Monday, February 10, 2014

Drought Schmought and extra hugs.

It has been raining buckets all weekend long. And what is it with weather that makes people feel the need to talk about it to anyone and everyone? I did some Uber driving over the weekend and weather was brought up with every single person I gave a ride to.

Me: How's your day going?

Anyone Else: Oh, pretty good. Can't believe all this rain!

Me: I know, it's crazy. I miss the sun! But hey, this is a good thing because we seem to really need it, what with the drought and all.

That drought. What's up with that? Rationing water? What's up with THAT? How would we even do such a thing? Should I start hoarding water bottles in my closet-slash-storage? How serious is this situation really?

I honestly don't know much about this said drought, but when I talk with people I kind of sort of act like I do (hence me bringing it up in conversations with complete strangers). Do you ever do that? Just go along with a topic and pretend you know what's happening when in reality you're like uhhh....I have no idea what's going on here. Like, for example, this one girl started talking about where our water is coming from and different lakes and how it travels and how there are certain types of toilets that save water and something about farmers I think were thrown in there and on the outside I was like, "Oh yes, mm hmm, I know, I know."

But really, on the inside, I was like....huh?:

Maybe I should start reading the news more so I don't sound like a complete idiot on my blog.


The rain is nice and all, I suppose. A change in scenery never hurt anyone. But then I had to run 6 miles yesterday in it, and well... I wasn't exactly loving that. But I did it, oh yes I did! And today is my "rest day", so resting I shall be doing. Even though I enthusiastically told The Dizzle I would be doing laundry and dishes and sweeping from top to bottom all. day! I mean, I suppose I can squeeze that into my resting time today...but only because it's him we're talking about.

Speaking of The Dizzle...he's feeling a little down today.

He has this client that he's been training for 3+ MONTHS because she has been wanting to do a life-changing career move and get out of this job that has made her miserable and instead become a CHP officer (and we all know how I feel about doing something drastic to get out of your unhappy situation! I've been rooting for her from day one!). They only do tests once a year to be accepted into the academy! They make you do some insane things to pass this physical test, one of them being 24 PUSH-UPS in just one minute! I'm talking full on MAN push-ups, lower yourself all the way down within a fist distance of the ground, no girly knee action kind of deal.

Anyway, last year, she tried out and was only able to do THREE. So she had to wait a whole other year and decided to hire a personal trainer to get her there. So, like I said, for over 3 months Verner has been working with her and she got up to TWENTY-SEVEN! 2-7! I was so impressed! He was truly so proud of her! Yesterday was test day, the day she had been waiting for for an entire year. But sadly, she was only able to do 23 push-ups for the test. We don't know what happened or what went wrong, but she just couldn't muster that one extra one!

So he's really bummed. And he keeps wondering what else he could have done to prepare her. I think he feels like this is his fault. I feel bad. I can't imagine how bummed she is. I just have to keep hoping that things work out for the best and that this can one day be looked back on in a positive light and a chance to learn, however hard that is to imagine right now.

Air hugs are being sent to her today (and I don't even know her!). And extra hugs for The Dizzle.

Hope you have a great Monday, friends!


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  1. I'd take the rain over all the snow we are getting in the midwest.

    UGH, that s rough for that girl. So hard!! I hope she keeps her chin up.
    PS starting the squat challenge today...
    im scared.

  2. man. that's so disappointing. My live-in man friend is also a trainer and I feel very connected to some of his clients even though we've never met! haha it's so funny how we naturally look for these opportunities for form bonds everywhere we go! (or in stories we hear, I guess)

  3. hurray for rain! I'm hoping it rains lots there over the next few weeks so it will be nice and green when I move there in March! :)

  4. I had no idea that there was a drought where you live, then again I don't watch the news much either. The only way I know the weather where I live is when I look or go outside, ha ha.
    Boy, that is disappointing that she wasn't able to push out one more push up. Bummer :( I can imagine that he is a little bummed out. I know that when I was a personal trainer I would get pretty invested in the ladies I was working with.

  5. Meh this post makes me feel sad. Rob is trying to do CHP too (I mean he has an amazing good paying job but he feels like it's something he wants to do) and the only thing standing in the way for him is the physical. He tests on Saturday and I'm such a realist, I'm trying to prepare myself for the fact he might not pass the push ups but I want to be positive for him too. Stuck in a tough place. Poor Dizz, I'm sure he did all he can do, it has be something the person wants bad enough ya know? Alsooooo can we talk about how we've never gotten together yet? Jussss sayin.

  6. Don't're not alone in your "drought? what drought?", confused face. I'm right there with ya!

    xo Denise

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