Monday, February 24, 2014

Viva Las Pooped

Doesn't The Dizzle look so dapper up there? I sure think so. In fact, I think it's high time we found more reasons to dress up these days! Gym clothes and sweat pants are just not cutting it anymore.
Comfortable, yes. Sexy, no.

The wedding was a success. Open bar, check. Yummy food, check. Good balance between the 80's, 90's, and today, check. And yes, that is a giant red paper flower the bride is holding, courtesy of Etsy. Why pay thousands on real flowers for just one day, she says! It really was a grand time being with all the girls and getting glammed up for Becky's special day. On a serious note, I have come to the conclusion that I need eyebrow make-up. Those things were popping. And I liked it.

It must also be mentioned that I somehow went the entire 2 days without withdrawing a single dollar from my bank account. This has never, in the history of Mish + Vegas, happened. Yet, I was still able to win $30 at Craps and Roulette and treat The Dizz and myself to a Boofay breakfast the next morning. And might I add, at this Boofay, we only had one plate each. No seconds! I was astonished. And lazy. This was also a first for my buffet happenings, and worth mentioning, IMO.

It was great to see my mama as well. I sure am getting tired of this Georgia/California long-distance relationship. Can you hurry up and move back to the West Coast now? K, thanks.

I have one more piece of information to share. Something very important and also a first for this gal. I was hit on by a lesbian. A very cute one, might I add. She mentioned several times how much she liked my booty, and well, I must say the compliment was welcomed. I mean, I HAVE been doing the 30 Day Squat Challenge, for Pete's sake! SOMEBODY had to notice. So, thank you.

Mishi, out.


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  1. You look so gorgeous at the wedding, also loving the big red paper flower!!

  2. Bahahaha!!! Be proud of that booty! Lesbian or not, it's still a compliment! Haha!!

    And P.S. I've gone thru many an eyebrow makeup...powders, pencils, name it, I've tried it. Through trial and error I've found that the best eyebrow makeup is the Maybelline Define-a-Brow pencil. It's super cheap (gotta love drugstore makeup!) and seriously easy to use. Get a shade or two lighter than your eyebrow color (we don't want black chola eyebrows) and lightly pencil it on using small, short strokes.

    You. Are. Welcome.

    xo Denise

  3. hahaha Maybe I'll have the same results! You'll be the first to know, that's for sure! You look gorgeous, red lips and one shoulder black dress - stunning! Glad y'all had fun and congrats on both not withdrawing from your bank account and the one plate at the buffet!

  4. You two look great, yes to dressing up more!

  5. adore that photo of you and the dizzle! hottest couple ever!

  6. You both look great - dressing up is always fun! I love your eyebrows!
    That's awesome about being hit on! Always nice to be complimented :D

  7. jealous of how you are rocking the red lip. I think I might just be TOO pale during this horrible winter days to pull it off. I am determined to try it again once I have a spray tan in full effect. do I sound like I just want everything about you? what a freakin creeper...

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