Tuesday, April 1, 2014


3 months from today we will be in San Jose del Cabo celebrating our 3 year anniversary, and to be quite honest, it can't come soon enough! Why? Because it is currently POURING here in San Francisco and even with this heater thingamajig next to me, I'm still freezing. Fortunately, my saint of a man cares deeply for my well being and brought me a warm coffee. It's the little things, really, but you knew that. ;)

Today I spent a solid hour scouring the List of Craig (that would be Craigslist for those of you who didn't catch that) for apartments and houses in San Diego. I was ASTOUNDED at what I found! Did you know for the price of our little STUDIO here in San Francisco (granted, a very cute studio), we could be getting TWO bedrooms by the BEACH complete with washer, dryer AND dishwasher, PLUS dogs are okay?! I mean....Be still my heart. Living here in San Francisco for the last 10 months has apparently made me forget the living possibilities that are out there. Possibilities like having this view from your living room.

So. Does this mean we're moving back to San Diego? One day, yes. But I'll tell you what, the longer we stay in San Francisco, the more attached we're getting, that's for sure. But we've been talking about plans. Plans that include babies and puppies and yards and garages and really now, I just want that dishwasher again. But those things we just simply can't seem to make the math work for that here in San Francisco when almost 1/2 of our income is going to rent. Know what I'm saying?

Like I've said before, we have no time limit and we will stay in this city for as long as we feel necessary and until we feel like we've "gotten out of it" what we should. But me oh my, between you and me, imagining our simple little life back in San Diego again, with a pool and near constant sunshine, well that just makes me smile.


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  1. It's kind of sad that you live in a place that has made you see San Diego as cheap! Places like NYC or SF will definitely do that. SD is technically still pretty expensive but it's not even the most expensive place to live. I wish my lil sis would move back to San Diego but she fell in love with San Francisco too!!

  2. We've been having January winter weather in March after March spring weather in January. This is so effed up but I kinda love it in a weird hateful way.

  3. I call it the List of Craig as well! I used to live in Irvine (SoCal) and traveled to SF for work it is beautiful up there. Was not a fan of the SoCal at all. But I guess that's cause Im a NY'er and I was a young buck that thought my shit didn't stink haaaa. Good luck with your search as well as have a kick ass vacation!

  4. Makes me want an apartment.....(not really).

  5. Gees, that comparison made me want to spit out my drink. San Diego, cheap? I was born and raised in Texas, but I lived in Murrieta, CA for a year. The difference in cost of living was astronomical to me at first.Eventually (working two jobs/living with room mates) things evened out. But we did end up moving back to Texas when the recession hit. My husband and I often talk about moving back, but when I see how much we'd have to pay...oh boy do I have some major reservations. LOL!

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