Monday, May 26, 2014

Well why not make it a tradition?

Last year, around Memorial Day (which, I swear, just happened 2 weeks ago),
I wrote a post where I compared my "then and now".

It was fun to look back to where I was a year before compared to my "now".

So, since I've now done it a whopping two times, 
why not turn this into an annual Memorial Day tradition?
(Fast forward to next year when I've completely forgotten I ever did this...)

Last year, around Memorial Day, the picture was this:

And my words were these:

- We have recently returned from 6 months of traveling the world
- We are now 1 week in to our San Francisco adventure
- I am nowhere near able to run a marathon again, let alone 3 miles
- I wear loose tops to mask the 8 pound gain-age (see above)
- I still have no idea what this next year will entail for us
- But am I excited? Yes. Nervous? Definitely 
(as you can clearly see in my weird/nervous/fake-ish smile)


Now, one year later, here's the most recent picture of my "Now":

Things I think about when seeing this:

- We've just had our 1 year San Francisco Anniversary
- We survived (and thrived) in our very first apartment together 
(which is saying a lot if you could see how small this box of a shack is ;)
- I finally did lose those extra 8 pounds I gained from traveling and have even gained a little muscle! #HearMeRoar.
- And whattya know, I was able to run 3 miles again. In fact, 13.1 to be exact.
- In one year I have held FIVE different jobs ( and now, finally, 
I feel like I'm completely at peace with my San Francisco life. 
I no longer feel sad or lost when I think about our travels.
I feel good. Really good. 
We may have a small home, but it's our home.
We may not make millions of dollars, but we're comfortable and have created a schedule
that allows us to wake up without an alarm clock, enjoy breakfast together every morning, 
and work about 20-30 hours/week.

With a life filled with all those "little things" I love so much, what more could I ask for?

Okay, fine. A dishwasher. I could ask for a dishwasher. ;)


Anyway, every time I do one of these reflection posts, 
it really does amaze me how much can happen in just a year.
It seems so quick and yet, if you want, you really can accomplish a lot, you know?

Who knows what'll happen by next year's Memorial Day?
Where will we be?
San Diego? San Francisco? Fiji? (I wish)
Will I be planning a wedding? (I wish again) ;)

Ooooh the joys of the unkown. :)

Happy Memorial Day, friends!

I hope your "now" is all you've ever wanted.
And if not, then let's shoot to make it happen by next year. ;)


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  1. What a great post idea! It's crazy how much can change in a year, and how fast a year goes by.

  2. I love looking back on things! Every year at the beginning of the year I usually do a "In 2013" or similar type of video to recap all the amazing things I've done. This gives me so many ideas for blog posts!


  3. I love this!!! Hope you had an awesome weekend.

  4. I just looked back at my Instagram photos (52 weeks ago) and its funny how it felt like it was just yesterday, but at the same time it was a long journey to get to today. I love this post. Definitely will be doing this as well.

  5. Awesome reflection! I love how charming your life sounds :)

  6. I am hoping for you and me both to be planning a wedding next year :)

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