Tuesday, May 13, 2014


^^^Evening stroll we took the other day...kind of reminded me of this night in San Diego.^^^

I've been thinking about how routine my life has become as of late.

I wake up around 8.
Grab my phone, check emails & Instagram, usually.
We finally get ourselves out of bed around 9.
We make the same breakfast every morning together. I'm in charge of the scrambled egg whites, he's in charge of the bagel thins and turkey bacon. (And I must say, we've pretty much perfected the timing of everything to be done at the exact same time. And trust me, it's not always easy.)
We eat our breakfast at our little kitchen table and have our morning chats over coffee.
Sometimes it's about finances. Sometimes it's about the weird dreams we had the night before. This morning, The Dizzle asked me where I saw our lives 10 years from now.
To which I kind of half-assed an answer, because like my good friend Mo told me today, there's really no sense in trying to plan where you'll end up because life has a way of taking you places you never thought you'd be. (or something profound like that).

Anyway, after breakfast, I'll usually get my gym clothes on (if I haven't already been wearing them from the night before) and head out to the gym where I pump some mad iron.
Sometimes The Dizzle kicks my ass for an hour (btw, have I mentioned that I love having a personal trainer for a boyfriend?), and sometimes Mo and I will throw some kettlebells around together, but I must say, I've really come to enjoy my hour sweat sesh.
Get those endorphins going, knowwhatimean?

After the gym, I come home, drink a protein shake, and get ready for styling.
(Notice how I didn't say I come home and take a shower? <---Gross, I know.)
I set up my laptop at my little makeshift office (a.k.a. the end table pulled up to the couch), and I open up my Stitch Fix Dashboard.
I then submerge myself in the world of fashion and style ladies from around the country for about 5 hours.
Once that's done, it's time to make dinner!
This has also come to be something I look forward to doing.
I know! Me...enjoying cooking....my how the times have changed.

Once dinner is ready, we'll get our plates filled, then head over to the Living Room (a.k.a. our bed with my laptop as the TV).
We'll usually open Hulu and watch either A) Modern Family, B) Parks & Recreation, or if he's being a really good sport, C) Grey's Anatomy.
Once dinner is done, we'll have a Weight Watchers Popsicle for dessert (as I secretly imagine it to be a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream).
Then it's time to wind down, and we'll read, or talk, or one of us will just fall asleep during said show.

And that's it.
That is my day in a nutshell - sub a day or two where I'm at the boutique, or today, for instance, when I threw routine out the window and went to the beach instead.
But baaaaaasically, yes, those are my days.

But you know what? As boring and "routine" as it all is, I've gotta tell ya, I'm really enjoying this time of my life. In fact, boredom is not even a factor.
I love our mornings together.
I love having time for the gym.
I love working at my little couch/end table office or at the boutique.
I love eating our home cooked meals together.

Perhaps maybe why I love it so much is because yes, I do know life can change drastically and quickly.
And I know that life WILL be changing drastically and quickly at this stage in our lives.
So I guess I want to make sure I soak up these routine days.
I want to live in the moment and just be, you know?
Because I feel as though I might blink and be 37 with 3 kids and a mortgage before I know it. (That's basically the answer I gave Verner for my 10 year "plan", btw.)

How do you feel about routine?
Does it comfort you or do you hate it and need adventure on the daily?


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  1. I LOVED reading this. There is a big focus on wanderlusting - which I am totally guilty of - but it's also really nice to be able to say, wow this is my life and my routine and I love it. It really is the simple things that make me happiest.

    And you have now motivated me to go to the gym. Thanks :)

  2. I'm a creature of habit. I love routine!! I eat the same things and do the same things day to day and I figure that's just life. Yes gross-my husband knows better then to ever sit on the couch in gym clothes after the gym and I'd never do it myself. But I'm OCD about certain things so maybe I'm the weird one!!

  3. I love routine. Sometimes I get tired of it and want something new but I quickly long to go back to my ways. I am so excited to move in with my boyfriend this summer so we can start our own routine like yours :)

  4. Sometimes routine is just what you need, and it is relaxing knowing that things will be the same the next day. I love routine for the most part, as long as it is a routine I love. Sounds like your routine is wonderful!!

  5. I think a little routine is comforting! I definitely have one since having my little man in December. :) My days revolve around him. lol It's amazing how things change! I get up and put on gym clothes... but I don't work out. I need to! lol

  6. That's a routine I'd like to have actually! I think the way you said it is best. Right now, you have a routine but there's wiggle room. You're not set in stone. You can still do the unexpected and unplanned for thigns but you have the comfort of your routine.

  7. I love this! I think about this all the time. Someday we'll have a mortgage and kids, but for now I love having our little routines, our little apartment, and all our freedom.

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