Monday, June 2, 2014

It's a medical mystery.

My Saturday started out just like any other.
I got up, had breakfast, then got ready for work.
I wore my striped Maxi from Banana Republic and my new denim jacket.
Off to the boutique I went.

After work, The Dizzle picked me up and we went over to his Mom's for our little "Dutch Gathering."
There were tulips and croquettes and Heinekens galore.
Steve and Maya (Verner's sister) came over with the two little munchkins and grand times were had.

I crawled around with the kids, playing hide and seek for a bit, but other than that,
nothing out of the ordinary.

After dinner, Verner and I decided it was high time to get that three week old bird poop off our car and take her through the drive-thru car wash.
It was the best $11 date we had, that drive-thru.
Music on the radio, a shared Bud Light (it's not really drinking and driving when you're sitting, stationary inside a car wash, mmk?), and a colorful wax show.
What more could you want, really? ;)

After that, we went back to Steve and Maya's and proceeded to drink wine.
Many glasses of wine.
Greg (Steve's brother) and Nicole (Greg's girlfriend) came over and we drank some more.
We gathered around the kitchen island and talked and laughed and talked some more.
I really didn't get up much except for the 10 minutes Nicole and I spent in the bathroom talking about breast augmentation and such.
But that's neither here nor there.

Around 12:00am, when I had no business even being awake anymore, we all decided to walk down the street to the local bar.
We got there, we ordered cosmos to channel our inner Sex And The City, 
then went to the back patio area for about 60 seconds.
Then Greg and Nicole left and it was just me, Verner, and Steve.

We talked about flea markets and furniture.
Then around 1:30am, when I really had no business being awake,
The Dizz and I decided to go get Mexican food.
Because, well, why wouldn't we?

We went to this place in the Mission where I can't even remember the name anymore.
It was dingy and it was divey, but holy guac, it was amazing.
The nachos! You must eat the nachos.
And the 5 pound burritos! I think I only got through 1 pound, but still. That was glorious, too.

I remember helping this older woman (who MAYBE was a man?) get her salsa cap on her containers because she couldn't do it and after watching her 5 failed attempts and no one else was helping her (him?) I stepped in and saved the day!

And then that's it!

That's IT.

We went home and went to bed.

And here's where things get weird.

I woke up the next morning feeling a deep sting on my left leg,
and when I went to look at it, this is what I saw:

There was no blood and no visible cut.

About an hour later, it looked like this:

Still puffy and still red and still stingy.
The Dizz suggested I wash it?
So I did.
And the warm water made it sting like a mother.

A few more hours passed and it looked like this:

Looked like maybe a little blister was starting to form?

By nightfall, a definite blister. Gross.

This morning, I went to check the battle wound:

Excuse the trash.
But it still stings.
And look at that blister!

My first thought is: Burn?

But don't you think I'd REMEMBER getting BURNED sometime between work and late-night Mexican?
I mean, drinks were had, yes, but I remember everything else!

Maybe it's not a burn.
Maybe someone shanked me at the Mexican joint.
But then there'd be blood. So I guess that theory is out.

Anyway, you guys figured out my medical mystery last year when I was in Thailand and woke up with welts, which really turned out to be jellyfish stings, so I figured, hey, what the heck, let them have at it!

Any idea what this mystery battlewound could be from??
Please don't tell me some gross bug attacked me in the night and is burrowed underneath my skin and that that's not really a blister, but actually eggs laid inside my leg? Shudder.

Oh and hey, happy Monday.
Hope your weekend was swell and battle-wound-free.


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  1. Could it be from when you were crawling around the ground?? Maybe friction?

    1. I wondered that too, but I feel like that'd have to be a lot of friction for that wound! Plus, that would also be some weird side-crawling action haha... I don't know! So weird, yo. :p

    2. I hope it goes away whatever it is!

  2. Im going to go with the burn idea. Thats what it looks like to me!

  3. This is my guess.

  4. Ewwwwy...Wanna hear something gross...A co-worker was trying clothing on one time at a store and she was bit by a spider and her forearm swelled up and turned different shades of red and purple, and it was hot to the touch. She had to get antibiotics to kill the infection, but the scary thing is she went to the same store (Kohl's) and she was trying on gloves and a spider crawled out of one of the gloves! She is thinking since a lot of their items get shipped from overseas, some of their little friends come with! You're brave, my wimp ass would be to the doctor immediately.

    1. Oh my gosh I will never be able to shop at Kohl's EVER AGAIN NOW!!!

  5. I had poison oak once that I thought was a spider bite, but that was from using the "green" room on a run in Northern CA. So unless you were in some trees, I doubt that was it, but it stumped me for quite some time (and stung like woah!)

  6. Ouch! It looks like a burn to me, maybe you leaned up against something and didn't realize it? I don't know, I'm not ever good at figuring out my own medical mysteries!

  7. Okay so I don't know what THAT is, but when I was in Costa Rica we were walking around and I got a welt/burn thing that looked exactly like that. I went to one of the local clinics and apparently there are plants that can do that to your skin. I wouldn't imagine those would be in NorCal, but it is SF so who knows?! We just put cortizone on it and it went away, leaving a dumb scar.

  8. Please go to the doctor! If it was a burn, it would have blistered almost immediately. Because it took so many hours to blister up, it must be something either poisonous or chemical. Didn't you sign up for ObamaCare? Use it!!!

  9. I think you would have noticed if you burned it :) Looks to me like you brushed up against some sort of plant that could cause that...hopefully this plant hasn't popped up in SF

  10. lol i guess its not just me that wakes up with bruises after a night of drinking, but check this article out i read it a while ago and totally thought of this.

    hope you're doing ok now!

  11. Do the nerves in your leg hurt? I had shingles once and it looked a lot like this and shingles tend to do a pattern like this. Shingles also cause nerve pain on top of the least for me that is the case. Please let us know if you get it figured out haha

  12. I thought it was a burn but I'm a law doctor, not a medical doctor, so what the heck do I know? I had a random mysterious red welt/blister by my right eye a few years ago that made the area around my eye and the lymph nodes near my jaw swell up. I had no clue what the cause was so I went to the doctor. Turns out, it was a spider bite less than an inch from my eyeball and the spider venom was draining into my lymph node and causing it to swell, too! Yours may not be a big deal but get it checked out anyway! We have mandatory healthcare for a reason now, right? ;)

  13. What about a boil? I was talking to a friend last night and she started describing to me about how she has this boil that just popped up and that its from an infection getting under her skin. Everything she described about it was as you described. ?! could it be a boil?

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