Tuesday, April 29, 2014

An Unoriginal Idea: Taking Stock.

^^^A face caked full of makeup and a filter that makes me look oddly like an animation.^^^
I saw this lovely post idea over on Sydney's blog who got it from Pip's blog, and well, basically, it's not my idea, but I liked it enough to steal it. And there you have it.


Making: a lasagna, garlic bread, and salad for tonight's Book Club.
Cooking: just the lasagna....everything else will be store-bought, thankyouverymuch.
Drinking: lukewarm coffee from this morning and a giant bottle of water.
Reading: Stitch Fix Profiles for styling.
Wanting: a Jessica Biel body.
Looking: for a dress to wear this weekend for my 10 year high school reunion. <---Whaaaat?
Playing: less and less Candy Crush. Mostly because my iPad battery has been dead for over a week.
Wasting: time blogging when I should be working.
Wishing: July's Mexico trip would be here tomorrow.
Enjoying: Adele's Pandora station.
Waiting: for the day my Mama moves back to California. 
Liking: my new work-from-home status.

Wondering: when we'll know what the right time for moving back to San Diego is.
that Verner woke up this morning and said, "I just really like you and want to travel with you."
Hoping: we really take another travel trip in-between moves like we've been discussing.
Marveling: how much better my life is with The Dizzle around.
Needing: a new wardrobe. Stat.
Smelling: my new candle and regretting my purchasing decision.
Wearing: sweaty gym clothes because apparently I'm very comfortable in my own stink.
Following: more people on Pinterest because gosh dang I'm just now realizing its amazing potential.
Noticing: some new muscle definition in the mirror during today's kettlebell routine. #oooohyeeeaaah
Knowing: we should recycle more, and yet...
Thinking: that a nap sounds glorious right about now.
Feeling: grateful.
Bookmarking: anything wedding related because I'm crazy like that. But you knew this.
Opening: too many new water bottles because I have a hard time refilling the "old" one. #wasteful.
Giggling: at us scouring the internet last night trying to figure out what our very mixed kids will look like one day.
Feeling: like I should probably take a lunch break before jumping back into work again. ;)


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Monday, April 28, 2014

I can't help it.

"Boo! EVERYONE'S getting engaged, but ME!" I whined to The Dizzle the other day.

"Who's 'everyone'?" he asked.

"George Clooney," I replied matter of factly.

And as we all know, The Cloonster has always been notoriously known as the man that never gets married, so the fact that he 'put a ring on it' is quite shocking if you ask me.

Look, I'm TRYING not to be 'that girl'. You know, the girl that continuously talks about getting married and what kind of ring she wants and have you seen my Pinterest Board and I think it'd be great to have it on the beach and WHEN can we get engaged, again? .....all the while further pushing away her future fiance because it's just annoying to hear day in and day out, I'm sure.

And to be honest, for the first 2 years of our relationship, I could tell The Dizzle was so NOT about that, so I pushed those thoughts to a deep dark corner of my brain that were never visited unless he was out of ear shot.

But then something happened!

The clouds parted and the sun came out in The Dizzle's brain! HE started talking about marriage and babies and the future! Like, all without a look of horror on his face. ;) And then there was that day he took me to look at rings.

So then of course I got all giggly and girly and SHABAM, somehow save the date ideas started showing up on my Pinterest Board.

Part of me is silently shaking my head at myself in embarrassment.
The other (larger) part of me is doing a whole lot of this:

But now, my friends.... Now we play the waiting game.

And I can't stress enough just how impatient Michelle Lim is. I'm a do-er, people. I do things. I make things happen. I am an action taker! But here is the ONE situation where I can't do a gosh darn thing about it. This is the MAN'S territory we're talking about.

And I can't keep raining on The Dizzle's parade when I know he wants to make this moment special for us.

So I need to just shut up and be patient and stop bringing it up! I know this. I really do.

And if I'm being real here, what's the rush? I already know this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. And guess what? I'm already spending my life with him, ring or no ring. I'm doing it and living it everyday! So for that, I'm so thankful and happy.

But... I mean, can you blame me for getting just a tad excited to think about that Pinterest Board coming to life? :)


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Friday, April 25, 2014

Well this is awkward.

You guys. I am in the midst of a very awkward situation. Like, it's happening. Right now. And I don't know what else to do but blog about it, because, well, you'll see.

Okay. So. This past Tuesday, we rented our place to a couple from: somewhere international but now I can't remember. I remember handing them the keys and telling them, "When you leave on Friday (AS IN TODAY), just leave the keys on the kitchen table, don't worry about locking up, I'll be back around 1:00pm anyway." Because as we ALL SHOULD KNOW, check-out is at NOON. It was clearly stated on the AirBnb profile and it is clearly stated on the little laminated piece of paper with house rules, instructions, map, etc.

NOON. 12:00pm. Gone. Leave our house.

I am writing this to you at 3:06pm.

I am writing this to you from my kitchen table.


Just to give you an idea of my surroundings, here you are.

This is what I saw when I walked in to my apartment at 1:00pm ASSUMING they had already been gone for an hour:

Clearly, they have not left yet.

