Friday, May 30, 2014

Tee Gee Eye Eff

Another week has come and gone.
And another blog has been ignored.

Oh, hello there.

I'm currently sitting (more like crouched with my knees underneath me, propped up on my elbows as I type) on my bed, in my new bathrobe.
Have I told you how long I've been wanting a bathrobe for?
A long time.
Nothing fancy. Just something to lounge in.
Because if we can all agree on something, it's my amazing lounging skills.
So I said, enough already! I'm getting myself a bathrobe.
And so I did.
Thanks, Amazon.


In other exciting news,
which I've known about for some time now but haven't really gotten around to saying anything,
my mother is officially moving back to California this September!
For those that don't know, she's been out in Georgia (random, I know)
for the last 4 years.
But finally, finally!, she is moving back.
Because she missed me terribly and that is the ONLY reason.
Okay fine, to also be with my grandparents.
So they bought a house and will all be moving in together!

I always imagined planning a wedding and having babies with my mama nearby,
so when she moved to Georgia with no plans on when she'd be back 
it just about near broke my heart!
But my brother, who's out there for chiropractic school,
has thoroughly enjoyed having her out there with him for the last 4 years, I'm sure.
But step aside, brother. She's mine now.
(since when did I become so possessive over this woman? sheesh.)


I shall leave you with this.
A little financial tip, if you will.
If you see something you love but don't want to pay an exorbitant amount for it,
look some more!
The cheaper version is out there.

Case in point:

Our new piece of art for our naked studio walls.

Saw this EXACT piece in the window of a fancy schmancy corner art/frame store
and thought, "I must have this!"
("This" being a map of San Francisco circa 1915.)
But then I saw it was $200, and well, though that may not be THAT much,
it certainly wasn't something I was willing to throw down at the moment.
I put my cheap Asian bargaining skills to use and brought up the ol' Google.

Same map on eBay: $27
Custom wood frame from here: $55
Total: $82

Can I get a what what!


Tomorrow we're headed to The Dizzle's Mama's house for a little Dutch Soiree!
Got this lovely invite from his mom:

I sure do love that woman. :)

Hope ya'll have the best of weekends!
Until next time.


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  1. that map is super cool! i love vintage prints and photographs of cities. happy weekend!
    jenn @ hello, rigby!

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