), and cover-up.

I never thought I could pull the romper look off, and perhaps I still can't, but I really, really liked this one.....even if my boobs threaten to pop out any time I lift my arms above my waistline.
We'll make it work.

(btw, you get 50% off EVERYTHING on your first order, so yeah, get on that cuteness.)

Anyway, we'll be there for a whole week and we've been making a list of things we'd love to do while there.

Got any suggestions? (Take note, it will be July and hotter than hell, so I hear.)

Here are some activities we've been contemplating:

1. Tequila tasting (is it odd that the first thing on the list involves alcohol?, I think not.)
2. Day trip to Cabo San Lucas to visit Lovers Cove
3. Catamaran ride
4. Verner suggested Deep Sea Fishing, but I was like, huh? Since when have you been into fishing? But alright then... add deep sea fishing to the list!
5. Lots of pool time. LOOOOTTTSSS of it.
6. ATV riding
7. ???

Also, are we just supposed to take a taxi ride from the airport? (because I heard it was insanely expensive)
And is this place like most other countries where you bargain for everything?
Also, are you not supposed to drink the water?

Oooooh do tell!


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  1. We've always done a ton of bartering in Mexico! Our resort offered shuttle service from the airport, so I can't help you out much there... ATVs are a MUST. I can't remember the company we went with, but they take you out to these salt flats next to the beach it's SO FUN! Cabo's great, you'll love it!

  2. I'll be in MX in exactly 3 weeks too!! I have no idea what we will be doing besides eating like a pig and drinking like a fish (it's all inclusive), so I guess I should get on that. We booked a shuttle from the airport to the hotel through our hotel it was cheaper then anything we found online. I would definitely book something because Taxi's are going to be way too expensive unless you are right next to the airport.

  3. So jealous! My boyfriend and I went to Cabo San Lucas 4 years ago (OMG has it been that long?!) and we had a blast. Avoid the water as much as you can, lettuxe and ice included. We had a kitchenette so we went to Costco or Wal-Mart and bought a big case of bottled stuff. Also bought our own beer and tequila because we wanted to be able to pregame Mexico, like normal adults obviously. Rent jet skis, snorkel, go parasailing, horseback riding in the desert - gosh I'm so jealous! Look into booking a ride from the airport ahead of time, either through your hotel or a reputable company they suggest. Cabbies can be sketchy and try to charge you crazy amounts since you're American. Barter when you buy pretty much anything and don't hesitate to walk away if you don't like the price. But you guys are world travelers, Mexico will be a piece of cake compared to what you've done! Though last word of advice, make sure to actually wear sunscreen. I made the mistake of not putting any on my legs and ended up with burnt and raw shins on the first day, which kind of ruins tanning for the rest of the trip! Have a BLAST!

  4. I'd recommend the trip to the arch and Lover's Cove for the photos you'll get. Don't bother renting snorkel equipment on your trip. When I went, there was nothing to see. You can paddle board in that area too (the main beach, not the cove).
    Restaurants: NickSan (sushi), Pepe's Tacos (cheap & delicious), Flora Farms (La Mia Vita has a post about it), The Office.

  5. You are going to have such a good time!

    Regarding your questions at the end, you should ask this on (which I use all the time). It's like quora but specifically for travel, and every time I have asked a question the answers I have received have been really helpful and full of awesome recommendations.

  6. If you're making a day trip into Cabo, The Office is a great spot for more casual dining right in the sand. Edith's is delicious for a fancier night out but that might not work after a day on a boat! Club Cascadas has a swim-up bar that you can access right from the beach.

  7. oooo here comes the proposal! good thing you bought some cute shit, now you'll be prepared even if it happens in the water ;)

  8. Don't drink the water! I went to Cabo 6 years ago on a cruise, and they had the best markets for souvenirs and jewelry. I definitely bargained my way through Cabo. I also did kayaking on the Sea of Cortez!

  9. We stayed in San Jose Del Cabo and had arranged a shuttle from the airport. When leaving the airport, DO NOT talk to any of the sales pitchy guys right outside of baggage claim. They are hustlers. Head down, straight out, to the taxis/shuttles (your best bet).

    We did use taxis to/from San Jose Del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas. We took the bus once but that was a mistake. HUGE mistake. There was a shopping plaza across from our hotel and also had a wal-mart like store where we bought our tequila, food, and water. Don't drink the water, don't get ice in your drinks. Buy bottled water to keep with you.

    And yes, barter away! I got some amazing deals. Have fun!

  10. So so jealous. I majorly need a vacay. I love your new purchases very cute.

  11. Oh how fun!! I could so go for a vacation. Unfortunately I don't have any tips for you..

  12. We took a booze cruise in Cabo, which was pretty fun! Don't drink the water! And as everyone else has suggested, buy bottles of your favorite stuff at the store, and then take to your hotel. It's way cheaper! And I second the wear sunscreen comment, too! That seems like a no brainer, but for some reason I didn't. You know, it was my first day in Cabo, I needed a tan fast! I was miserable for two days, feverish and had to wear long sleeves and leggings jet skiing the next day to protect my skin. It was terrrrrrible! We went jet skiing because it was a free thing given to us, but I wasn't that impressed. Also, a kid ran his jet ski into mine, which left marks all over mine. It was such a fuss trying to get his mother to finally admit it was their fault. I think she had to pay something like $500 for the damage! I felt really bad for them. Yuck. To much of a risk to me for 15 minutes on a jet ski in a confined space. IMO. :) ATVing sounds amazing, though! Have such a good time! That fringe bikini is super cute!

  13. Love your new clothes! Did you get those exact colors? If so, they'll look fantastic on you.

  14. You'll have so much fun! I love Mexico! Yeah, I wouldn't drink the water.. always do bottled. Especially if you're at a restaurant as for bottled. I've had some bad experience drinking the water down in Me-hee-co. Yes, bargaining is standard practice - go to town and get some screaming deals!! You're going to be smoking hot in your fringkini! Have fun!!

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