So we promptly left and went to the local Starbucks, thinking maybe they just needed a little more time to come back and grab their things? During this time, I was calling and not getting through (international number, remember), I was texting, and I was emailing POLITE messages of, "Hey ______, just wanted to remind you that check out was at noon and it's now 1:30pm. Just wondering when you think you'll be back to get your things?"

Radio Silence.

^^^There's their stuff. Just sitting there 3 feet from me right now.

They could walk in at ANY moment.

Imagine the awkwardness that is to come!

You might be thinking, "Michelle! Why don't you just go somewhere else and wait until they get back?"

2 reasons:

1) The Dizzle has a very big training certification exam tomorrow and needs to study. We attempted the Starbucks thing but then a homeless man spilled his coffee and threw up on himself, so we had to leave.


I don't know what to do.

As each minute goes by, I'm getting a little worried like, did they die a tragic death and now we have the awkward obligation of sending their belongings back to their home country to their families?(Extreme thinking, yes, but that's what I do.)

But here's an odd thing: Their bath towels are gone.

So, perhaps they went to the beach?

But here's another odd thing: IT'S RAINING OUT. No one in their right mind would go to the beach right now.

Weird. So weird.

So here's The Dizzle, studying away, bless his heart:

Meanwhile, I'm basically frantic and feeling so awkward. Which I mean, I love awkward, but mostly for the story-telling factor, not actually feeling awkward, you know?

So yep. Here we are....just waiting for our "guests" to arrive after a long overdue stay.

Wish me luck.

****UPDATE: She FINALLY called me and said they thought they had booked another night and were gone at a wine tour!!! So AFTER I had stripped the bed, we agreed they would stay another night for $150. To which I then had to re-make their bed. And see some things I didn't want to see. But for what it's worth, she was very sweet about it and seemed to be quite embarrassed, poor thing. So, again, another situation I made to be dramatic has all worked out okay.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Shenans.

Would you believe I had my Canon with me the whole weekend and yet here is a post full of only grainy iPhone pictures? Well believe it, because it's true.

Anyhoozle, I had a grand weekend stuffed full of family fun. Though, what was supposed to be a food tour of San Francisco's best eateries basically just turned into brunch at Judy's followed by a cream cheese stuffed french toast induced nap coma (see below photo for reference), then lunch at Marengo for some amazing sliders, an afternoon snack pick-up from Jay's Cheesesteaks for my 30 week pregnant sister-in-law, then some wonderful MSG-filled Chinese delivery for dinner. I was promptly asleep Saturday night by 10:30pm.

Sunday was Easter, as you know, and we spent the greater part of the day lounging in the Fort Mason park by my house. The sun was out, the wind was just right, and we were allowed to drink alcohol in public. Amazing circumstances, as I'm sure you would agree. Little Melody was completely fearless and made sure to make friends with every single dog there. Even the one that collided with her at full speed and sent her flying through the air like a frisbee. She took it like a champ, though, and only cried for about 2 minutes before heading off to the next dog friend.

As I've mentioned before, my niece and The Dizzle are BFF's. When she sees him, her face lights up and she gives him the biggest smile. She'll seek him out, walk up to him, smile, and say, "Hiiii." Then giggle the cutest little laugh there ever was. What a flirt. ;) She has also learned the first part of the Barney song and sang, "I wuv yooouuu" about 638 times this weekend, each just as cute as the first and of course melting The Dizzle's heart just a little more each time. At the end of this weekend, The Dizz informed me that I must give him a daughter someday....  #heartmelted (Have I mentioned how much I love this man of mine?)

After many hours at the park, foreheads burnt from lack of sunscreen, it was time to say goodbye as they needed to catch their flight back to San Diego. We can't wait to head down there this July to see that new baby boy that's due!

I would like to say Verner and I were responsible adults and went home to cook a sensible meal and got to bed early after a gluttonous-filled weekend, but instead I must share that the alcohol got the better of us. We continued to drink more because, well, that seemed to be the only logical idea (as it always seems to be when you're that many drinks deep).

Then we went to the grocery store to pick up dinner.

"Dinner" consisted of the following:

Yup. Pizza strips, vegetarian corn dogs, and Weight Watchers popsicles. Well rounded, indeed.

Now it's Monday again, and I'm back on the saddle of clean eating and no drinking until Friday night, to which all hell breaks loose and rules are thrown out the window! But come on now, isn't that what weekends are for anyway?

Hope you had a great Easter weekend, friends! :)


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Friday, April 18, 2014

How do you work from home?

^^^ I think it's safe to say we need a bigger place....^^^

I gotta tell ya, last night's Stitch Fix training got me all kinds of excited for this new journey of mine. It just feels like I get to shop all day long without having to spend a dime! Except, of course, just like at the boutique, I will be highly tempted to purchase it all for myself. Ahh, the pains of being in the fashion world. ;) #jaykay

I should note, however, that I think I'll need to work on mastering this whole "work at home" concept. I wish there was a way for my computer to block me from ALL social media sites when it was time to do work. In fact, just before starting this blog post, I somehow wandered over to Facebook and got lost in all of the stalking for like half an hour. I need parental controls for mySELF! For all of you "work from home" people, how do you manage your time and make sure you focus on the task at hand without wandering to other social media distractions?

