Thursday, March 6, 2014

Picture 1 or Picture 2?

I'm sending a friend a picture of a "local or locals in Asia", complete with 150 words. She's putting together some travel photos from different bloggers and I am excited to participate (more on that later).


I looked through all of my Southeast Asia pictures and narrowed it down to two, but I can't seem to decide!

So who better to ask than all of you lovely lurkers! ;)

Both of these were taken in Halong Bay, Vietnam and I really love them both.

Picture 1: A family living on their boat, which is not uncommon for locals there, but struck a chord with me. That little girl was so cute and curious about us floating by on our big junk boat. They live there, with no electricity, day in, day out. Amazing.

Picture 2: The lone fisherman. I don't have much of a story for this one, but I love how isolated and stoic he looks. Plus, the background is pretty spectacular too.

(Feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge them._

Okay, your turn! What's your fave?

Family or Lone Fisherman? free polls 

K, thanks, bye!


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  1. The results surprised me! I love the first picture with the family on the boat!

  2. Lone Fisherman for sure! That's such a stunning picture!!

  3. Lol just voted and the results are exactly tied! hahah! we can't help you decide

  4. I like the second picture best but I feel the first picture has a more intriguing story behind it. As a professional daydreamer and a writer I prefer the one that makes my mind wander which makes picture 1 my choice :)

  5. They are both really great pictures that have completely different impacts. I did vote, but I think either one would be a great choice.

  6. You know how close 'Nam is to my heart- I can hardly choose! I do love the beauty of the second picture though. I feel like it just captures so much of Halong Bay's beauty!

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