Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What do you get...

What do you get when you take a pasty half Korean....

Who, mind you, hasn't spent a single MINUTE laying out on a beach since this day in Phuket, Thailand back in MARCH 2013!

And place her on a beach in SAN FRANCISCO for a mere 2 hours, 
COMPLETE with SPF 30 sunscreen?

A whole bunch of splotch.
That's what you get.

And now you know.


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  1. I got my first sunburn of the year last weekend and I had my legs crossed the whole time so I have this weird burnt triangle on one leg. So stupid.

  2. I'm still fighting my Hawaiian tan!!! It won't go away! !!

  3. Looks like Verner didn't get sunscreen on your whole back :(

    1. Verner wasn't there.....but I won't point fingers....(cough) Mo (cough) ;) haha

  4. Noooo - sunscreen worked incredibly well. It's the applicator who didn't do their job well :( :(

    1. hahah - - - well, to be FAIR, that sunscreen spray was running out, so it's highly likely you were spraying in the right areas and it just wasn't coming out! ....probably because I used it all up on your back. :/

  5. I got splotchy over the weekend too....I used spf 70 ..I just look less pale now...ugh

  6. Yikes!!! That doesn't look a bit fun!

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