Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Playing Hooky

A few weeks ago, on a random Friday, The Dizz and I decided to play hooky. And what that really means is HE decided to play hooky because I had nothing going on anyway and my day would have probably consisted of possibly contemplating cleaning when in actuality would have been spent perusing insert-any-social-media-platform while also watching YouTube clips of old Ellen shows.

But that's neither here nor there. Back to the post at hand.

Verner and I know that we won't be in San Francisco forever and we also know that most likely, once we do move, we probably won't ever live in this city again, to which I have mixed feelings about. But while we ARE here, we truly want to make the most of our time and see/do/experience as much as we can!

One of the things on our bucket list was to drive out to Berkeley for a day and check out some thangs.

So we hopped in the Hamstermobile and set out across the Bay Bridge!

First stop: Zachary's Chicago Pizza. Someone recommended this place to me and said it was one of the BEST pizza places they had ever had in the Bay area so I figured it'd be a good stop for lunch.

Verner loved the pizza. I thought it was pretty good. But then again, I'm the girl that if you suggest eating pizza will look up the nearest Pizza Hut....so.....don't listen to my eating recommendations. If you're in the area, The Dizz recommends! (As I'm sure other normal, non-picky eaters would too).

After lunch, we headed to a second recommendation: Donkey and Goat.

It's this cute little tasting room for $10 wine tastings and well, I'm sure there's no surprise that if you recommend a place where wine is the main event, I shall be there.

After the tastings, we headed for the Berkeley Pier, my personal favorite activity of the afternoon.

There was hardly a soul in sight! It was like we had the whole pier to ourselves.

So naturally I had to start posing for pictures.

And also naturally, we were free to drink our classy Bud Lights.

And just because I don't think you've seen enough pier pictures, I shall put a few more in now:

It's probably fair to say that we need to get back out there and see far more of what Berkeley has to offer, but all in all, I had a fantastic day with a fantastic partner. Thanks for playing hooky to do some more exploring with me, Boo. You da best!


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  1. That is exactly how I am feeling. Gotta pack it all in while you can!

  2. I LOVE Zachary's! I've only been there once and I don't think I could eat it everyday, but YUM! Next time I'm in the bay area I want to check out the Berkeley Pier now! :) Everyone needs a hooky day now and then!

  3. I would very much enjoy an ocean and a pizza right now, compliments of you.

  4. I don't know about you but I always find it easier to fully enjoy a place when I know that I will not live there forever! SF looks amazing!

  5. i think i need to start doing this to the city of El Lay and its surrounding. The Pillow is moving and I will be moving with him next year when we, you know, are official. I will mosdef miss the Sunny SoCal breeze aka smog.

  6. Yep, get it all in because when you're back in SD you'll be too busy visiting your mama to go back up there!

  7. Playing hooky is the best. Adventure with your boo..does it get any better?

  8. Looks like a lot of fun. I think day dates exploring are the best.

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