Friday, April 18, 2014

How do you work from home?

^^^ I think it's safe to say we need a bigger place....^^^

I gotta tell ya, last night's Stitch Fix training got me all kinds of excited for this new journey of mine. It just feels like I get to shop all day long without having to spend a dime! Except, of course, just like at the boutique, I will be highly tempted to purchase it all for myself. Ahh, the pains of being in the fashion world. ;) #jaykay

I should note, however, that I think I'll need to work on mastering this whole "work at home" concept. I wish there was a way for my computer to block me from ALL social media sites when it was time to do work. In fact, just before starting this blog post, I somehow wandered over to Facebook and got lost in all of the stalking for like half an hour. I need parental controls for mySELF! For all of you "work from home" people, how do you manage your time and make sure you focus on the task at hand without wandering to other social media distractions?

<15 minutes later>

Okay, I'm back. I just got caught up in a conversation on G-Chat. Do you see what I mean?! DISTRACTIONS!

Okay, clearly it's time I stop blogging so I can get to work!

I am going to leave you with this fabulous and generous giveaway by my friend, Justina!

Justina blogs over at The Personal Geographic and is one of the most adventurous/active/travel-loving girls I know. She lives in British Columbia and posts some of the most beautiful pictures from her active life. Just looking at them gives me that travel itch (or should I say even more of a travel itch). 

Today, to go along with the travel-lovin' theme of things, Justina is giving one of you beautiful people a ONE YEAR subscription to National Geographic: Travel Magazine and this super cute Compass Necklace from Etsy!

Hope you can leave some blog love for Justina, today! :)

Enter below and have yourselves a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Working from home is definitely tough (but also the best)! I've tried so many methods to get moving, and now I've actually started to set a timer. I set it for 30 minutes at a time, and that way I HAVE to work and then I can take a quick break, go on social media, answer emails, then do it again. It definitely helps, and I can track the actual time I spend working that way. I even do it for social media too because technically, that is part of being self-employed, but I need to limit that time as well of course. Also, a clean work space does wonders. Working from home is amazing, congrats :)

    1. Thanks Katie! That's a really good idea. Thinking about having to work 6 straight hours seems overwhelming, but breaking it up like that would be Muuuuuch easier. And yes....about that clean space... :/ haha


  2. Im a full time online student and I tend to give myself little rewards. If I can work on this paper for 2 hours without a break I can read blogs for 15 minutes etc. That tends to work for me!
    FYI You are missing the links for Justina on your rafflecopter :)

    1. Rewards are a great incentive for me!

      And thank you! I think the links should be fixed now! :) xoxoxo

  3. I think this app does pretty much exactly what you need -

    or this one -

    Also, a lot of people swear by the Pomodoro Technique for time management, which is not much different than that Time Out app (you set a timer and work for a certain amount of time, then "reward" yourself with little breaks spaced throughout the day).

    1. I tell ya, there are no more original ideas anymore. Here I was thinking of this great idea to block myself from certain sites, and it exists! haha But good! I think I'll have to download that and use it! Thanks chica :) xo

  4. I'm writing a post on working form home! I'll get it up one of these days.

    alway, if you use Chrome, you should install "stay focused"

    it sets a limit on how much time you can access certain websites. I use it every work day!

  5. also, I use the Pomodoro technique. super helpful.

  6. I use to do some school courses online and as someone that loves social media and gets distracted very easily, I usually install a time management plug-in for the browser (I use Firefox). I forgot the name since I uninstalled it a while back but it's one of the top overall plug ins. Basically you just set a time for yourself, say 20 minutes, and it'll block your access to FB, Twitter, YT, etc. or you can go all out and block your entire access to social media for a day or so! :)

  7. I love reading Justina's blog! :) I actually went rock climbing for the first time because of her! Love the giveaway! Also, how exciting! I want to be able to work from home one day!

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  9. Big freaking tadadedadeee whoopee dooooo yay! lol...
    that may just sound stupid, but I'm trying to catch up with my blog life and I see this post?! Super excited for you! I love Stitch Fix as a matter of fact, I need to get started on my next fix, but first...let me lose! kidding...
    you go chica...Super duper happy and excited for you! Now, get to work!
    xo Andiepants

  10. working at home can be distracting sometimes, but i try to follow the 10/90 rule. 10% of an hour can be used for "break" time and the other 90% is for working. i generally try to step away from the computer for a "lunch" break too, even if its not to eat lunch.

    jenn @ hello, rigby!

  11. I have that problem too except it keeps me from my school work. Seriously sometimes I wish all the fun sites would be blocked and I'd have to focus on my homework.

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