Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Baby name convo with my mother.

I was on the phone with my mom today and, 
unlike many phone conversations, future grandbabies came up.

Today's topic: Baby Names 

My mom asks me, "What about Ty?"

I crinkled my nose a bit and said, "Mm... it's Okaaayyy... sounds a little too..... White boy?"

Then, without skipping a beat, and what I'm pretty sure was 100% seriousness, 
she replies, "Not if it's short for 'Tyrone.'"

And then I died laughing. 

Because yes, Mom, I'm going to name my child TYRONE.

Ohhhh, my sweet dear mother, how you make my heart full of joy. :)


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  1. Or you could make the name Blasian if you spelled it Thairone. >_>

  2. Tyrone has a some sort of ring to it for sure!

  3. Ha! When I hear the name Ty, I can't help but think of Clueless.

  4. haha that is the greatest

  5. Tyrone is a longstanding joke between my sister and me, he is a black vampire on myspace!

  6. LOL, this is too cute :) Love convos like this!

    <3 Ash

  7. your mum is cute!!

    xo josephine c.

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