Monday, May 19, 2014

Bay to Breakers 2014

Yesterday was the 103rd Annual Bay to Breakers Run.
And I use the word "run" loosely because I'm pretty sure I didn't see a single person actually running.
It's more like one ginormous Halloween party in the streets of San Francisco, slowly making its
way from one side of the city to the other:

However, if you're me, then you would NOT go all the way to the start line, you would instead take a $10 Uber ride from your house to Alamo Square (a.k.a. the Secret Start line) and then have 3 lovely older ladies give you their Bib Numbers so that you could hop into the race without being hassled.

This is the first time The Dizz and I have ever participated in this grand event.
Last year, we had JUST moved to the city and didn't know the gloriousness of what it entailed.
So I'm extremely happy we took part this year.
I'm also extremely happy that I have a man who is confident enough to wear a tutu.

After graciously accepting the Bib numbers from the chain-smoking older ladies,
we hopped into the sea of madness!

I saw more old naked men than I need to see in a lifetime.
It was amazing. Simply amazing.

And now you've seen it too. You're welcome.

This is how excited Verner and Justin were about the naked old guys:

Ha. kiddding.

At one point, we found ourselves at a secret Forest Party (I don't know why everything has to be secret). Basically just a giant dance party somewhere in the Golden Gate Park.

This one guy climbed up on a tree so he could dance half naked.

Another girl was telling us that she was a model.
So then Justin said, "Hey! So is Verner!" (no he's not.)
So then she said, "Really? Like, oh my god! Are you signed? I'm signed. I'm with Stars. Who are you with?"
So then Verner said, "Uh... I'm with Galaxy."

Then we left.

And after what seemed like DAYS of trekking across the city, we finally made it to the finish line!

And so did they.

And in honor of the chain-smoking Bib ladies, we fulfilled our promise of crossing the finish line and obtaining medals. ( one has to know we didn't walk the whole thing.)

It was one heck of a day.

Verner was pooped.

So pooped, that he was fast asleep by 4:30pm.

To which he remained fast asleep for the rest of the night.
And I remained awake. Wide awake.
Left alone to devour all the pizza and watch all the girly shows I wanted.


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  1. HAH thats awesome!! I give you props for getting the bibs! I ran a 5k foam fest race on sat and saw people getting mad about others sneaking into parking and stuff...people need to relax and just enjoy it!

  2. There is a whole lotta cheek going on in that next to last picture. Blah.

  3. Love it!!! What a fun time. I'm beginning to suspect you won't be leaving SF any time in the near future :(

  4. I've always wanted to go to B2B and sadly I was actually in SF yesterday morning ... long enough to see some of the costumes and drunken antics making their way through Cole Valley to the bus not long enough to partake... our flight back to SD was at noon. One day though! Love your costumes!

  5. Oh my gosh. This is hilarious. Those pictures...they say it all. Gotta love San Francisco! Hahaha! That sounds like so much fun!

    xo Denise

  6. wait a minute. I'm confused. They actually let men walk around naked? is this a california thing? I thought that wasn't allowed

    1. It's a SAN FRANCISCO thing. Which teeeecchhhnically it's not legal as of April of LAST YEAR. Crazy huh? But for events like this, they don't do a damn thing! It's kind of hard to believe...

  7. So I've been following your blog for a little while, but have not felt the need to comment until now: this is soooooo funny I was laughing out loud to myself. I love your costumes and the whole thing just sounded so wacky. Anyways, I really really enjoy your blog :)

  8. This sounds like the best thing ever! NZ reaaaaally needs to organise something like it! You know...not the naked people or "cheeky females" but everything else sounds bloody brilliant!

  9. I'm impressed. I've only done Bay to Breakers a few times but I've never quite made it to the finish line. I usually end up wandering off down Haight Street for a burrito.

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