<15 minutes later>

Okay, I'm back. I just got caught up in a conversation on G-Chat. Do you see what I mean?! DISTRACTIONS!

Okay, clearly it's time I stop blogging so I can get to work!

I am going to leave you with this fabulous and generous giveaway by my friend, Justina!

Justina blogs over at The Personal Geographic and is one of the most adventurous/active/travel-loving girls I know. She lives in British Columbia and posts some of the most beautiful pictures from her active life. Just looking at them gives me that travel itch (or should I say even more of a travel itch). 

Today, to go along with the travel-lovin' theme of things, Justina is giving one of you beautiful people a ONE YEAR subscription to National Geographic: Travel Magazine and this super cute Compass Necklace from Etsy!

Hope you can leave some blog love for Justina, today! :)

Enter below and have yourselves a fabulous weekend!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

3 exciting things on my mind today

1. In just 3 hours, I will be attending my Stitch Fix training downtown! I believe it's me + 23 other stylists and we were told to bring our laptops and a charger so we can all learn how to use the platform together. My only problem? I don't have a laptop bag. :/ I've always just used my big ol' black backpack when going traveling with my laptop. But I can't be the new girl who brings her laptop in a BACKPACK!!!!! How "un-stylish" of me that would be. I can't have them questioning their decision to hire me! But I also didn't want to go out and buy a new $75 laptop bag to fit my monstrous 17" laptop when chances are I'd mostly be working from home, anyway. SO - I got creative (and when I say "I", I really mean Verner) and found a blue vertical-ish tote purse thing I had in the closet and it fits the laptop pretty perfectly (thanks, Boo). And that will have to do. Wish me luck.


2. Tomorrow my brother, (7 month pregnant)sister-in-law, and niece are coming to San Francisco to see me and Verner for the weekend! I'm super excited because we have this glorious food tour planned, where basically we will just eat our way through the city, getting an entree or two at each place and sharing it all. Now we'll get to try all of these amazing places in one day without breaking the bank!

My stretchy pants and tennis shoes are ready.

I should also note that I am excited to see my little niece again, but I am willing to bet that SHE is more excited to see VERNER than me.

Allow me to elaborate.

This is Melody when she's around Verner:

This is Melody when I try to talk to her:

Case in point.


3. Today, The Dizzle and I deliberately got dressed and deliberately walked to Union Street so that we could deliberately go to a jewelry store we found. We then spent the next hour trying on rings. He even tried on men's wedding bands.

Did you hear that??? We were trying on RINGS! Like REAL. LIVE. RINGS.

I must have been in a state of shock, because I was surprisingly very calm during the experience. But now that I look back and see what just went down, I really want to just scream and dance around like a loony bin. 

;aknweoin;o2jalkjsdfijweoioi1!?11!??!:Owoi3w3HITFT3;OINAEWF;!!! <-----My excitement.

Deep breath, Michelle. :)


Hope ya'll have a fab Thursday!
See ya manana!


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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Playing Hooky

A few weeks ago, on a random Friday, The Dizz and I decided to play hooky. And what that really means is HE decided to play hooky because I had nothing going on anyway and my day would have probably consisted of possibly contemplating cleaning when in actuality would have been spent perusing insert-any-social-media-platform while also watching YouTube clips of old Ellen shows.

But that's neither here nor there. Back to the post at hand.

Verner and I know that we won't be in San Francisco forever and we also know that most likely, once we do move, we probably won't ever live in this city again, to which I have mixed feelings about. But while we ARE here, we truly want to make the most of our time and see/do/experience as much as we can!

One of the things on our bucket list was to drive out to Berkeley for a day and check out some thangs.

So we hopped in the Hamstermobile and set out across the Bay Bridge!

First stop: Zachary's Chicago Pizza. Someone recommended this place to me and said it was one of the BEST pizza places they had ever had in the Bay area so I figured it'd be a good stop for lunch.

Verner loved the pizza. I thought it was pretty good. But then again, I'm the girl that if you suggest eating pizza will look up the nearest Pizza Hut....so.....don't listen to my eating recommendations. If you're in the area, The Dizz recommends! (As I'm sure other normal, non-picky eaters would too).

After lunch, we headed to a second recommendation: Donkey and Goat.

It's this cute little tasting room for $10 wine tastings and well, I'm sure there's no surprise that if you recommend a place where wine is the main event, I shall be there.

After the tastings, we headed for the Berkeley Pier, my personal favorite activity of the afternoon.

There was hardly a soul in sight! It was like we had the whole pier to ourselves.

So naturally I had to start posing for pictures.

And also naturally, we were free to drink our classy Bud Lights.

And just because I don't think you've seen enough pier pictures, I shall put a few more in now:

It's probably fair to say that we need to get back out there and see far more of what Berkeley has to offer, but all in all, I had a fantastic day with a fantastic partner. Thanks for playing hooky to do some more exploring with me, Boo. You da best!


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