Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Surprise???

^^^And just like that, the rain has left and the sun is back. Which has been much better for all of these running shenans of mine. Let's hope it sticks around a little longer.^^^

So as you know, this Friday is Valentine's Day. The Dizzle still won't tell me what he's got planned for us! Normally I'm very good at ruining surprises and figuring out the plan ahead of time. It's not that I want to do this, in fact, I love surprises! I wish I was surprised more often! But there's just something about this keen brain of mine that seems to always ruin said surprises.

But not this year!

This year, The Dizz has been very careful keeping it a secret for what he's got up his sleeve.

The only thing I know is this:

Verner and I share a Google calendar that has his work schedule and then anything else that's coming up. But mostly we have it is so that I stop asking him a million times a day what time he has clients at. So ANYWAY....I was looking at the calendar and noticed this:

From 10am on he blocked himself to be UNAVAILABLE for work. Which MEANS....we must be doing something during the day. Because if it was just plain ol' dinner out, then he could have seen his regular clients throughout the day like he normally does. Right? Right.

So now I've got a hundred things running through my head of what this "day surprise" could be! But I really don't want to ruin it, so I'm not even going to guess aloud!

Although, I DID ask.... "Soooooo what kind of surprise are we talking about here? Are we talking something BIG and SPARKLY that perhaps goes on a particular finger kind of surprise? Eh? EH?" All with a wiggle of my eyebrows and what I can only imagine was a creepy stare.

He quickly responded: "HA, no. Not even close." #shotdown

So okay, we know it's not that.

But I'm still excited to see what we'll be doing!

Last night I reminded The Dizzle that this will be our third Valentine's Day together! 

-The first was in San Diego and we found really cheap tickets to this really cheap play that was so horribly done and it was so amazing and entertaining. Oh, and it involved vampires. So that was cool.

-The second was last year in Malaysia in the pouring rain. We ate at the local Hard Rock Cafe. It was splendid.

So this year, in San Francisco, will be a whole new experience. I'm excited. :)

What will YOU be doing for V-Day? Do you celebrate with a nice dinner? Do you sit at home and just stare longingly into each other's eyes? Do you cast spells on ex lovers? Do you go out with all your single ladies? Or are you like, wait what? It's Valentine's Day?


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  1. Can't wait to read about the surprise!!!

    We don't have much planned, maybe bowling if the bowling alley on base isn't packed.

  2. That's awesome! I have a love/hate relationship with surprises! I always want to know what's going on but if I don't know about the surprise being planned and it just happens I get super excited! Hopefully you have an awesome surprise!!

  3. How fun, I love surprises so I try so hard not to spoil them, but many times I end up figuring it out.... whoops! Our v-day will be celebrated saturday since J is playing a show on Friday,but other than that I was told " I have it covered!"... I think we're going snowmobiling though!

  4. Can't wait to hear what he has planned!!!

  5. I can't wait to read about what THE surprise actually was! We really don't do much for Valentine's Day around here. Usually, we rent a few movies (that are at least PG-13 and up) and have some kid free hours to ourselves. :)

  6. Don't ruin the surprise!! He'll be so sad. He's going all out of his way to make this amazing...don't ruin it. But ya know what, I'm one to talk. I've ruined every surprise I've ever had (and then played surprised when it happened)....soooo I guess I really have no room to talk. :(

    But here's hoping he's just trickin' ya in saying "No. Not even close." and then're engaged. Here's hoping!! Either way, I'm sure it'll be an amazing day. Have fun you two love birds.

    I'll just be over here in all my singleness, eating ice cream, and drinking the night away.

    xo Denise

  7. Such a romantic!! Looking forward to hearing (reading) your always-entertaining description of how things go down. Hope you enjoy your surprise for Valentines Day :) We're celebrating in Belize this year!

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  9. hahahaha i'm pretty good at guessing on surprises but i try to let my self not to guess anymore. this vDayz we're going to Grand Canyon for the weekend. Something we've never been too. Ohh what joy.

    1. btw the austinsagala was me. hahahaha... i realized i was logged into my bro's account

  10. I have an overwhelming urge to practice my eyebrow wiggle and creepy stare now.

    My man and I had V'Day dinner last night because he has work tomorrow night (boo) but it was actually really nice doing it on the Wednesday before because 1) there was no one else out eating, 2) it didn't feel overly cheesy because there was no one else out dating and 3) I didn't get a chance to ruin the non-existant romance by over-eating (which I did) so it was actually rather lovely!

    Can't wait to find out his surprise!

  11. Sounds like this surprise will be a good one!

    And I'm not super into valentine's day, but we'll probably go out to dinner or something equally as lame and cliche.

  12. I'm sure he has something awesome planned! Have fun! We're just doing dinner out because that's the kind of low-key, let's be in bed by 11 kind of people we are :)

  13. we usually do Valentine's Day at home, but I am excited to see what your surprise is!!

  14. Love you Mish, can't wait to see what the dizzle have up his sleeve...

  15. You crack me up! We played The Newlywed will be posted tomorrow! :D Hope you two have a great day no matter what you do! xoxoxo!

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