Friday, March 21, 2014

Even with the 50-year-old Dads, it was amazing.

You guys.

I just had the most mind-blowing Vegas trip in all of the lands. I can't even believe I got to experience the things I did. Some of you may have seen my many obnoxious Instagram pictures from my time there, to which I am NOT sorry because you would have posted it all too if you were there.

So, anyway, of course I have to blog about it.

The greatness of the trip all started when we landed at the Las Vegas airport Monday morning and were greeted by a real live profesh driver holding a sign with my friend Mo's name on it. He kindly took our bags and walked us out to this pimpin' car with fresh water bottles waiting for us. Don't mind if I do!

We were then whisked over to The Palms for our first site visit. We were taken up to the former Playboy Club, to which glasses of champagne were waiting for us as a "welcome" and "Happy St. Patty's Day." Again, don't mind if I do! <--- Common theme of the trip, I came to find out.

After The Palms, the driver took us to the Four Seasons, which is where we were staying for the night. In our amazing room, high up on the 35th floor, we were greeted with chocolate covered strawberries and a welcome note. Mind. Blown. And of course, don't mind if I do.

Trust me, the ridiculousness of all that happened is just beginning.

We had lunch, courtesy of the Four Seasons (to which I had $500 Mahi Mahi tacos that were so stinkin' amazing. Okay, not $500, but they might as well have been because I couldn't have afforded them otherwise.), and then took a tour of the property.

Then it was off to our next appointment: The HofbrÀuhaus. This place was so much fun. It's an exact replica of the restaurant in Munich, Germany and is a great place for parties and events. They served us authenticate German appetizers, actually imported from Germany, and let us try all of their beer.

It was pretty spectacular.

See that ring on my wedding finger? That was my "Man-Repellant." And guess what? Totally worked. We had two BOYS (and I say 'boys' because they were 23 and well, that is just a child, IMO) come up to us at the pool, tryin' to holla, and then they saw our rings and were outta there in less than 60 seconds. Success.

Speaking of pool, this is the Mandalay Bay pool that we had access to at the Four Seasons and there was SAND! I can't tell you the last time I was at a beach able to lay out, so this right there? Heaven. (Even though drinks cost $15. Yeah. I know.)

Monday night, we hit the town!

And this is where the 50-year-old Dads come into the picture.

So there we were, having wine at STK in the Cosmopolitan, lookin' fly, when this middle-aged man, Neil, came over and invited us to join him and his other middle-aged pals at their table. We quickly scanned the jam-packed restaurant, assessed that this would be our only way to get a table within the next two hours, and said what the hell.

Hanging out with middle-aged men can go one of two ways, really.

1) They can be total creepers and be highly inappropriate because hey, they're in Vegas, away from their families, and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

Or 2) They can be perfect gentlemen that spend the evening showing you photos of their children while also giving marriage advice.

I'd say they were somewhere in the middle.

They really were perfectly nice people. They bought all drinks and food, upwards of $2000, I'm sure, and spent the evening talking about their jobs, their families, and yes, showing me more than enough pictures of their children.

After dinner, we walked over to the club, Marquee, where 200+ other people were wanting to get in as well, it seemed. "The Dads" had a table with bottle service and invited us to cut the line and go in with them. And I mean, we're not dumb. So in we went.

The first hour was spent crammed into this table area, drinks flowing, side-to-side dancing, people watching, ya know. And it was fun, really fun.

But then Neil whispered in my ear that he wanted to GRIND on the dance floor.

Annnnddddd that's about the time when we said we had to go to the bathroom, but instead snuck away to our hotel, never to return again! I'm sure they never even noticed at that point.

We're so sneaky.

Anyway, after that event-filled day and night, the next day was kept pretty mellow, as I'm sure you can understand. Mellow, but equally amazing. We did another site visit, then headed over to Green Valley Ranch, to which they placed us in a SUITE, complete with our own gigantic bar and terrace. This place was unreal.

I know. I know! The whole entire theme of the trip was, "Wait....this is your JOB?!?!" I still can't believe it.

Okay, I've typed a million words. And there is still more I could share. But instead, I'll throw in a few more pictures and call it a day.

^^^Clearly I put all of my "going out energy" into the first night...^^^

^^^ Having my own Pretty Woman moment. ^^^

^^^ GVR gave us free spa services and I said "Don't mind if I do" to a deep tissue.
Insane in the membrane. ^^^

^^^ Our ride to the airport....I can't even.^^^

So there you have it. 
It's insane.
My friend has the coolest job in the world.
And she must be the MOST humble person in the world because I've known her for almost a year now and have never heard of this star treatment she gets.
If it were me, well, I'm sure you can tell how much of an asshole I'd be by telling anyone and everyone, "MY JOB IS AMAZING!!!"

Alright, alright, I'm done bragging.
Is anyone even still reading this? Hello? (crickets.....)

Okay, okay, I gotta go. I've got a whole lotta NORMAL stuff waiting for me. ;)

Happy Friday!

And P.S. LAST DAY to enter this Heritage Row giveaway for a purse and statement necklace!!!!


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  1. Sounds like an uhhhh-mazing trip!! Does your friend work in hotels or as a meeting planner? Great idea about the man-repellant, I'll have to try that sometime!

  2. Haha. That is hilarious. I CANNOT believe he said that. Sick. Looks like an amazing trip! So, what's your friends job?! I know, we're all wondering! Travel magazine that review hotels? A spy? Mafia husband? Hotel chain? The suspense. ;) What an awesome friend to share all of that with you! Glad you girls had such a good time!

    1. She's a meeting planner.... But I kind of wish she had a mafia husband instead... ;) haha

  3. Wow I want her job! That's awesome that you got to go with her! I loved seeing all your pictures. And you're right. I totally would have posted a gajillion pictures to shove my amazing time in everyone's faces.

  4. Incredible. So that is what it is like for all the rich people huh? Must be nice :) I'll take just a weekend of the fun!

  5. What a great trip! Mo must be a wonderful friend to share that trip with you :) Ahhh, the pleasures of having a great job/a lot of money/a rich boyfriend.....

  6. what an awesome trip! well, minus the creeper, neil. at least it makes for a good story :)

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

  7. So lucky! Even if you don't have her job, at least you got a taste of it! If she ever decides to quit and needs a replacement, let me know!! Lol.

    ♥ Duckie.

  8. Umm yeah. Not enough words to describe my jealousy!

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