Friday, May 16, 2014

Closet Revamping Experience

Happy Friday, yo!
I had a fun little experience this week and I blogged about it over on Heritage Row's Blog,
but I thought I'd share it here too!

It was definitely eye-opening and hopefully you can take something from it too, regarding your own wardrobe!



Something magical has happened to me.
In the blink of an eye, my closet full of old, I-have-nothing-to-wear clothes has suddenly turned into a wardrobe full of new and stylish outfits! That top I once thought looked hideous on me and had nothing to wear it with is now something I can't wait to wear again!
In just a matter of a few hours, my closet was transformed.
I know, it seems almost too good to be true, doesn't it?
Allow me to explain.

Does your closet look as atrocious as mine? Probably not. But I'm sure you've all had your moments of hating every article of clothing you owned and not knowing what to do about it, yes? Yes.
Who knew all I was missing was a 5'9" redhead?
The oh-so-talented Jenny came over this past Monday and worked her styling magic.

With all judgments aside (at least none spoken aloud ;), Jenny rummaged through my goods and began pulling pieces.
She then laid all her finds on my bed and began handing me pieces to try on together.
To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first. I thought, "There's no WAY she's going to find anything that I haven't already thought of putting together."

For example, I bought this skirt a few months ago but, up until Jenny came, had only worn it a few times because I only had ONE idea of how to wear it.
See below (Thank you, Instagram):

Black top. Black tights. Black shoes. Gold necklace.
Clearly I'm super adventurous when it comes to my outfits (not....).
After Jenny came, my eyes were opened to so many other ways of wearing it!

Hallelujah, because I'm kind of obsessed with the skirt.
Another item I had a hard time with were my bright blue skinnies. I just couldn't figure out how to make them match with anything.
But Jenny gave me great advice and said that as long as they're all in the same "color family," it's not about matching specific colors anymore.

What's also awesome is that for every Closet Consultation, Jenny brings several pieces from the store - both accessories and clothing - that she thinks will be good staple items or new additions to what you already have.

For me, jewelry has always been unfamiliar territory. I have one gold necklace and I'm not afraid to wear it.....over, and over, and over again.
But give me a bright colored necklace? Uhhh........huh?
So it was really great to have Jenny show me different looks and to realize I can spruce up a plain ol' tank top with a fab necklace - and voila! Instant style.

I'm so happy Jenny came over! I have a whole new outlook on my already existing wardrobe. And now, with her recommendations, I know a few key items to be on the lookout for that will compliment what I already have. Plus, I am no longer afraid of color mixing or bright necklaces! Holllllaaa!

**If you're in the Bay Area and in need of a closet revamp yourself (which, let's be honest, who isn't?), Jenny would love to set up an appointment with you, too!

Here are a few more details you should know!
- Cost: $100 for the first 2 hours (which is usually all the time she needs), + $25 for each additional hour
- If you choose to purchase any of the items she brings with her, you get 20% OFF!
- Jenny will tailor the visit to your specific needs: More business looks? Date nights? Travel friendly? Day-to-night looks? She's got you covered.
- Available to everyone in the Bay Area & Sacramento (unless you want to fly her to your home in Hawaii, or something ;)
- Inquiries can be sent to:


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  1. I love that skirt! My actual favorite was the one where you sported black tights and black shoes and all that jazz.

    All three outfits with the blue skinnies were adorable as well, I love that jacket in the middle photo!

  2. I NEED THIS!!!
    I'm horrible at coordinating, matching, and I believe some of my clothes are still from the 90s...don't judge me.
    Can she come out to visit me in Miami?

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  3. Who is this Jenny? I think I need her to match my outfits every morning. I never thought about the bright pants. I was always scared to buy them since I don't have anything to match them with

    Awesome tip!



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