Monday, May 5, 2014

House full of memories.

There she is - my childhood home (thank you, Google Maps - street view).

This was the house I grew up in from the time I was three years old until I left for college at 18. 
This was the house that was always "home" for me - Christmas break, Spring break, Thanksgiving - no matter where all us kids were at the time, this was the home we would all come back to to spend time together as a family.

I have such great memories of this house.

When we were little, my brothers and I used to stuff ourselves into ONE sleeping bag and then slide headfirst down our 3-pivot flight of stairs, slamming into the wall at the bottom, hysterically laughing, soaked in sweat, and just a slight claustrophobia-induced panic. It was amazing.

Good times. Nay, great times.

Anyway, today I got a text from my dad that he's going to sell the house soon and downsize to something smaller. After all, it is just him and Princess Sophia living there.

I guess I have mixed feelings about it all. I mean, did I really expect this house to stay in the family FOR-EV-ER? I dunno, maybe.

But if I'm being honest, ever since my Mom moved out of that house, it's never really been the same. I go there and see what P. Sophia has done to the place and it's just...different, you know? My mom's not there, we're all not there together as a family, my room is no longer my room, it's now just a faint resemblance of what used to be. 

So I suppose selling the house will be just that, but at least I'll still have all the memories?

The Dizz and I were talking about it this morning over breakfast and he said that he never had that growing up. He and his family were always moving from house to house and he always wished he had that one home to go to. 

So he said that when WE buy a house together, he wants it to be someplace that we can grow some roots in and that one day will have our own kid's heights' marked on the wall throughout the years. (I tell ya, this man says some things that truly melt me sometimes.)

Anyway, I'm not sure when this house will sell and who it will be sold to, but I will always be thankful for the memories created there and my own childhood marks on the wall.


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  1. I have memories from every house I've ever lived in, and one of my childhood houses got torn down years ago. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy when you think about the memories years later. We moved a lot because my parents enjoy new and refreshing changes so I never grew attached to a home before but I still value the memories made inside them :)

  2. I had a similar thing with the house I grew up in, except it wasn't my home, it was my grandparents but I spent all of my time there and have similar feelings towards it as you do towards your house. Anyway, every since my grandparents moved to the UK, and the house is now lived in by my uncle and his wife (notice I don't say my aunt), when I go back there I try so hard to feel happy about it, but I had to admit to myself eventually that the house no longer had the same feelings and the happiness i feel towards the house will remain with my memories of exploring the giant garden, my granny making me breakfast while I sat at the breakfast table etc. Sometimes its more important to be happy about the house as it once was, and cherish the memories you have of it, instead of forcing it to be the same. We grow up, we change, life changes. Cherish those memories you have of you and your brothers, along with the very many I am sure you have! Maybe your house will be bought by a couple with kids and it can serve as a happy place which they can grow up in and make memories xxx

  3. My brother and I live really close together but my parents live far away. We've been trying to convince them to move closer. When they finally started thinking about it, I cried when I realized it meant selling our childhood home. You're right, it's not the same any more but still sad that it will be someone else's home now.

  4. The house is beautiful!
    And you'll never forget the memories that came with it :)

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