Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I should be ashamed of myself.

I am deeply surprised and ashamed of my lack of knowledge and awareness of what specialness today holds.

Yes, today is a Tuesday.
Yes, it is the 18th day of February.
And yes, it took me until 8:00PM to realize.

Today is National Drink Wine Day!!!!

And would you believe I didn't have a single bottle in the house to drink?! (We have quickly come to the conclusion that we cannot keep a bottle of wine in the house with the intention of drinking it 'at a later time' other than right that second. It's just impossible, really. I admire those who own wine racks and can actually keep wine long enough to store in said rack.)

So as soon as I found out this wonderful news, I scooted myself over to Safeway and grabbed a bottle of Bogle. I then very confidently and proudly (as if I knew all along) told the cashier, "Today is National Wine Day!"

And THEN - - The older, creepy man standing in line behind me says, "Oh yeah? Heh heh... WE should drink it then!"

No sir, WE should not.

So then I replied, "I intend to!" Emphasis on the "I". Zero emphasis on the "We."

Anyway, here I am. Crisis has been averted and I shall never make this mistake again.

And yes, those are 50% off Valentine's M&M's that were purchased to aid me through this time of month that I loathe so much. #ifyouknowwhatimean

Also, I very much so intend to share my special Day of Love here on this blog, but I've just been lazy. Just so you know, I ran 7 miles yesterday, which means I can basically use that as an excuse to not do anything else for at least 3 days after. Except play Candy Crush. Those candies aren't going to crush themselves.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your special Tuesday with a nice big glass bottle of wine.

Happy National Drink Wine Day!



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  1. That's ironic that I had a glass of wine tonight! I hardly ever drink wine with my dinner but I decided to tonight, weird.

  2. Okay woman, you're Rock n Roll training, right? We need to compare notes, I'm doing the one in Chi! (Plus three other halves, I'm insane.)

  3. Haha I had the same exact feeling when I suddenly saw it on Instagram... I thought "How on earth did I not know this?".

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